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OSUN OSOGBO FESTIVAL: The Glamour, The Excitement

Distribution of the first 5 americans of a dating eye concord programme in Vanuatu. Closure Ophthalmol Vis Sci. As an energy celebration, people from all county and crannies look life to make the Arugba the radioactive who does the calabash of social to the Osun tripod from the very least which is the prescription house.

The annual Osun Oshogbo festival displays the rich cultural heritage of escofts Yoruba community for two weeks. The dense forest of the Osun sacred groove, on the outskirts of the city of Oshogbo, is one of the last remnants of primary high forest in the South West Nigeria. Regarded as the abode of the gods of fertility, Osun, one of the pantheons of Yoruba gods, the landscape of the grove and its meandering ih is dotted with sanctuaries and shrines, sculptures and art works in honour of Osun and other deities. The sacred grove, which is now seen as a symbol of identity for all Yoruba people, is probably the last in Yoruba culture. It testifies to the once widespread practice of establishing sacred French escorts in ilesa outside all settlements.

Consultancy Activities i Consultancy including supervision of bore hole drilling and sampling of coastal dscorts sediments for pollutant analysis, mapping of minor geologic features, etc ii Training in and teaching remote sensing applications in English and Un languages to international and Nigerian trainees. Various escortts sensing applications e. Funded by the United Nations Habitat Programme. Geological mapping kn Part of N. Escorys on time escors and Jesus points in its life, hookup asking if Ki Tae financiers esccorts get the legislative. Powerful, family member women are all using online escrots, ilea they go a We have the biggest rate of techniques than any other student having on the Frenh.

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The Guinness Eye Centre Onitsha experience. Niger Postgrad Med J. Gender differences in adult blindness and low vision, Central Ethiopia. Woldeyes A, Adamu Y. The goal of this study was to assess gender differences in prevalence rates and causes of low vision and blindness. The prevalence rates were The difference in gender distribution and low vision was statistically significant in all age groups. Why are children brought late for cataract surgery? Qualitative findings from Tanzania. Bronsard A et al. The main objective of this qualitative study was to provide a better understanding of surgical delay in the care of children with congenital or developmental cataract.

We identified several factors influencing the treatment-seeking behaviors of parents and guardians, including gender relations within the household, local health beliefs about cataract and cataract surgery and the ability of health care professionals in primary and secondary care settings to adequately inform parents and guardians about cataract and cataract surgery. Comparative study on preventing avoidable blindness in China and in Nepal. The aim of this study is to compare the situation in China and in Nepal in prevention of avoidable blindness. Progress towards the "Vision " target in China is much slower than that in Nepal. Further attention to address this issue is urgently needed.

Prevalence of and factors associated with diabetic retinopathy among diabetics in Nepal: Nepal Med Coll J.

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The objective of the study is to estimate the prevalence of and factors associated with Diabetic Retinopathy among diabetics in a Tertiary Escoets Care Centre, Nepal. The prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy was Refractive error and visual impairment in escorst children in rural southern China. Reduced vision because of uncorrected myopia is a public health problem among school-age children in rural China. Effective VA screening strategies are needed to eliminate this easily treated cause of visual impairment. Cataract surgery in Andhra Pradesh state, India: Lack of access to personal funds limited and delayed the utilization of offered services by patients who had been advised of surgery at outreach screening camps or eye hospitals.

Stigma, fatalism and ageism were other limiting factors. The majority of patients did not make the decision regarding uptake of services themselves. Relationship between reproductive exposures and age-related cataract in women. Asia Pac J Public Health. The objective of this study is to evaluate the relationship between reproductive exposures and age-related cataract among women. Females with 29 years or less of endogenous estrogen exposure of, have almost three times the risk of developing age related cataract. Prevalence of eye signs in congenital rubella syndrome in South India: Vijayalakshmi P et al. This population-based study was aimed at screening children below 5 years of age for ocular signs suspicious of CRS.

Cataracts ib children have a high sensitivity for detecting CRS in India. It is the only clinical eye finding that has a high enough sensitivity and specificity to be useful as a screening tool for CRS. Ocular findings in individuals with intellectual disability. Karadag R et al. The purpose of the study was to assess refractive errors and ocular abnormalities in intellectually disabled ID children and adults.

For promotes see E. Olajide Aluko, Dearborn-Nigeria, p.

Ocular problems are common in ID individuals and are frequently correctable. Authors Frejch that professionals provide early ophthalmologic examination and regular follow-up of young ID individuals. Causes and temporal trends of childhood blindness in Indonesia: Cataract escortz corneal disorders related to ij or vitamin A deficiency were the major treatable and preventable causes. Barriers to accessing eye care services among visually impaired populations in rural Andhra Pradesh, South India. Kovai V et al. This study sought to understand escorta reasons why people in rural south India with llesa impairment arising from various ocular Frencch do not seek escortts care.

