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The Memoirs of Charles-Lewis, Baron de Pollnitz, Volume II by Pöllnitz

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The latter reside principally in the seaport towns, the former in the interior country. For tho it has a little seacoast, there are no good ports in it. Hence it happens Frabkfort there is scarcely one merchant in the whole state of Connecticut, while there is not a single man in Rhode island who is not a merchant of some sort. Their whole territory port-de-pzix but a thousand square miles, and what of that is in use is laid out gidls grass farms almost entirely. Hence they have scarcely any body employed in agriculture.

This circumstance has decided the characters of these two states. The remedies to this evil are hazardous. One would be to consolidate the two states into one. Another would be to banish Rhode island from the union. A third to compel her submission to the will of the other twelve. A fourth for the other twelve to govern themselves according to the new propositions and to let Rhode island go on by herself according to the antient articles. These are the only alterations proposed to the confederation, and the last of them is the only additional power which Congress is thought to need. Congress have not yet ultimately decided at what rates they will redeem the paper money in the hands of the holders, but a resolution ofhas established the principal, so that there can be little doubt but that the holders of paper money shall receive as much real money as the paper was actually worth at the time they received it, and an interest of 6 per cent from the time they received it.

Those who talk of the bankruptcy of the U. Holders of that paper-money who do not wish that the world should understand it. If it were decided that the U. The real just debts of the U.

He has two men. He has been featured by many publications, during Best Lawyers in Middletown and Florida Plop Worries, and is finished for anymore dating his knowledge and messaging with colleagues and the Event Myers community where he ignores.

The whole army of the United States was disbanded at the close of the war. A few guards only were engaged for their magazines. Lately they have enlisted some two or three regiments to garrison the posts along the Northern boundary of the U. I conjecture there arenegroes in the five Southernmost states, and not 50, in the rest. In most of these latter effectual measures have been taken for their future emancipation. In the former, nothing is done towards that. The disposition to emancipate them is strongest in Virginia. I flatter myself it will take place there at some period of time not very distant.

Carolina a very few are disposed to emancipate. Carolina continue importations of negroes. These have been long prohibited in all the other states. In Virginia, where a great proportion of the legislature consider the constitution but as other acts of legislation, laws have been frequently passed Edition: Pennsylvania is divided into two parties, very nearly equal, the one desiring to change the constitution, the other opposing a change. Most of the young people as they come into office arrange themselves on this side, and I think they will prevail ere long. But there are no heats on this account. I do not know that any of the other states propose to change their constitution.

I have heard of no malversations in office which have been of any consequence; unless we consider as such some factious transactions in the Pennsylvania assembly; or some acts of the Virginia assembly which have been contrary to their constitution. The causes of these were explained in the preceding article. Broils among the states may happen in the following way: A state may be embroiled with the other twelve by not complying with the lawful requisitions of Congress. Two states may differ about their boundaries. But the method of settling these is fixed by the Confederation, and most of the Edition: The individuals interested may complain, but this can produce no difficulty.

With respect to these, there are two opinions. It has been often said that the decisions of Congress are impotent because the Confederation provides no compulsory power. But when two or more nations enter into compact, it is not usual for them to say what shall be done to the party who infringes it. Decency forbids this, and it is unnecessary as indecent, because the right of compulsion naturally results to the party injured by the breach. When any one state in the American Union refuses obedience to the Confederation by which they have bound themselves, the rest have a natural right to compel them to obedience.

Congress would probably exercise long patience before they would recur to force; but if the case ultimately required it, they would use that recurrence. Should this case ever arise, Edition: We weigh the two together, and like best to submit to the former. Compare the number of wrongs committed with impunity by citizens among us, with those committed by the sovereign in other countries, and the last will be found most numerous, most oppressive on the mind, and most degrading of the dignity of man. The states differed very much in their proceedings as to British property; and I am unable to give the details.

In Virginia, the sums sequestered in the treasury remain precisely as they did at the conclusion of the peace. The British having refused to make satisfaction for the slaves they carried away, contrary to the treaty of peace, and to deliver up the posts within our limits, the execution of that treaty is in some degree suspended. Individuals however are paying off their debts to British subjects, and the laws even permit the latter to recover them judicially. This edition of the magazine is no different. It chronicles the achievements of our alumni and students in a range of activities, including the equestrian industry, entertainment, medicine, business and the military.

As an aside, I am pleased that this Eastern issue shares our broadening international involvement at EKU. In my mind, this is a critical part of our commitment to student success. It would be presumptive of me to tell any of you that the current economic situation is a challenge to Eastern and to every other institution in America that relies—if only in part—on the generosity of donors. That EKU alumni love their alma mater is undeniable. In this toughest of environments, our giving program last year set a new high for the number of individuals making contributions to Eastern. This bodes well, indeed, for the future of private support of our University.

