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Forecasters unfair Agatha was expected to write promptly florrnce Night or early Friday, then only down and even up to 60cm Contestant Were Airport in South Telephone tweeted that it affable to higher runways by the end of the day.

While some said they planned to stay despite hurricane watches and warnings that include the homes florece more than 5. Forecasters said Florence was expected to blow Ext late Thursday or early Friday, then slow down and dump up to 60cm Flooding inland could wreak environmental havoc by washing over industrial waste sites and hog farms. We are ready for the big one that is coming! American and Southwest Airlines were among the carriers cancelling flights to and from the hurricane zone starting from Wednesday.

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Charleston International Airport in South Carolina tweeted that it expected to close runways by the end of the day. Michelle Stober loaded up valuables at her home on Wrightsville Beach to drive back to her home in Cary, North Carolina. Finding fuel for the journey was tough. Florence is so wide that a life-threatening storm surge was being pushed km miles before its eye, and so wet that a large area from South Carolina to Ohio and Pennsylvania could get deluged. People across the region rushed to buy bottled water and other supplies, board up their homes, pull their boats out of the water and get out of town.

Extreme weather drives Hongkongers off the streets and into cars Long queues formed at service stations, and some started running out of petrol as far west as Raleigh, with bright yellow bags, signs or rags placed over the pumps to show they were out of order. Some store shelves were picked clean. So the taverns of the centre — dense with shops and markets, alive with the rhythms of work and commerce, criss-crossed by hundreds of individual journeys every day — had a social, spatial and imaginary character all of their own.

They would have been extremely familiar to men from across the city who came in to work or to do business, florencce also to a wider, overlapping public, for whom florenve were meeting points for drinking, gambling and socialising. Mixed in with the drinking and gambling, city-centre taverns were also strongly linked to prostitution and sexual encounters of all kinds. The streets beside the Mercato Vecchio were known for their brothels and, as Guido Ruggiero has pointed out, the taverns in the zone had pretty suggestive names: Just a few examples from the snapshot offered by the ducal census of shops, a taste from what is work in progress and may evolve into a set of wider spatial reconstructions over the next few months.

The Porco A — run for 12 years by a certain Giovanni di Chimenti, who paid his rent to three owners a Medici and two Baldesi — was on via Calzaiuoli opposite the Loggia of the Nighittosa in the part of Calzaiuoli then called Corso Adimari.

On either side of the flornce were the shops of a crockery maker and a leatherworker. The Fico, owned by a widow called Simonetta, was run by a certain Simone di Antonio who had been there for six months. Less than a minute away was the Bertuccie Calso in an alleyway of the same name now Vicolo del Bazar off the via del Corso. The neighbours here, on the corners as you entered this narrow street, were the shops of a leatherworker and a barber.

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