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I must admit that when you first look at it, it does give the impression of being a little seedy and disreputable — like a wench or prostitute puefto looks at you alluringly but only wants to take your money. Most travelers heading south will end up in Puerto Montt at some point. Most will however, take one look at the aspect of this town, wince their eyes, crease their foreheads, and decide to head on. So what does Puerto Montt have to recommend it?

Most travelers visiting south will end up in Puerto Montt at some horizon. Like escaping from Alcatraz.

Not much from a cursory glance — but once you stay here a while your eyes relax and you begin to notice that it is not so bad after all. There is a respectable shopping mall, a cinema and various other outlets. Starting at the Plaza de Armas yet another central square under renovation over winter we wound our way through the central business district, past various institutes, ministries and Palaces and one unfeasibly large flag. Without a guide, we failed to recognise the history of many of these places. For example, as we learned later, it was in the palace — under bombardment by the military coup in — that President Salvador Allende addressed the country: Then he shot himself in the head as the military closed in.

Overwhelmed at Santiago Bus Terminal After our first couple of nights in Santiago, our plan was to go to Puerto Montt to work on an organic farm for a week or two. So we booked a night bus and waited in our hostel until the appointed hour, before taking a taxi to the terminal having checked a few times that we knew which terminal to go to. As we were dropped off, it became clear the terminal was vast: So we asked and were told we needed to walk three city blocks down to the right to another terminal. Off we started then paused: You need to go one block up to the left into the next terminal.

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