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Torres del Paine, Chile for Hiking

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He also told us not to worry about stepping on the blue ice, which most of us assumed we'd fall into.

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The blue color was a result of air bubbles being squeezed out of compact, densely packed ice. We found a Redy to have lunch alongside a lazy stream which we could drink from. I thought about how only two days ago I was at my desk finishing up some work, and I was now having lunch at the heart of a beautiful, massive glacier thousands of miles away. We were treated to a shot of whiskey and chocolate on the return ferry ride. I got to know Daan a little better on the bus ride back to El Calafate. He was a social worker and also toured Europe with his metal band. We made plans that evening to meet for dinner after changing clothes. I also needed to do some shopping for snacks and lunches for the big week ahead.

Starting tomorrow I'd be doing the "O" trek in Torres del Paine. After sending messages to folks back home that I wouldn't have internet for a while, I set off to buy my food. I was late to meet Daan for dinner and didn't see him. I regretted not having exchanged contact information. Instead, I opted for another round of the all-you-can-eat meats dinner at the hostel, where I met Shwetha and Anil. They were two young doctors from NYC and were convinced to do the Big Ice trek as well after hearing about my day. Somehow, as it always happens, my pack was harder to close than before. To my great surprise, not only did I find Daan on my bus, he also was assigned a seat next to mine.

We both joked that we should exchange contact info now before we forgot. Daan was approaching the end of his trip and he offered me some items from his pack. My fingernails were growing long so I accepted his clippers. When we arrived at the border to enter Chile, everyone was asked to leave the bus and enter the customs building with their packs. Every backpack and bag was required to be checked and scanned, and we were all asked to appear in front of a customs officer to declare anything they considered potentially hazardous to the Chilean environment.

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I nervously decided not to declare the cured meats I bought for my lunches. After about an hour, we all re-boarded the bus and headed to Puerto Pyerto. Because of the unexpected delay, I missed my connecting bus by about 20 minutes. Busses only left in the early morning bus and in the afternoon, so I was out of luck. Cusco - Sacred Valley Shopping at the traditional Pisca Vor is nxtales experience of colors, textures, and sounds Start your tour today at Awanakancha, a camelid farm and somee showroom where local families demonstrate the entire traditional process of weaving and making garments.

Visit the Pisac market, which has scores of stands that exhibit and sell products manufactured by local residents. You'll find vibrant textiles, intricate carvings, and replicas of old Inca pieces. This town is also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo and is the last stop before entering the remains puertl the most important archaeological site in Peru. Aguas Calientes contains the train station, a craft market, restaurants, and a variety of hotels for those who prefer to spend the night at the foot of the mountain and climb it early in the day. After a short bus ride up to the ruins, you will reach Machu Picchu, a masterpiece of engineering and architecture that served as a sanctuary and retreat for the Incan Emperor Pachacutec.

In the afternoon head to the train station at Aguas Calientes and take the Vistadome train back to Ollantaytambo. Your guide will pick you up from the station at the established time and transfer you to your hotel in Cusco City. Take a short motorized canoe trip down the Madre de Dios River to the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion deep in the jungle, where you will stop for a traditional, delicious meal. After lunch, take a walk around the hacienda's trails, where you will discover and learn about the primary and secondary rainforest. Learn about the Amazonian river ecosystem, nocturnal wildlife behavior, and the southern constellations. Amazon Rainforest Many animals in the Amazonian rainforest exhibit dazzling colors, like this Blue Morpho butterfly Get ready for a long trek through terra firma into the Tambopata National Reserve towards Lake Sandoval.

Navigate by dugout canoe across this mirror-like oxbow lake that is home to the endangered giant river otter, the blue-and-yellow macaw, the red howler monkey, the black caiman a member of the alligator familyand one of the world's biggest freshwater scaled fish, the paiche. Head back to the lodge for lunch, and later go on a tour of the canopy walkway, where you can spot anacondas! Take a minute ride by outboard motorized canoe to an interpretation center, where you will learn about its construction and conservation projects.

Valid from September 28th to December 20th, - from March 4th to April 28th, Subject to fog, limited spaces with a minimum of nights. Rates do not include VAT and are free of taxes by Decree Law Art 12, for foreigners only, non fub in Chile, paying in dollars and presenting passport and immigration card upon check-in. Rates are non - refundable. Payment required at time of booking. Probably the law tells you, paying for sexual contact to prostitutes in Reday Natales is a crime and illegal. It's a work like every other. They cause it with the idea, every prostitute girl in Puerto Natales is forced to do weired and humiliating things with their suitor.

But it is not illegal and you do not get arrested, when natalrs hook up a vor in a club. The view of the peaks was terrific. We got some amazing photos. I sat on a rock and closed my eyes for a little bit. I highly recommend it if the sun is out and strong enough to dry you off. The water is literally icy. It will chill you to the core and through to the other side. But this was the least-crowded hike of the trip, and for that reason, extra nice. And it was once again the toughest hike of the trip up to that point but certainly easier shorter and less elevation change than most of what we did in Torres del Paine.

On the way back the next day we dropped our bags after lunch did a day hike up to the top of a mountain we could see off in the distance, which was mind-blowingly special. The trail was covered in loose rocks and the windspeeds felt like they were approaching hurricane levels at times especially at the summit. The elevation change was huge. There was only one stream to fill up water along the way up. But the payoff was worth it. Even more so because it was the last day. We were able to see everything Cerro, Fitzroy, etc. Maybe about half way. I think the waterproof layer is peeling away or something. Taking a bus would be surprisingly expensive buses down here in Patagonia are seriously unreasonably priced so we went with the alternative option of taking two taxis, which split between 7 people was a pretty good deal.

The drive over there was about an hour and a half. Our taxi driver upon learning that his fears that none of us would speak any Spanish were unfounded became quite chatty. On the way back we mostly talked politics: When we got there, we spent about 2—2. And then winter comes, and it gets cold.

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