Escort mk2 rs 2000

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Ford Escort (Europe)

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The line-up included 1. Aside from colour-coded hubcaps, most of the equipment differences were only on the inside Ecort the GL being considerably better equipped. These Escort models are identified by the familiar blue Ford oval in the centre of the grille and on the right of the bootlid. Most were of the four-door variety, and only were built as a 2-door 1.

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A total of 2, Australian RS cars were made. Panel-van versions catered to the commercial sector. The South African Escort received the 1. Assembly ended after 12, units, in April While offered in many model forms, the Escort, like the Cortinawas not popular on the Australian market, largely due to expanding competition from Japanese imports and the established preference of Australian drivers for larger six-cylinder vehicles.

Rs 2000 mk2 Escort

The car used a revised underbody, which had been introduced as a running change during the last six months production of the Mark I. The production of British-sourced and New Zealand-assembled Escorts ended in late Unlike Australia, the Escort and Cortina ranges sold well and often topped the car monthly sales lists. InFord Australia standardised the use of the blue oval logo across the Escort model range.

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