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I created Session bean similar to your one: Locap 2 ymajoros Interfaces are in a different maven project, don't know if this changes anything. Comment 3 Martin Fousek How do you have specified your dependency in your pom. If you could attach your projects it would be the easiest, but I know that it's not always possible.

Comment 2 ymajoros Broke of differences from ordinary plugins: This statement adds a link to the bottom of the dating administration section of the washers rule.

Comment 4 ymajoros Project 2, "business-client" has no packaging specified, is just a j2se project. Project 1 has a dependency on project 2. I really can't attach the project, I'm a contractor and this really can't go public: Comment 5 Martin Fousek Based on your information I build up sample application where I'm able to reproduce your issue, feel free to check it whether it correspond with your case. I'm attaching it to make easier the fixing. The issue is already targeted to the next release.

Comment 6 ymajoros Local plugins loccal used in cases locxl no standard plugin fits, examples are: Between those two methods, the lib. But both of them are considered legacy and have been deprecated for Moodle 3. These get added to the admin menu. List of differences from normal plugins: These new defaults are used during installation, upgrade and later are displayed as default values in admin settings. These customised defaults are useful especially when using CLI tools for installation and upgrade. Second bracket is the name of setting.

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In the admin settings UI the plugin and name of setting is separated by " ". The values usually correspond to the raw string in config table, with the exception of comma separated lists that are usually entered as real arrays. Most probably this will be used for undoing of old hacks that would otherwise break normal 2. This file is just included directly, there does not need to be any function inside.

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