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Imagine ittoqqortoormiih surprise when we were given the opportunity to explore this classic arctic tundra by foot with three incredible hikes and one on landing on moving ice. The memory of our ittoqqortoormiti hike brings a giggle to my wife and me. We were split into three groups. One for those who wanted a harder hike, those like us who chose the medium hike for a chance to see more wildlife and then there were those who chose the easy hike which consisted of laying down on the beach. For Nikita, medium means we trek at the same pace and distance as the hard group just we set out to go our own way.

It turned out to be a much harder trek then some expected but the rewards were so worthwhile as we got some amazing sightings of a ptarmigan couple and two up close reindeer encounters.

Our second hike brought yet another adventure with Nikita. This time as the hard group went straight up a hill we went across the snow covered tundra. Nikita was wonderful in his descriptions of living in such harsh environments and stopped to show us the incredible adaptations the flora makes to live in such inhospitable conditions. With his contagious can do attitude, our group climbed its own hill and breathed in the fresh arctic air while taking in the quiet stillness.

The silence broken only by the sounds of gulls above protecting their nests from unwanted intruders. For a photographer ittoqqortoodmiit could never have enough time to capture this uniquely beautiful land. Our third hike was an unexpected one in the spirit of an expedition. Early morning brought a healthy dose of sunshine that could not be wasted. Virginity other Zodiac swingers at ribby safety clubs in the Really or flight other.

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