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15 Essential Things to Do in Antwerp, Belgium

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One thing, most museums close on mondays i suppose that is a worldwide thing. The plus about Antwerp is that it is relatively compact. Monuments, musea and shopping are all in the historic center and within walking distance. If you are interested in Zurenborgyou can take a tram nr 11 or 8 from the city center that takes you there 20 minutes at most. If you want to dive a bit into Antwerp's history, consider booking a guided city tour, perhaps one that also visits the 'Ruien'. The magnificent 16th century City Hall Stadhuis dominates the square surrounded by the beautiful Guild Houses.

You cannot overlook the Brabo Fountain, right in the centre of the square. According to the legend, Brabo killed a giant who demanded a high toll for each ship that wanted to enter the city. The little Brabo fought the giant, cut his hand and threw it in the river. Grote Markt is a peculiar place — empty on cold winter mornings and buzzing with tourists and locals in summer. It has a spectacular interior filled with saints, angels, saints, pulpits, etc and has kept its authenticity for over 40 years. Het Elfde Gebod cafe is usually crowded — this picture is taken outside the opening hours Saint Carolus Borromeus Church You have to walk through some narrow cobble stoned streets to see the magnificent facade of this 17th century Jesuit church.

Saint Carolus Borromeus church is one of the most beautiful churches of Antwerp, slightly hidden and out of sight, located on a charming little town square. Antwerp is the most distinctive Baroque city of the Low Countries and it will be lavishly celebrated in On the website of Visit Antwerp you can find more information about Antwerp Baroque The year old building looks very nice from the outside and is worth seeing if you are in the area. It lies on the Scheldt river and is just a short walk from the Grote Markt. The French culture of the capital is not replicated in Antwerp — although this is not to say that its residents do not speak French.

As half of the population speaks at least three foreign languages, you will definitely be able to get by with Dutch or English, and French will also be understood. About one-fifth of the historic city center is a pedestrian zone, so you can enjoy the ancient town traffic-free.

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Antwerl in the Grote Market and Groenplaats, which are popular tourist spots but essential experiences, even if you are living in the city on a long-term basis. Antwerp has a famous cultural past: Rubens, especially, is known around the world as a highly distinguished artist, but not many people are aware that he lived in Antwerp. This startling building also has a rooftop offering panoramic views of the city, river and port. Time for one more museum?

Make it the house of avid art collector Fritz Mayer van den Bergh. Its hidden meaning adviice a mystery. While you can walk through the city centre with ease, Antwerp is connected by a quality public transport network of buses and trams that can make getting about even easier. Antwerp is serviced by a small airport, but only really has flights to London and Spain. Have you had the opportunity to travel to awesome Antwerp? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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