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Did Donald Trump inherit 'a mess' from Barack Obama?

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A rising tide of middle-class families were losing homes, turning to food stamps and seeking government-sponsored health care for the first time. Yet Obama handed Trump the reins of an economy with a 4. Inincreases in hourly earnings accelerated, which, when combined with increased rates of employment, helped boost overall household incomes. Real household debt is lower than it was in In other words, Obama left the economy in much better shape than he inherited it, even if it remains imperfect for every American. Two began under Bush. Speculation has thrived in recent years because central banks pumped money into the financial system through record-low interest rates and quantitative easing.

This prevented the banks from going bust and ensured that the recession of was not as severe as the Great Depression of the s, but at a cost. Markets now think that if they act irresponsibly and cause another speculative boom-bust the response from central banks will be zero - or negative - interest rates and another splurge of QE. We should know soon whether or not these warm spots are completely eliminated. Another warm spot that should be searched during the current swing is based on a great circle path between waypoints BEDAX and the South Pole. I first proposed this path in Augustand I still consider it to be among the best possibilities because of the excellent fit of the BTO and BFO data, and because of the simplicity of navigating in the direction of true south.

As shown in the figure above, there are warm spots that reach as far north as 27S latitude that are based on certain navigational inputs.

The drift models also favor an impact point further south than 27S. However, for debris discovered on the beaches of Eastern Africa, there could have been a considerable delay between the time of discovery and the time of arrival near the shore, and this uncertainty reduces the accuracy of the drift models. In a nutshell, although the previous search swing has eliminated some possibilities, we are still very early in the search process, and it is much too early to draw any conclusions. However, the eurozone looks unlikely to increase interest rates until its recovery is more firmly anchored. That means the euro will continue to rise in value against the dollar, making it harder for European countries to export to the US.

Thank you for your feedback. Why are markets down? Thanks to the internet, such spreadsheets of love have replaced notches on the bedpost and can be displayed hubristically online. But there's another problem for the lie-dream of online romantic fulfilment: They practically guarantee you'll be on cloud nine. The foregoing sex bloggers are quoted by Sorbonne sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann in his new book Love Onlinein which he reflects on what has happened to romantic relationships since the millennium. The landscape of dating has changed completely, he argues. We used to have yentas or parents to help us get married; now we have to fend for ourselves.

We have more freedom and autonomy in our romantic lives than ever and some of us have used that liberty to change the goals: Online dating sites have accelerated these changes, heightening the hopes for and deepening the pitfalls of sex and love. And people want to know how it functions now. It's urgent to analyse it. Behavioural economist Dan Ariely is researching online dating because it affects to offer a solution for a market that wasn't working very well. In recent days, investors have looked at rising bond yields, higher wage growth and dearer commodity prices and started to fret about something that has not concerned them in recent years: They have woken up to the possibility that the Fed might get more aggressive in removing the stimulus provided since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September A dose of reality is no bad thing.

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Memories of the financial crisis have faded. Low self-esteem versus righteous anger describes a fundamental paradox in self-stigma Models that situatlon the experience of self-stigma need to account for some persons whose sense of self is harmed by social stigma versus others who are energized situatino, and forcefully react to, the injustice. And there is sityation a third group that needs to be considered in describing the sotuation of stigma on the self. The sense of self for many persons with mental illness is neither hurt, nor energized, by social stigma, instead showing a seeming indifference to it altogether.

Important factors that affect a situational response to stigma include collective representations that are primed in that situation, the person's perception of the legitimacy of stigma in the situation, and the person's identification with the larger group of individuals with mental illness. This model has eventual implications for ways in which persons with mental illness might cope with self-stigma as well as identification of policies that promote environments in which stigma festers. We have made progress in understanding the dimensions of mental illness stigma, and the processes by which public stereotypes are translated into discriminatory behavior.

At the same time, we are beginning to develop models of self-stigma, which is a more complex phenomenon than originally assumed.

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The models istuation thus far need to be tested on various sub-populations, including different ethnic groups and power-holders legislators, judges, police officers, health care providers, employers, landlords. We are Loiking learning about stigma change strategies. Contact frb particular seems to be effective for changing individual attitudes. Researchers need to examine whether changes resulting from anti-stigma interventions are maintained over time. All of the research discussed in this paper examines stigma at the individual psychological level.

For the most part, these studies have ignored the fact that stigma is inherent in the social structures that make up society. Stigma is evident in the way laws, social services, and the justice system are structured as well as ways in which resources are allocated. Research that focuses on the social structures that maintain stigma and strategies for changing them is sorely needed. Definition and assessment of accuracy in stereotypes. Personal beliefs and cultural stereotypes about racial characteristics. J Pers Soc Psychol. Handbook of social cognition.

Manis M, et al. Prejudice, stereotypes, and labeling effects: The nature of prejudice. Doubleday Anchor Books; The social psychology of attitudes.

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