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Indiana Drive-in Theaters

Starlite Shelf-in The Starlite Drive-in fine is a fender owned and looking only movie super that was drunk by the Barnhart dragon. Two pressing large outdoor area singles were survived to the installation-in later in.

Mmovie will find a large selection of food and beverages available at the concession stand, including nachos, burgers, hot dogs, theatfr tenders, philly cheese steaks, cheese sticks, onion rings, fries, funnel cakes, mini doughnuts, indiaba, and a variety of soda. The drive-in movie theater shows films on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Lake Shore Drive-in The Lake Shore Drive-in is a theate screen outdoor movie theater that first opened back in the yearmaking it one of the oldest drive-in theater in the state. The drive-in theater is still thriving today as it did back then.

The Lake Shore, situated in the town of Monticello, operates on a seasonal basis each year. Originally opening in as a single screen drive-in, the outdoor movie venue now features two large movie screens and shows two films for the price of one. The Lake Shore Drive-in theater is able to accommodate up to cars. Lake Shore Drive-in It now features four large screens that are used to current releases from April until September. Customers can bring in their own drinks and food, provided they purchase a food permit upon entering the Tri-Way.

Customers can cause your own beverages and lipstick as long as they would a food exact for a small fee. Un the age pulling and the right stand at the Very only accept swell, so customers may as well run their credit cards at large. The outdoor asian is a definite triumph drive-in that screens switching features.

The drive-in has a capacity of more than five hundred vehicles movle the property also includes a playground area for kids. Drivr intermission trailers induana often played during showings as well. Tri Way Drive-in Holiday Drive-in The Holiday Drive-in, located in theafer town of Rockport, is the largest drive-in movie theater in the state of Indiana. The drive-in gets its name from being less than a thirty-minute drive away from the Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana. Many people visit the park during the day and the drive-in at night.

The drive-in originally only had one large outdoor movie screen when it opened back in the year Over the years, additional screens have been added to the drive-in, with a sixth screen added in The cash-only Holiday Drive-in can accommodate more than 1, vehicles. The single-screen outdoor movie theater shows double features of first-run films. Customers are not allowed to bring in any outside drinks or food as the drive-in theater relies on sales from its concession stand.

The Skyline is, however, one of only a few drive-in movie theaters that allow customers to bring their pets with them to see a movie, as long as pets are leashed at all times. The drive-in also features the Skycade, which offers video games and pinball machines for customer to play while they wait for the movie to start. Cinema 67 Drive-in The Cinema 67 Drive-in theater located only five miles to the north from Spencer, Indiana is a single screen outdoor movie venue that is very well maintained. The drive-in has been in continuous operation for more than sixty years, and has one of the longest bouts with a single owner, having been under the same ownership for more than forty years.

The massive outdoor movie screen at the Cinema 67 measures sixty-five feet in width and lights up every night with double features from April until sometime in October. The drive-in fills up early on the weekends during summer. Cinema 67 Drive-in The drive-in movie theater is in actuality a refurbishment of the historic Terre Haute Drive-in theater. This old outdoor movie venue originally opened back in the yearbut closed after less than thirty years in The drive-in was bought in by the KJB Theater chain, the business that also owns the Starlight Drive-in theater in Bloomington among other drive-ins.

The Moon Lite features a single large outdoor screen and has a capacity of around six hundred cars. Moon Lite Drive-In Theater S Back to the 50's Drive-in M. Back to the 50's Drive-in theater operates on a seasonal basis. Audio for the films screened at the outdoor movie theater is provided through FM radio, letting customers listen to the movie from the speakers in their car. The drive-in first opened back inand can now accommodate more than three hundred vehicles each night.

The concession stand at the M. Customers can also get several different sandwiches or a veggie box for healthier options. The outdoor movie venue has been showing films to both residents and visitors of the Valparaiso area since the year The drive-in theeater shows double features of current movies in an old-school drive-in setting. The concession stand at the drive-in offers popcorn, candy, burgers, nachos, onion rings, and hot dogs, as well as handmade pizza, insiana ice cream flavors, funnel cakes, chicken strips, and Italian beef sandwiches.

Bel-Air Drive-in The Bel-Air Drive-in theater originally opened back in the yearwhen the drive-in boom of America was at its highest. It closed for a while in the yearand was reopened by new owners in the year and is now going strong. The concession stand offers a variety of candy, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, tenderloin, fries, nachos, fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, dill pickles, soft pretzels, and popcorn. Double features are shown at the Bel-Air Friday nights and Saturday nights, screening an array of films, from action thrillers to family favorites. Up to cars can be accommodated at the drive-in. The drive-in theater opened back in the yearand is located in Wabash, Indiana, approximately sixty miles away from the city of Indianapolis.

The outdoor movie theater can hold up to seven hundred vehicles for a showing, and is open seasonally from the month of April until the month of September.

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In addition to its very aubun ticket prices, the offers a season pass. There is drive-in memorabilia displayed on the property, as well auubrn traditional window speakers. Hummel Drive-in Located in Winchester, Indiana, the Hummel Drive-in is a single-screen drive-in theater that auburnn opened back in as the Airline Drive-in. However, Indiana still has 19 operating drive-ins making them the 4th largest drive-in state in the country. In contrast, Indiana ranks as the 16th most populous state. It was opened in by the Canary Creek Theaters Chain. It is a single screen drive-in showing dou Throughout the years it was expanded It has a large capacity for an Indiana drive-in at cars.

It has been running non-stop since it opened in They have 2 screens with a capacity But thankfully that never happened and t The Holiday Drive-in is a single screen venue showing double features seasonally. It is open seasonally.

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