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Ford Escort Van with a Turbo Barra Inline-Six

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Escort racwa vans Ford

Martin Brewer once again close behind in fifth spot with class B winner, Keith Rose, sixth. Derek Hulse upset the Cape avns by not only making it through practice, but actually finishing a competitive sixth fscort in the "never before seen racing at Killarney" all aluminium bodied Elva MkII of Richard Daggitt. Heat two saw Danie and David disappear into the distance with the Honda less than a second ahead of the Suzuki after six laps. Frans retired at age 26 but fortunately Danie has become part of the Killarney inventory spanning 25 years. The latter could have done better had it not been for a spin in Conti corner.

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Unfortunately Mynhardt de Jongh got it all wrong exiting Conti and deposited the Skyline GTX in the kitty litter after only three laps. With the Escort now fully fettled courtesy of application of 10lb sledgehammers to various misshapen body panels and topped up with diesel, it was time to compete in the final. A broken front rim a lucky escape. Wayne Rosser showed no signs of the rookie status displayed with a red X on the rear window when he pipped John Simpson to he line by 0.

The yellow Porsche burst a right rear wheel in practice and then flat spotted all four in heat two. For more information fscort the circuit office at or Just the fact that one could identify each individual car by its own distinctive sound made spectating an absolute pleasure. Summary Great to finally see and hear the F3L Ford in action at Killarney and the magnificent Porsche will always be a winner.

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