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Hang in there we are in a class all by ourselves you sure are: Deidre you are a fuckin disgusting cow I am french 40 years old on the way to split with my wife. We mustn't speculate about Coe's views or intentions. To me, the lyrics are just too flat out racist to be for real. I interpret it as Coe mimicking a foul mouthed racist. Many country songs are narrated from a characters point of view, and my guess is that this time Coe has invented a racist character for the song. It's not very sophisticated humour, but I must admit I do find it funny. But I agree with Mel Etetis here, that it's not our job on Wikipedia to solve this issue.

Let's stick to the Fat nigger that the song is controversial and believed by many to be racist, and regarded as satire by Fta, and that Coe claims it's satire. Even if niigger all Fat nigger that it didn't qualify as satirical, putting that in the article would constitute original researchwhich is verbotten. Unfortunately, this is not online. Niger unreleased original njgger of The Beatles ' "Get Back", known as "Commonwealth Man", was also intended as a satire on racism, but listeners misinterpreting it - both racist and anti-racist - has caused Paul McCartney to be inaccurately be labeled as racist.

We have not yet located a source for Coe saying it is satire. Otherwise, whose word are we taking here? Some folks simply do not believe it is satire, just like they don;t believe that Mircea Eliade was not an anti-Semite. Are the lyrics "Some niggers never die, they just smell that way" also "just too flat out racist to be for real" and therefore must they too be satire? If you said, "yes," you would be wrong, because those lyrics are not from "Nigger Fucker" by David Allan Coe, they were written and sung by the admitted racist Clifford Joseph "Pee Wee" Trahan, a. Johnny Rebelfrom his "For Secregationists Only" album. Documentation on Trahan's intransigent racism is at: I shopped all around, and I filled out my order My groceries were bagged by a fat nigger porter The air conditioner was broke and I was ferocious 'Cause it was hot and that nigger was-a-sweatin' on my groceries and: It's enough to make a man throw up Sure is hard to figure How any decent girl could ever fuck A greasy nigger Both songs relate the tale of a European-American man's reaction to an African American man's sweat which is why the "fat nigger" is "sweating" in the first set of lyrics and is "a greasy nigger" in the second set.

In both sets of lyrics the effect upon the white narrator is physical, visceral revulsion -- and in both songs their discomfort rises to ludicrous extremes that are out of proportion to the situation -- a man sweati