My personal thanks and appreciation are extended to everyone who helped EKU with resources this past year. We accept the trust you have placed in us. Serving as president of this place we all love continues to be a fulfillment for me. That is true now more than ever, as the last lines of our Alma Mater ring more true with each year. Do you see a slightly built young woman with flowing blond hair, given to late night yoga in the stable, polishing her doctoral dissertation while perched on a hay bale? Security foreman for two of the most notable racehorses of the modern era…Performed advances and led coordination of local security and law enforcement in eight states and the United Arab Emirates.

Register, an Eastern B. What drives this career? Only such precision can warn trainers if champions are off their game. No change in venue can alter a diet or risk infection; even team members washed their hands before giving mints. Owners, breeders, staff, jockeys, media and fans want access to a great horse. It was her job to know and act fast, diplomatically. Kearns worked in extreme heat and cold, sometimes ankle-deep in mud, digging trenches to fend off rain water. Night brought armies of rats. Use a stable hose. Once she fished cookies from a trash can. Coffee in the barn? No, a spill can taint the hay. On the hour return flight from the Dubai World Cup, Kearns slept on straw in a cargo plane.

Fans autographed a www. Even today, the memory brings tears. With Curlin now standing stud, Stonestreet Farms sought top security for its rising filly star, Rachel Alexandra. The upside down exclamation point blaze on her nose was prophetic. As racehorse security evolves, Stonestreet Farms fully appreciates the multi-dimensional skills of this Eastern-bred professional. While studying journalism and anthropology at Eastern, she covered sports for the Eastern Progress and the Richmond Register, dragging friends to simulcasts of the great racehorse Cigar. She planned to be a sportswriter for the Daily Racing Form. A fond memory of those graduate school years is a colloquium she helped coordinate, bringing together scholars from the journalism, sociology and criminal justice departments.

Influenced by her journalism background to explore emotiondriven factors influencing criminal justice policy, she entered a rigorous doctoral program at the University of Indiana. Working with community leaders, academics, the NAACP and a wide range of criminal justice professionals and public officials of Monroe County, Craigslist notice from Stonestreet Farms which seemed such a perfect match for her skills and passions. Jaded security forces were stunned by the onslaught of fans and press, and increasingly relied on Kearns to keep the peace—and the space— around temperamental equine properties.

With Rachel Alexandra recently bred to Curlin and awaiting their hugely anticipated super-foal in February,Amy Kearns passed the winter in California, keeping watch over a string of Stonestreet horses at Santa Anita Park. Home to Las Vegas, the county has more acreage than New Jersey. Boom years can bring 5, new residents per month from broadly diverse cultures, mixing children from urban, suburban and very rural communities. Yet one administrator has drawn accolades from senators and students, casino owners and colleagues, parents, and state and national leaders.

As Clark County boomed, Darnell served as classroom teacher, guidance counselor, assistant high school principal, and middle and high school principal. He directed secondary schools and curriculum, vocational education programs, occupational education, special instructional programs and leadership training for administrators, in addition to completing a doctorate in education administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In every position, Dr. Then-Vice President Walter Mondale tapped him for a national task force to write major federal legislation on vocational education and job training.

Marshall Darnell Elementary School. Their fine handbags, accessories and apparel grace fine boutiques and have been lauded by the likes of Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Seventeen and Latina. Major stars wear their designs, and retail giant Target featured a Hayden-Harnett line in its designer collaborations series. While most firms its size put out seven to nine products, Hayden-Harnett markets more than Anything that we create must be something women need—style plus function. Here she combined passions for interiors, graphic design, metalwork and sculpture with psychology, her first interest at Eastern.

At subsequent jobs, designs for kiosks, lunch bags and private label clothing built credentials for an Innovo assignment in Hong Kong, interfacing with manufacturers. Hardworking and successful, marrying imagination with integrity, Toni Hacker is a case study for a new generation of Eastern design students. These studies yielded a breakthrough in Decemberwhen Dr. Since rapidly growing breast cancer cells react atypically to serotonin, these findings could impact diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease. Other research avenues include the role of serotonin in regulating mood, appetite and sleep. After earning a doctorate from Louisiana State University, Horseman did post-doctoral work at Argonne National Laboratory and taught biology at Marquette University, later directing its Biological and Biomedical Research Institute before returning to his native Ohio.

Horseman traces his love of biology to an ichthyology class field trip at Eastern, when Dr. He could not have known the changes that awaited him. Eastern [also] introduced me to the military and its role in national and international areas through three years in ROTC. After the war, Lowe graduated from Eastern and launched a year military career, beginning with difficult assignments in the postwar occupation of Japan and Germany, and then later in Korea and Vietnam. He taught at the U. After a packed 30 years, Lowe retired as a colonel, yet continued applying his discipline, service ethic, and leadership skills to local political activity, to work with the blind and visually impaired, military associations, the Lions Club and Boy Scouts of America.

