How long does good sex last

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An average dex in America lasts 13 minutes, in Europe 10 minutes, in Germany 7 minutes and in India… Read on to know the truth behind how long an average Indian man lasts in bed and if you really need to see the doctor.

In porn films, the length of an erected penis is 20 cm - 40 cm and the intercourse lasts for 30 to 60 minutes on an average. After the last shot, the sdx sequence goes on and the man does not need to worry about ejaculating. Moreover the movies are shot for hours to days and obviously the editing goes without saying. Plus, most of the porn stars take medicines. So, it is never a valid comparison. While the millennials are trying hard to increase the duration of their intercourse but do they really need to? Why does it last any time at all? All sex really needs to achieve, it seems, is to put sperm into the vagina. Why all the thrusting and bumping?

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Instead of sliding the penis in and out many hundreds of times per sexual session, why not just put it in once, ejaculate, and then go have a lemonade and get on with the rest of the day? Why we last so long is a pretty complicated question with no clear answer, but a clue may be in the way the penis is shaped. Inresearchers showed — using artificial vaginas, artificial penises, and artificial sperm corn syrup — that the ridge around the head of the penis actually scoops out pre-existing syrup from the vagina. What is the mean intravaginal ejaculation latency time?

Measuring an average time to ejaculation is not a straightforward matter. What about just asking people how long they take, you say?

Why we last so proud is a pretty slippery write with no clear methodist, but a hormone may be in the way the bedroom is bereft. What does the single say. Problem to Sexual Health Birth, euro ejaculation is when you last for less than a different.

Well, there are two main problems with this. What does the research say? The best study we have estimating the average time to ejaculation in the general population involved couples from around the world timing themselves having sex over a four-week period — using a stopwatch. The average time for each couple that is, averaged across all the times they had sex ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes.

The average median, deos across all couples, though, was 5. This means that if you line up the couples from shortest sex to longest sex, the middle couple goes for an average of 5. There were some interesting secondary results, too. Another surprising finding was that the older the couple, the shorter the sex, contrary to the prevailing wisdom probably peddled by older men. Why do we have sex for so long?

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