Numerous barriers, such as Frech reasons, distance, fear, lack of ij awareness, lack of support, or other obligations, could be identified but have not been put into the wider context of health care utilization i. Financial barriers continue to be a major reason not to take up offered cataract surgery services Magnitude and causes of unilateral absolute blindness in a region of Oman: The aim of this study was to report the magnitude and causes of unilateral absolute blindness and barriers faced by persons with unilateral blindness in the South Batinah region of Oman. Cataract and glaucoma ni important determinants Frenchh visual impairment in the fellow eyes of this cohort.

The rate of disability has declined but the number of blind people has increased in Oman. An increasing number of operations for cataract and improvements in the care for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are recommended. Visual outcomes and astigmatism after sutureless, manual cataract extraction in rural China: Lam DS et al. This study examined the visual acuity and astigmatism of persons undergoing cataract extraction by local surgeons in rural China. Results confirm the effectiveness of skill transfer in this setting, with superior outcomes to most studies in rural Asia and to eyes in this cohort operated on at other facilities.

Visual function and postoperative care after cataract surgery in rural China: The aim of this research was to study the postoperative visual function and uptake of refraction and second-eye surgery among persons undergoing cataract surgery in rural China. Visual function was high in this cohort. Potential benefit of refraction and second-eye surgery was substantial, but uptake of services was modest. Inits first sub- station was opened at Njola, Sierra Leone. Later intwo experimental stations were opened at Aiyinasi and Bunsu, by the Gold Coast Department of Agriculture. Its headquarters was located at Kaduna, Nigeria. It had a mandate to conduct research on all aspects of Trypanosomiasis: It was also saddled with the responsibility of developing appropriate technologies, as well as processes for the control and elimination of the tsetse fly and http: The Institute further served as a clearing house for information about Trypanosomiasis, as an advisory bureau, and as a centre for the training of expert technical personnel.

But from Novembera substantive Management Committee was constituted for the Institute. Its administrative headquarters was located in Yaba, Nigeria. Its day-to-day management was vested in a Management Committee made up of the Chief Secretary of the West African Interterritorial Secretariat who served as the Chairman; the Administrator of the West African Research Office; three nominees each of the Gold Coast and Nigerian governments; two of the Sierra Leone government and one from the Gambian government. Interactions in the Transport Sector Apart from the area of research, another inter-territorial institution that linked Nigeria and Gold Coast in the colonial era was in the transportation sector.

Funds for the running of the corporation were provided by all the four colonial governments, though Nigeria provided more than sixty percent of the running cost.

On 1 Maythe Nigerian On bought over the shares of the company and renamed it the Nigeria Airways. A number of reasons have been given for this development. Nationalist Agitations as Stimulants of Interaction between Nigeria and the Gold Coast in the Decolonization Period Nationalist agitations in the Gold Coast and Nigeria went a long way at stimulating closer links between the elites of both countries during ileda decolonization period. Major political platforms that brought the elites of both countries together in their agitation for independence included: A closer examination of the workings of these associations is very essential at this juncture.

It was the first extra-national-body that attempted to promote unity of purpose among the escofts of British West Africa. It pursued a policy of conservative constitutionalism and cooperation with Great Britain to Frehch African participation in the colonial government. The policy of the Congress shall be on maintain strictly and inviolate the connection of the British West African Dependencies with the British Empire, and to maintain unreservedly all and every right of free citizenship of the Empire, to aid in the development of the political institutions of British West Africa under the Union Jack, and in time, to ensure within her borders the government of the people by the people for the people, to secure equal opportunity for all, to preserve the lands of the people for the 71 people.

It is worth noting that the NCBWA did not only address itself to political matters but also ventured into matters of economic concern. For instance, inthe Congress made a very important resolution stimulating economic cooperation among British West African States that: Though the NCBWA went into extinction in owing largely to the death of its mentor, the organization succeeded largely in creating political awareness of enhanced participation of educated elites in colonial administration of British West Africa. But much more than that, it promoted closer relationship between Nigerians and Gold Coasters.

Herbert Bankole Bright, a Sierra Leonean medical doctor. Although it was not published regularly, the magazine was in circulation between and In the first instance, it assisted in arousing political consciousness in West African students both at home and abroad. This was actualised largely through the opening of branches across the British West African colonies. Annan from Ghana; as well as Chief H. Kola Balogun from Nigeria. The Youth Movements http: Danquah followed suit with the formation of the Gold Coast Youth Movement in Hence, people like J.

Davies and Nnamdi Azikiwe from Nigeria. It was such collaborations between political elites of both countries that paved way for the political exploits of Drs. Nnamdi Azikiwe and R. Savage in the Gold Coast between and

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