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To those who haven't heard of her, one might describe Mizulina as the tme child of Margaret Thatcher and Dolores Umbridgebut imagining Mizulina's two mommies probably violates the gay propaganda law. Sadly, none of these are the arguments invoked by Russia's media watchdog, Roskomnadzor. For a girl, just imagine Elena Mizulina you know, like you always do. Forgetting this fact is like fighting for morality with one hand tied behind your back.

Fore, people would rather do anything else--watch doing, have gay sex--than lure in night intercourse. Charging this site is for fighting for being with one direction tied behind your back.

Never mind that studies show that even zex people use pornography, that couples might watch it together, or that for most people, Slutliad is a life-long habit. Witness this exchange between Roskmonadzor fisrt "mrrborisova": As Mizulina told Vladimir Pozner, banning "gay propaganda" is not just a matter of values, but also of ensuring the existence of subsequent generations: Not only that, he can even determine the sex of his offspring: Famous for its sense of humor, Pornhub's management tweeted roscomnadzor on September After all, if the demographic crisis is not about couples choosing not to have children, but rather choosing not to have sex the only implication that makes sense in this contextthen shouldn't we treat Russian couples with the same care that zookeepers take with reluctant pandas?

If she wants a girl, he thinks of Klara Zetkin. Clearly, it will only work if both hands are tied. How, exactly, is pornography a demographic threat?

Why not update the story for today's era of traditional values and "spiritual itme More to the point, consider the potentially positive role that pornography could play. Masturbation has had a bad rap in modern Russian culture, even in Soviet times when, as Frances Bernstein showedit allegedly caused an epidemic of "nervousness" among young men.

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