Faithful to the physical fitness regime of his ROTC days at Eastern, Thomas Lowe still cuts a dashing figure in the uniform he wore 36 years ago at retirement. Miller chose Eastern and happily discovered that as a music major he could earn credits doing what he loved best. For me, studying meant playing music. Miller has written or co-written five Number 1 country singles, been nominated for three Grammy Awards, and received the Song of the Year award from the Country Music Association. College helps you do that. After a freshman year in junior college, Roethlisberger began working her way through Eastern. She babysat for children of G.

When, despite every economy, money ran out, she withdrew and worked in a Chicago restaurant for a year, saving her money and returning to Eastern. Louis, and began making her way in the business world, building skills as she went. The company grew, succeeding as competitors failed, keeping manufacturing operations in the U.

Today, applications for Electro-Core products include transformers, inductors, chokes, shunts, solenoids and shielding im. She is, in short, a powerful transforming agent, taking the encouragement she received at Eastern and passing qho along to others. He combines passion for the people por-tde-paix places of southern and eastern Kentucky with dexterity in fields as diverse as AutoCAD drafting and advising on banking operations. Yet bya longing to serve the people of Kentucky port-de-laix Girdler in a new direction: He brought years of Frankforf experience Frankfor local and state campaigns and a passion for work that showed, recalls Rogers, in every meeting and constituent encounter.

He built wxnt friends in organizations like the Center for Rural Development and Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, working to improve water wan, waste management and environmental awareness. Meanwhile he hopes to stay involved in community service while exploring political options. In short, Chris Girdler will keep finding new applications for the business skills he absorbed at Eastern. Each year, two faculty members are chosen for their teaching excellence and student commitment. They receive a certificate, a cash stipend from a grateful Alumni Association, and recognition at the alumni banquet and spring commencement ceremony. Stephen Kappeler Stephen Kappeler works to make himself obsolete—to help his students in criminal justice and police studies build a foundation of core knowledge on which they can independently exercise critical and analytic thinking skills.

This is not TV crime show world. He assigns field research, having students develop and code surveys and analyze data while interacting professionally with their future colleagues. He works with students on community projects ranging from improving Christmas for juveniles in the SunriseYouth Support Center at London, Ky. Kappeler mentors students in both chapters and facilitates their attendance and participation at national and regional conferences. Kappeler has deep respect for his many non-traditional students who come to class knowing that this is their chance for education Sara Zeigler, chair of the department of government, came to Eastern as a political science instructor in with a sterling academic record from Reed College and UCLA.

Within ten years she had amassed pages of publications, invited contributions, presentations and panel discussions in her fields: Little surprise that byZeigler was a full professor, backed by years of awards and commendations for teaching excellence.

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Coaxing the shy to port-xe-paix that first public address, wantt a talented first-generation student the complex etiquette of a professional political science conference, coaching young adults virls deliver solidly researched and argued presentations—here too she excels. In Frankfott and presentations Zeigler tirelessly speaks to hidden injustices like slave child labor in the chocolate industry and pervasive gender assumptions that permeate our society. Few schools make it to the nationals. Frxnkfort, a remarkable thought is taking shape for Dr. Hundreds came, danced and reminisced. Another reunion followed inand a third inat Gravel Switch, near Danville.

In a spectacular, two-night reunion event is planned for Alumni Weekend, April Already, some alumni are planning a first-ever reunion appearance. Certainly not elegant decor. Frank and Joe Ann Nassida were like second parents to legions of regulars and employees. Meanwhile Joe Ann listened, gave advice, and sometimes played matchmaker. When the Nassidas took over from Speck Young in June,music came from a jukebox. If a better paying weekend job popped up, Nassida let them go, no hard feelings. Inwhen Jimmy Stokley was terminally ill, Eastern hosted a benefit concert to help pay his medical bills.

Now simply Exile, the group went on to rock, then country fame, earning a unique Top Charts. They fight back, using horns, Onlookers and owners endanger themselves and complicate rescue. Call a large animal vet? In states like emergency management.

Human-scale restraints Given the sheer number of animals and transport systems are obviously useless. An overturned trailer may hold says Mark Cole of USRider, a Lexington, 37, sheep and lambs millions of dollars in racehorses or a large Ky. Office of National Agricultural Statistics accidents. In addition to transport incidents, farm of humans. Too often, responders are handed a weapon and told to put down a salvageable animal they have not been trained to help. Mud and quicksand complicate rescue. Fires, floods and other natural disasters as Responders suffer. A racehorse may be insured, but well as chemical hazards demand rapid, trained response by large, what of the hopes and dreams of the owners?

And what insurance coordinated teams. Rescue missions in rough terrain or inclement settlement compensates for the loss of a beloved family horse? While there are Large Animal Rescue LAR training programs throughout the country, until recently there was no systematic way to train first responders at the beginning of their careers, particularly those poised to move into management or policy-making positions. InEastern and USRider created a unique partnership to answer this need. The first session is reserved for Eastern students who receive academic credit and operational level certification.

Pharr emphasizes that participation in this widely respected program makes Eastern graduates more competitive in the job market. Leading the program are retired veterinarian Dr. Tomas Gimenez and animal physiologist Dr.

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