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The Godly Girl’s Guide to Guys

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Teenage dating proves a new and exciting experience, yet can tragically bring pain and emotional damage if teens try to figure it out as they go.

This book lays the groundwork for modern dating from a Biblical perspective. Its quizzes, questionnaires, stories, Biblical truth, and real life dsting answer questions many teen girls have teenagr dating and discuss topics such as: Biblical views on sex and relationships, physical and emotional boundaries, lies girls tell themselves when they date, how to spot a bad boy, the Cycle of Violence, characteristics of a good guy, how to know if a guys is interested, what trenage proper first date looks like, and so much more! Grab fod books and learn more about yourself and what God created you to be.

Besides our blog posts, we help ternage two main ways: In our library, we also have resources to help with dating, friendships, and spiritual growth. Does he act out what he professes to believe? If you are in the faith, the fruit will show. If you are a believer and want to be in an intentional relationship with a man of God, then you will want to be with someone who is on the same path spiritually not holding you back, or just simply attending church. There are different opinions on this, because some can be won over by the actions of the woman, but just keep this in mind, especially if you tend to be a strong believer in the Lord.

Does he treat me with righteous, moral boundaries physically? If the guy who wants to date or court you is trying to pressure you sexually, then he is probably not the man of God for you. The Bible is very clear about purity and not dabbling with sexual immorality 1 Corinthians 6: Set the boundary lines before you even consider dating or courting. If he is willing to wait for you and honor you in purity, this is a huge sign that he is a quality guy and also is a man of character. Dating with Intention Allow him to approach your dad or father figure. If you are still living at home, having your boyfriend or the guy whom you are being courted by or dating meet your father is a good idea.

You should run him by your close family and friends to see what they think of the person you are interested in. Hopefully, they will give you positive feedback. It is good for a man to be one-on-one with your father and to be able to talk to him. Keep the relationship open and healthy and be praying for your family and friends as well. Definitely heed to wise counsel Proverbs 1: You cannot please everyone, and you have to ultimately go with what God has for you and what makes you happy.

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In a culture of absent Dad, these girls long for the affection and care of a boy. As a result many teenagers go from boy to boy looking for something that only Christ can give. In the process these sweet young girls get their heart abused and taken advantage of time and time again. Before you every start thinking about dating you must make sure your identity is sealed in your union with Christ, not in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Teenage dating is unwise because it can damage you when you refuse to guard your heart and find your identity in Christ.

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You affections for your date is greater than your affections for God. Dating can deceive you. We live in a culture that idolizes romance. At the time of this writing it is Valentines day, the holy day of our false-god cupid. So many Christian teenagers get caught up in the idolatry of the culture and begin worshiping the idol of romance. As a result, we can be deceived to idol worship if we are not careful. As I watch the dating life of Christian teenagers, so often their affections for their boyfriend or girlfriend exceed their affections for Christ. When this happens, idolatry has occurred in our hearts.

Teenage dating is unwise because it can deceive you to bending knee to cupid instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dating handle wrongly can hinder your witness as a missionary. Dating can hinder you. Christian Teenagers are missionaries. They have been sent by God into their local schools to be ambassadors for the Gospel. Yet, the dating life of teenagers often hinders the evangelistic mission God has given them. Many Christian teenagers are known more for who they date than for their love for Jesus. Lunch table conversations revolve around dating drama about them then their radical unselfish love for Jesus and other people.

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