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We are currently working on our first visual novel, 1st Degree, but have plans to gisual more in the future. We first began our development early April ofand have been through ups and downs to get to where we are today with our development! You can also follow us on our twitter, tumblr, instagram, and Yaoii facebook for more information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at parivalgames gmail. Paradise has taken on a multitude of roles since the creation of the company in early April She is an experienced artist with a focus in BL who attends university for engineering. Currently attending university for an IT major with a specialization in game design.

Can be moved to tears by many visual novels. Red has years of experience composing music for both his own self-interests, and other budding video game and advertising projects. Her path as a background artist began with her need for art for her own visual novels.

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Along the way she started incorporating 3D modelling into her work as she was attracted to the clean and precise look it would offer, as well as the flexibility. Currently, I'm looking for a professional artist to help me with backgrounds and character anatomy: More funds mean more collectible CGs, sprites and facial expressions! There are many facial expressions in the demo already, and every main character has 2 sprites, but there can be so much more! It all depends on you: Walking around wearing the same thing all week is gross, right? Make sure that the guys bathe and change clothes like decent people. Well, maybe you will be when he shows up! More man-on-man action is always a good thing.

Especially when all the drama visua, gone and you can just enjoy quality couple time. Well, maybe except for the bad endings. The Fan disk is just additional mature content. Want more blood and violence? Did you find Sentimental Trickster lacking in elves, aliens or zombies?

Make sure the next game has exactly what you like. The official voting visuall be carried out on the Sentimental Trickster website. Every backer bovel receive a notification beforehand. And, more importantly, some lines will be voiced to set the mood for a particular scene. There will be fully-voiced special scenes too! Backers will vote on the actors to hire for each part. Sentimental Trickster puts you in charge of Haru and all the important choices ahead.

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Especially when your boarding house is in the middle of a freaking big, black forest. Well, at least he meets a hot guy who shows him the way. Nogel the only thing left to do is start attending classes, graduate and become visyal For Haru, making friends is hard and dealing visal housemates can get visuaal. Ballet-dancing-with-a-peg-leg kind of awkward. At the end of the day, he tries to look at the bright side. Occasional weird thoughts and nocel wicked sense of humor help. People are complicated, but with a little bit of effort you can help Haru get close to those you deem worthy of knowing. Sentimental Trickster is a BL visual novel in which every choice matters.

This means that you will have the power to make or break. And when I say break, I mean with a big bang and to tiny pieces. Had a lousy day at work? But will you be able to face the consequences of your choices? Please, consider playing the demo before you read anything else. Playing without any previous knowledge is the best way to fully enjoy the game: The demo is only a tiny fraction about 1 hour of playtime of the whole game. It introduces the characters, highlights some of their most important traits and shows you the group dynamic. The demo has been tested many times by different players. This is how this game came to life. When I go to anime conventions, I feel old.

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