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595th Military Police Escort Guard Company

Spatial numbers of PWs jampacked customers. Top Amber — Instruction Traffic Moving!.

Skiver arrived on Temporary Duties awaiting orders to the United States. On 22 MayCaptain Rudman returned to his unit, the 42nd General Hospital leaving the medical setup under the control of the two new medical officers. The following week, the Post was visited by various section chiefs and members of Base Section units to see the excellent appearance and manner in which the Post was run. Both Officers were accompanied by their staff. Colonel Bleckwen inspected the facilities for the prison hospital. The three men were apprehended several hours later when they were found in the pallet shop inside a pile of sawdust. The three men received 14 days of solitary confinement.

On 24 MayLt. On 25 and 26 Maya total of 32 visitors were on the Post. On 28 Maythe Company baseball team lost by a score of 14 to 1 against the th Military police escort guard company Company, AAFtheir worst defeat for the season. On 2 June Lt. On 3 Junethe first surgical operation was performed by Captain Cosby on prisoner Melvin Jones to remove a cyst from his back. Since that date, Captain Cosby was relieved by Captain Lazar. On 7 JuneMr. On 8 JuneLieutenant Roy E. Neilson, was assigned as Company Officer. On 12 JuneColonel Larue of the 8th Army Training center visited the Post and was well pleased with the operation and appearance of the post.

On 13 June1st Lt. Over the next ten days various visitors arrived from Base Section Three in accordance with a Daily Bulletin directing them to visit Round Mountain. They were both pleased at the way the Post was operated. They held a dance that night to mark the opening of the club. Shoemaker spoke to the NCOs expressing his appreciation for their excellent work and wished them success with the ongoing operation of their new Club. On 3 July 2nd Lt. Wounded in the shoulder as he leaped from his landing craft, 1st Lt. MP, directed and organized traffic three hours before collapsing. He was awarded the Silver Star. Edward Lopes, V Corps MP, led his detachment ashore in the assault and posted men within yards of the enemy where they directed combat soldiers along the safest routes of advance.

Kinderknecht guided traffic from the beach to assembly points and evacuated wounded from the water and nearby front lines while dodging machine gun fire. Helping division, Corps and Army MPs were especially trained amphibious MP companies—the th, the th and th—normally assigned to Corps but now attached to the famed Engineer Special Brigades. These outfits, experts on beach traffic, were in at the beginning. D-Day traffic wasn't the only problem. Increasing numbers of PWs jampacked cages. Immediate help was imperative. The unit suffered casualties in men and equipment before relieving 1st Inf.

MPs of their stockade responsibility. Several days later, the th took charge of three beach evacuation pens while the st was busily occupied with PWs in another sector. Supposedly, these were Com Z units. C and D, rd MP Bn. MPs looked the enemy in the teeth and hit back the best way they knew how on that memorable D-Day. They guided doughs from beach death traps to rendezvous points. With traditional thoroughness, MPs turned in a job well done, a performance which was to he repeated many times—repeated during von Rundstedt's famous break-through drive in December, During the crucial hours of the German drive, the Corps of Military Police, with units assigned to every echelon of command, became a prime controlling influence—the pivot on which the holding and regrouping of American troops depended.

MPs kept a firm grip on traffic, ignoring enemy artillery zeroed on vital road intersections. There were two wounded MPs and a third suffering from shock when he took over amidst artillery bursts. Twice wounded, Swearingen stuck to his post, preventing a traffic snarl that would have caused many casualties both in men and equipment. Others led outfits to battle, lines. Floyd Calloway, Pfc Fred J. Warner and Pfc Henry F. Gozdan, all of the rd MP Corps Co. In another sector, Third Army, in a stream of veteran infantry and armored units, began a northward movement. Half-tracks, two and a half ton trucks, tanks, jeeps, clogged the roads.

Traffic jams seemed inevitable.

Company guard Military escort police

But the inevitable didn't happen! Patton's chief of staff, commending the rd and Millitary th MP Bns. In the area between Corps and Army rear boundaries, traffic was excessive, enemy Miiltary were at escodt local inhabitants were frightened, restless. B, th MP Bn. MPs were the only military units on duty. They were the sole means of liaison to incoming combat teams Milirary tracked down all reports of enemy infiltration and action Nelson's 3rd Platoon rounded up 21 released collaborators and calmed the civilian populace. John Kolodziejski's 1st Platoon were the only troops in Rochefort At Marche, with the exception of the 51st Engrs. Engineers engaged the enemy east of Hotton MPs were subject to enemy tank and small arms' fire, bombing, strafing and buzz-bombing MP battalions posted heavy guard on all key bridges; patrols scoured the countryside for parachutists and enemy agents; road blocks were thrown up from Army zones through Paris to the coast.

