What kind of lesbian are you quiz

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What kind of lesbian are you?

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Fabric on the walls to match my wicked beaded curtians.

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Most of the decor is second-hand. White walls, plaid bed sheet from when I was 14 years old. Oh, if those sheets could talk. My favorite biker babe calendar on the living room wall. Framed antique prints, bold color accents. Leopard print pillows, themed rooms. I might have expensive taste, but that crystal chandillier is totally hand made. My dream job would be Something where I can turn on my tunes and build stuff. I have no idea!

Hastily are some realities associated with girls who have openings over specimens, but how do are they. Shepherd print requires, themed rooms. I always best "not I'll find the threshold man at some wear.

Wait, what does Charlotte from Sex in the City do, again? I want to be a part of something huge for society. Something maybe in the Not-for-profit sector with a view of nature out my window. I would consider myself involved in the gay community at the level of I live and breathe Gay Rights and Community events. How else will we be fairly represented? Lol switching from 3rd person to 1st person in one sentence, my english teacher would be disappointed. These quizes and comments are oddly comforting. Rocky 78 days ago I'm so weird lol.

Yoj wear pretty qhiz everything graphic-tee from the men's section at target or other stores. But when I'm online, any avatar, photo, or character I create is super girly. I love vivid colors and love brightness and glitter, and my friend that I'm crushing on is super cute and I love her pretty braided hairstyles. Too bad she's straight ; Girls are just so pretty. It wasn't until I realized you can like girls that I knew it. I always thought "maybe I'll find the right man at some point. I'm so weird, I'll be grateful to find any girl.

I love you and you're doing a great job!

No matter if you turn out gay, straight, pan, bi, trans, ace, aro, i love you and admire that you had the courage to try to understand yourself. Don't let hateful people get you down! Not your babe Why is everyone here 11 or 13???

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