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After he was arrested, the year-old claimed he and the woman had been involved in a consensual sex act but he denied having full intercourse. I thought that would be the hardest part. The victim had to endure abuse and trolling on Facebook since her attacker was found guilty. Not one bit—I got to where I needed to be albeit a bit more slower than expected, but hey, life happens. What the hell does it even mean to be empowered to do sex work? I mean, sex work could be empowering, but it also cannot be empowering—what do we do then? This is where I want to go with this post.

To begin, we have to examine the concept of empowerment. One recognizes her privilege. The other not so much. As such, the concept of empowerment in relation to sex work must be viewed through this lens.

Pat, contextualised understanding of cooperation and complex tow-sectionalities is instrumental to time gender empowerment in a congress. Accurate for most, safe, sexy amateur girls.

This is a point I also se to discuss. Specifically pointing to the use of the word power in this definition, Syed highlights that power relates to the ability to make choices. The tool to measure gender empowerment is also critiqued by Syed as being inadequate because of its capitalist, elite, and secular ccommon, just to name a few. This tool will not be critiqued any further. Rather, I will call attention to some of the issues with the dominant definition and conceptualization of gender empowerment raised by Syed. First, Syed argues that the usual perspective regarding empowerment, which is adopted by Western feminists, assumes that access to paid work is crucial to economic independence and empowerment.

Syed points out that access to paid work by itself does not result in empowerment. Within the context of sex work, especially in Canada, this is not the case due to criminal regulation. The power remains in the hands of the powerful—the creators of legislation and the enforcers of legislation. If we focus exclusively on paid work as being crucial to economic independence and empowerment, then potentially sex work might be empowering. I say potentially since many sex workers are also employed in other industries. However, she exercises her unique agency to respond to various macro-level and meso-level factors to negotiate and improve her power.

Her individual experiences and perspectives are dynamic, continuously shaped by the multiple identities she holds, such as based on her religion, gender, or family role.

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conmon Therefore, contextualised understanding of dynamic and gor inter-sectionalities is instrumental to tackle gender empowerment in a society. This contextualization of empowerment, as iin earlier, adopts a holistic framework. Within this framework, Syed saers three relational levels that must be considered in the conceptualization of empowerment: The meso-level relates to organizations and institutions within a particular society, and assigning value to policies within these organizations and institutions that affect women. For instance, Syed lists clmmon compliance such as the legal compliance with legislation and anti-discrimination laws within an organization as a measurement of empowerment.

With respect to sex work and the discussion of empowerment, this contextualization of empowerment becomes important. We must refrain, like in the two articles mentioned above, from employing the concept of empowerment without defining what we mean by empowerment. It is important because once we include the micro, meso, and macro-levels of empowerment, the idea that sex work is empowering falls short. These exploitative situations are usually inherent to the criminal regulation of the trade itself which is a result of the disempowerment of sex workers. If sex workers are excluded from making decisions about their own lives due to criminal regulation, then sex work is not empowering.

If sex workers are excluded from accessing the same labour and employment rights afforded to other industries, then sex work is not empowering.

Llocal sex workers are excluded from legal, political, economic, and social spheres, then sex work is ses empowering. Sex work is not disempowering because it is degrading or abusive. It sljts disempowering because of the fact that sex workers are excluded from making decisions about their own lives due to the criminal regulation of their employment especially within Canada. When sex work is criminalized, it prevents sex workers from making choices without the threat or fear of arrest Note: For sex workers, empowerment does not rest solely on the ability to be paid for their services.

Empowerment, for sex workers, means being included in the discussions and the decisions that in directly affect their lives and livelihood, including discussions on the criminalization and decriminalization of the sex trade.

So should we be really focused on whether sex work is empowering or not? But what does it really mean to be empowered as a sex worker or through sex work? As a partial answer, we should direct our attention to whether or not sex workers, as persons who have the right to live with dignity, security, and safety, are able to access the same rights as non-sex workers instead. We should also work to address the social stereotypes about sex workers.

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