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Chook Manure

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Manure tea is most useful when given to young plants poo a boost of nitrogen to help them grow. For nitrogen loving plants, in a soil with low nitrogen this application can be made weekly till the plants start to flower. Be careful, because too much nitrogen and too little calcium encourages blossom end rot. In the vegetable garden, extra care must be taken because of pathogens.

Because of the danger of pathogens and burning, I avoid applying it on leaves, especially leaves that you will be eating, like spinich, lettuce or Chok greens. There is less danger of contamination with plants like tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers, pole beans, etc. Just try to keep the tea from splashing up on the fruit. Another good application for your tea is to use it to inoculate your compost pile, especially if your compost pile is low on nitrogen items. It takes nitrogen to heat your compost pile up to the needed degrees F. Once you have removed some of the tea, you can continue brewing more tea by adding water to the remaining solids.

This can be repeated for several days. Finally, dump any remaining solids on your garden or lawn. Tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage and watermelons specifically benefit from some extra nitrogen in the soil.

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However too much nitrogen woup not enough calcium can lead to blossom end skup, so you also want to sprinkle some crushed eggshells around the base of your plants susceptible to the malady, such as tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Making Manure Tea First I made a 'tea bag' for the manure. Because of the high nitrogen level of chicken poop, it is important that the chicken manure be aged or composted before using so it doesn't burn your plants. I filled the second pillow case with the oldest, most dried-up horse manure I could find.

Soup Chook poo

In the case of horse manure, it won't burn plants, but you want to use older manure to be sure that any undigested grains or seeds aren't going to sprout as weeds in your garden later. Also, there's less chance of pathogens such as E. I tied a piece of pretty blue baling twine around the neck of each pillow case manure tea can be pretty too! You can use a bucket, trash can, whatever Here are a few general pointers and tips for using chicken manure as a fertilizer: This will kill your plants! This is why you need to age your chicken manure! Whether or not you use an actual composter, any sort of composting converts nitrogen into a form that a plant can use without being burned.

Composting also destroys the coccidia bacteria a chicken diseasebacteria, pok eggs, and viruses, and stabilizes potash and nitrogen levels. Any composter will do, from the fancy type you see in Organic Gardening magazine, to simple homemade bins made of 2x4s and chicken wire. Manure that is composted without carbon-based material such as dry grass clippings will overheat. Chicken manure fertilizer tea; sounds delicious, eh?

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