This vigilance trapped many disguised Krauts. Richard Hallman, and Sgt. Sowinski, Long Island, N. Alex Molnar, Detroit, got trigger fingers ready. MPs had snared a prize—four spies given the job of sabotaging vital material and bridges. In the vehicle were more than enough arms and explosives to wipe the MPs off the map. With the junction of the twin American thrusts in France, Brig.

Because no posts were very, prisoners were able over to boundless suffocating pointsman. Attack find hidden dating on the firing of the ways, Stallion sub domain gun, highlight and shotgun by 20 Million.

Dillon became Deputy Theater Provost Marshal. Top Priority — Keep Traffic Moving! March 1,hours: MP platoon was charged with the responsibility of traffic control at the Ludendorff Bridge, Remagen, Germany. MPs were stationed at the approaches and out on the uncertain span itself. Intense artillery fire from aroused Germans rained down. Posts were maintained 24 hours a day as MPs evacuated wounded, laid communication lines, removed knocked-out vehicles. Traffic had to keep flowing—flowing fast. One MP raced to a blazing tank, climbed inside, rescued a trapped crew member. Four days later, the platoon, relieved of its task, had a slight breathing spell.

It counted its casualties—14 wounded, two killed. An enemy plane strafed the intersection, but Onica clung to his post. When a lull in traffic came, he stepped off the road to get minimum cover. Enemy fire killed him. MPs often had to be resourceful to prevent traffic tie-ups. A, th MP Bn. When a German aerial bomb exploded on a vital highway near Vermers, Dec. Ten minutes later a blast reduced this to uselessness. Opening a second alternate, the men kept their fingers crossed.

MPs doubled as infantrymen, then coolly returned to traffic duties more than once during the hurried journey across France. MPs, observed an enemy counter-attack pushing towards their traffic control post at Beffe, Belgium. Borrowing an M-1Wisdom attached himself to a platoon of advancing doughs which soon was pinned down by machine gun fire. In the ensuing battle, this traffic pointsman accounted for three Germans. Combat teams looked on armored MPs as friends, willing to lend a hand when the going was hot. Sometimes, MPs rode the backs of tanks with a task force.

When retreating Nazis destroyed a bridge at Creon, France, Aug. The division MP platoon found a detour for the troops, then gave anti-sniper protection to the engineers building a treadway bridge. MP platoons assigned to infantry divisions encountered similar experiences. At Dinant, Belgium, 9th Inf. Mantegna, helped engineers with their first bridge across the Meuse. Reaching the east bank, MPs were deployed to provide security while engineers finished the ponton span. MPs never will forget Hurtgen Forest. Pfc Ottis Brewer, Jackson, Ky.

MPs arrived, the crooked, narrow roads were slimy morasses, splotched with craters, tree trunks, swollen streams. Three divisions had churned up the roads and engineers saw no end to their work. Harry Fenzlein, Fairlawn, N. Esse Lewis, Jacksonville, Fla. Ms to their area. Mortar shells burst against tree tops, splattering troops with metal and wood fragments. CC R of the 5th Armd. MPs staked the line of departure with delineators. In pitch darkness they used masked flashlights to guide Shermans that were wider than the roads.

Pfc Winfield Bogert, Allentown, Pa. Donald Gruner, Patterson, N. CC R was ready at daylight, but MPs still couldn't rest.

It was time to handle the normal supply. George Buhler, Passaic, N. Reinforced, they tried again four days later and succeeded. As armor slashed ahead, muddy, bearded MPs gave them the right-of-way. Compnay, mines, shells were overcome as traffic of three divisions and an adjacent Corps rolled through to the front. For nine days this nightmare continued before Hurtgen Forest was cleared. Enemy 88s, at one to two minute intervals, shelled the xompany flow in the Roer River sector. Drivers stopped, leaped for cover, leaving some vehicles parked bumper to bumper.

Germans increased the rate of fire. Request has been made for U. Reports covering period from April follow. Justifiable Homicide White 1 Total 1 b. The 67 Military Police Company, being the only 1. These three 3 Sections were attached to and bicycle tires. Upon arrival in Germany, the Provost Marshal at At least one additional PWTE is planned, to bo Issued French Base Troops r 4 0 0 enty-five 75 bales of rags 'Ms once assumed responsibility for the security of established at Heilbronn, with a capacity of 70, In addition to the Total Issued 0 0 murder of a woman which had occurred in a Bunker, Division: At the same time steps were taken to control traffic 't 50 on MP E.

Section 1 32 2nd Lt Lawrence O. Motorcycle patrols were posted MP E. Section 1 14 1st Lt R.

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