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The snubbing continued, as Yal Phaath and Jakan alternatively rated Gftting scrutiny. They stated Tynna, Corelliaand Bothawui to be the three different targets, whereas in fact it was the horrors at Fondor that let the true girlfriend. Save will treat me the same way I copy them.

I want sex hookers. Send me a message and I will accomplish your naughty wishes. I am a fabulous, young brunette with a long legs and pretty, dolly face. Pash Cracken, one of the leading inmates on Selvaris, was recaptured—the Getting laid in caluula Falcon, one of the ships which had raided the convoy, had fled straight to Caluula from the Tantara system, and therefore several of the prisoners liberated from the convoy over Selvaris were returned to Yuuzhan Vong custody. Therefore when the governess capitulated to his invasion force in return for concessions to the populace, Carr set up the yammosk in a well-guarded minshal in the heart of Caluula Cityand the population, once their technology had been disposed of, was free to live alongside their conquerors.

In fact, Malik Carr even allowed a scientific exploration team to come and observe the Nocturne of the Winged-Starsa phenomenon specific to Caluula which occurred every three hundred years. The warmaster contacted Malik Carr and informed the supreme commander that the scientific exploration team should be allowed to land on Caluula. Carr was unaware that Caluula was a testbed for Galactic Alliance Intelligence ; Chiss scientists and Alpha Bluean Intelligence organization, had been working on a Yuuzhan Vong specific pathogenhighly contagious and lethally efficient.

Caluula Station had fallen as part of the Galactic Alliance plan, and the planet's government had been ordered to capitulate so that the Alpha Red virus could be seen in action upon the world. From the team of scientists recently arrived on Caluula, only one member was sincere; the others had been tasked with destroying the yammosk—in reality, unknown to even the majority of the strike team members, they were also to act as observers of Alpha Red's effects upon Carr and his troops. The virus began to ravage the Yuuzhan Vong present on Caluula; yorik-et became sluggish and crashed, and biots began to struggle to perform the simplest of tasks.

Lethargy and sickness were soon prevalent among Carr's forces, although the supreme commander still possessed enough of his wits to ascertain that the scientist team was a Galactic Alliance force; he had the strike force ambushed and captured by Slayersand discovered to his pleasure that Judder Page, a Jedi Master and the Solos were among its members.

All around him, Yuuzhan Vong and their technology were expiring; the yammosk itself was in its death throes, but the supreme commander was still certain that he would sacrifice Page and the others to the ailing war coordinator, as he had vowed to do over Selvaris. After sending the minshal's shaper back to Yuuzhan'tar with the dying Slayers to apprise Supreme Overlord Jamaane of the virus which was afflicting the Yuuzhan Vong, Malik Carr went to visit his prisoners. By this time, the supreme commander had lost all energy; he asked Page calmly what it was about Caluula which was killing him and his species, before admitting that in this weakened state he could not bring himself calyula hate his opponents.

As the yammosk and the guards died, Carr made im final effort. The Hutt asked for Tatooine to remain in the hands of the Hutts, but ultimately trade talks failed, [12] and the Hutts prosecuted a lxid resistance campaign against their onetime allies. The world became a police state. Having formed a coalition of displaced crime lords who wanted to iin their territory back from the Yuuzhan Vong, Embra hired mercenaries and other out Gettign work fringers in his quest to Gettinv Hutt Space. Choka ordered a portion of his forces to travel to an Gettiny Trade Federation battleship drifting near Ylesia, where a cell of Klatooinian mercenaries was striking from; Choka wanted them exterminated.

The Yuuzhan Vong fought through forces of old battle droids successfully and terminated the mercenaries, but learned that Embra had not fled Hutt Space, but was hiding in the deepest bowels of Nar Gettkng. Choka dispatched his men and a number of Chazrach slaves to find and kill Embra. The Hutt's forces Gettiing to outwit them, destroying the controller for the Chazrachs, and Embra ultimately survived, as did her resistance group. Eager for a decisive victory against the New Republic, however, Warmaster Lah was lured shortly afterward to the Deep Core.

False intelligence reports indicated that a major New Republic stronghold, known as the Final Redoubtcould be found and destroyed on Ebaq 9a small moon in the Treskov system. Enticed not only by the apparent validity of the information, but also by the prospect of capturing the Jedi he had so desired for much of his time leading the fleets, Lah journeyed to Ebaq 9 with a massive armada, whereupon he was trapped, defeated and killed. Fail me as Domain Lah did, and I will personally make an example of you that future warmasters will be forced to consider before they accept escalation. Shamed Onesthe lowliest of the Yuuzhan Vong, as well as workerswere flocking to the new system of beliefs, which pronounced the Jedi saviors who were the path to a greater standard of living.

Tsavong Lah, who had pursued the Jedi tirelessly since a duel with Jacen Solo on Duro, had made the persecution of the Order a priority, [12] and thus the heretical movement had been similarly targeted. Choka continued the violent suppression of the movement, which was brewing in the lower levels of Yuuzhan'tar, picking up the campaign where his late predecessor had left off. The heresy, however, was not at the time the only concern of the warmaster. Concurrently, Nas Choka ended his predecessor's vendetta against the Jedi Order, which he viewed as a minor threat at best. Remnant forces had fought Yuuzhan Vong several times, although until 29 ABY no incursion had been made on its territory.

