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Banks give an option to the card users to pay either the full amount or a fraction of it or a minimum amount on the due date and roll over the balance to the subsequent month's billing cycle. Interest on Rs 15, 2. The charges are calculated from the statement date. Finance charges are the most important part of any credit card terms and should never be ignored. To bring in greater credit discipline as also to provide operational flexibility to credit card issuers, RBI said the 'past due' status of a credit card account for the purpose of asset classification would be reckoned from the payment due date mentioned in the monthly credit card statement.

It is also called the interest free period.

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NDTV Beeps - crredit daily newsletter. Depending on the outstanding balance this amount can really add up. We take a look at how the finance charges and other fees are calculated for your credit card expenses. The number of 'days past due' and late payment charges should be, however, computed from payment due date mentioned in the credit card statement, it added.

The finance charges are paid based on a monthly percentage interest rate say 2. In addition to the interest rates and late payment penalties, cash advance fees which is usually a percentage of the entire cash withdrawnover limit fees which is charged when a credit card holder jumps his credit limitannual fees and other charges detailed in your credit card terms and conditions are also added if they are due and have to be repaid with the credit card bill. This example above will help you get an idea how the credit card company charges interest rate on your credit card outstanding balances.

In credit card accounts, the amount spent is billed to the card users through a monthly statement with a definite due date for repayment. First let us take a look at the most important aspect about the finance charges levied by credit card companies.

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It further asked banks to report a credit card account as 'past due' to credit information companies CICs or levy penal charges, such as late payment charges only when a credit card account remains 'past due' for more than three days. The credit card company charges 2. July 17, The grace period varies with every credit card and usually is between 20 to 60 days. Another thing that increases the credit card bill very often is the late payment fees.

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