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Regardless, they manage to film a video for "Robots".


And sometimes different is just good. When Bret suggests hanging out sometime, Jemaine invites him along on a dinner date with Sally, but they all feel a "bit weird" and Bret leaves early. This was inspired by an incident that happened to the band during the filming of their documentary A Texan Odyssey which covered their trip to the South by Southwest SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. This is a very funny show. Murray replies with a characteristic lack of musical knowledge: However, unable to afford real video equipment and robot costumes like Daft Punkthey are forced to rely on a camera phone and disappointing cardboard costumes made by Murray.

The incident was caught on camera and is included in the documentary. Murray is wearing a New Zealand All Blacks rugby shirt when the band is in Dave's pawn shop obtaining a camera.

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Since the band has very limited funds, Murray constructs the robot costumes himself and Videoxxxgrilsroom the video using a cell phone. The next morning, Jemaine blames her departure on "the whole situation with the light". Fleetwood admitted that he "appreciate[d]" the joke. Murray criticizes Jemaine for dating his bandmate's ex, and discusses the need to increase the group's fan base, which currently consists of only one person: Over the following week, Jemaine spends more time with Sally, leaving Bret feeling lonely and neglected.

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