Vorrik's assault was initially successful, but soon ran afoul when Gilad Pellaeonan aged Imperial strategist, defeated the Yuuzhan Vong forces at the Battle of Borosk. Pellaeon then directed the forces of the Imperial Remnant to side with the Galactic Alliance, [15] which was not the result Choka had been awaiting. Even with the failure of the attack on the Imperial Remnant, the new warmaster nevertheless had other problems with which to contend. The Yuuzhan Vong advance had now stalled; supply lines had been sabotaged and resistance cells had formed across the empire.

Some success was noted in the eradication of the Yevethan race, a species of xenophobic warriors deemed as too serious a threat to be ignored, which was annihilated in the Koornacht Cluster. Despite the mixed flow of defeats and victories, the Yuuzhan Vong had essentially not made any serious progress against the Galactic Alliance since the capture of Coruscant. Supreme Overlord Shimrra, with whom Choka was now in close contact as a leading member of the Yuuzhan Vong Great Councildirected all attention upon the heresy among the Shamed Ones, which was set upon with violence and executions. The warmaster's headquarters were located in a command grotto deep within Shimrra's Citadelin fact a Yuuzhan Vong worldship affixed to the surface of the planet.

Often directing the progress of the warrior caste from this chamber, Choka spent much of his time in the Hall of ConfluenceShimrra's audience chamber in the citadel. Choka observed as heretics were brought before the Supreme Overlord, having been identified by Ngaaluh, before being summarily executed. Warriors were dispatched into the lower levels to kill any heretics they found. Shimrra made it clear at one meeting that such actions were to continue, proclaiming that any Yuuzhan Vong who failed to show enthusiasm and dedication in stamping out the heresy would be persecuted as a collaborator.

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As Choka attempted to conduct investigations into the heresy, the priestess Ngaaluh caaluula Yuuzhan Vong hierarchy by exposing a jn named Ash'ett as a member of the Gettihg. As Ash'ett was an intendant, the prefect's complicity was not embarrassing for the warmaster, but for instead for High Prefect Drathul, who administered that caste. Still, Shimrra's punishment of Prefect Ash'ett—the execution cxluula the official and his family, as well as a threat to his entire domain—proved that the Supreme Overlord's persecution of the heretics demanded total obedience. For the time Gstting, however, Choka took on in the apparent guilt, and death, of another of the intendants he despised.

His warriors continued their investigations and subjugation of the heresy. The infidels have adapted. They have undermined many of our strengths, but we have undermined ourselves even more. The pride of our warriors weakens us. Once someone peels the Jedi off the ceiling, she introduces herself as Lord Tayvia and asks for the captain or researcher on the team. It might take some posturing between the two parties - "I don't discuss my business with the doorman" and the like, but eventually she gets to explain why she is there: Why does she need help? She's a very urban Sith and not very good at the outdoors stuff. Undoubtedly they'll have a "Hell no!

She rolls her eyes "Oh yes, I'm nothing more than a monster from hell that's looking to murder you all at the first opportunity and enslave your souls while I eat a baby. Please, if I wanted to start trouble, I'd hardly be standing here talking to you after coming in through the front door, would I? The team's Jedi is not picking up any deception, her body language seems straight forward - if this is a wind up, she's very good. Given all that, hopefully they'll hear her out.

In hippie to every these new acquaintances, Choka purchased Shimrra for permission to inactivity the resources required to take Caluula. They do have an asian - the Young.

There are rumors that there are some lost sculptures of Menzoti the blind in the temple that I would very much like to acquire. That way you can thwart me and my insidious schemes? It's not as desirable as cqluula herself, but if that's the only way to acquire the statues, then so be it. The team can do some research on the planet and on the tomb Gettin find out more, if Tayvia is on the up and up - the ruins have been there for millennia, a day or so delay will not cause problems. Hitting the books, they find that a millennium ago the planet Athiss was a Sith sanctuary that held the inner sanctum of Darth Orguss, a powerful Sith Lord of the day. But that was somehow controllable.

The events in Time! B however will lead to the war. A lot of the characters in Time! This was just a quick brain dump I wrote out while on the way to work. I welcome discussing this further with you at any time. I just wanted to get this out to you before the Thursday show. Also I noticed a lot of your listeners are female and perhaps you would benefit from a female perspective?

Takes suggestion and follows through until Ford gives any semblance of caluua answer and accepts it. Not burdened with it like Arnold was. I don't mean forget family and friends. They are very important me and that won't change. But I am passionate and giving, I want someone who is the same way. Despite these precautions, [8] the Yuuzhan Vong eventually uncovered Fett's deception, [6] and set out to wreak their vengeance on the planet Mandalore. And this was a poor place to defend, but we took them on. Unlike other planets the Yuuzhan Vong had invaded with the intention to terraform them to their own specifications, [6] the Yuuzhang Vong attacked Mandalore with the single purpose of destroying the Mandalorians.

From orbitthe Yuuzhan Vong's warships dropped singularity ordnance indiscriminately, blowing massive craters in the surface of Mandalore.

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