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I waited with baited breath to be allowed to greet her properly. I knew Naughty slutty in carmelo was late and would be punished. I took my time and slowly lifted my head, wanting to drink in the appearance of my Goddess, before reaching her eyes. I was most definitely not, disappointed. Her body was wrapped in a red pencil skirt that clung to her ass like only a second skin could and a red and black corset that had her voluptuous breast bubbling over and fighting to break free. Her beautiful thick brown mane hung in gigantic loose curls down her back.

Finally, I reached my destination and looked into her rich and creamy dark chocolate eyes, eyes that burned with her impatience at my slow-fullness. My tongue moved fluidly over the contours of the soft leather and when her heels were sufficiently licked to her liking, I placed two soft kisses on each of her feet. Straightening to my full kneeling position, I raised my chin toward the ceiling and presented collar for my leash to be connected and commenced the ritual. I trust that you will keep me safe and no harm will come to me while in your care.

My scalp tingled as Mistress gently ran her fingers through my hair, as per usual at this in our little ritual. I promise not to go outside your limits and abuse the trust that you have gifted to me. The clicking of the leash to my collar was music to my ears, finally, I let go completely, knowing that my Mistress would be there to catch me if I fell, it was a euphoric feeling knowing I was in such good hands. If someone would have told me that I would get everything I ever dreamed I wanted in life and then some, I would have laughed in their face.

Who gingerbread all pain was bad. Rod and I waved detaching in BDSM, our first baptist of education, we both decreased the best we decided when we post the new of experience.

Well not until my selfish bitch of a mother exiled me to Forks, Washington to live with my dad. Yeah, can you say anger management? I was already shy and uncoordinated, adding bitter to Nauvhty finer attributes was just another hit to my dwindling self-esteem. The lsutty thing I really had going for me was that I scored high enough on the aptitude test to be labeled a genius. I sluttj a real life walking talking, human version of Jeanette Chipmunk, right sputty to the boring brown hair and eyes, frumpy clothes and thick rimmed glasses. I was beating the boys off with a stick Little did I know that Forks would be the key to carmrlo happily-ever-after, and I would meet my own personal Mr.

For Edward and me, it was love at first site, and from that day to this one, Edward, Emmett, Alice and I czrmelo made all the major milestones in life together, only stopping along the way to add Jasper and Rosalie Whitlock to our small intimate circle. I never would have guessed that Forks would give me the surrogate family that I always longed for; they even welcomed Charlie into the fold with open arms. So when Esme and Carlisle insisted that Sluttj, Jasper, and I accompany them on their family vacation, I nearly peed my pants.

I was a nervous as a whore in church about meeting them! Long story short they were two of the greatest people I could ever meet; I even laughed when Eleazar showed Edward and me the background check he Najghty run on my family. Esme insisted that to be well rounded ladies Nauggty society that Rosalie, Alice, I had to take piano and classical ballet lessons. We quickly learned that it was pointless to protest, so we made the best of it and in the end had a blast adding to the things were able to do together.

Edward was a warrior, a protector, and provider. He fiercely protected his family and my babies and I were always safe, because my beautiful husband made us feel that way. On the other hand, I was the complete opposite. People magazine had recently named me the Dr. Seuss of the 21st century. I wonder what they would say if they saw me now? My husband had certain needs that had to be met. After a tough week at the office, he needed me to just make it all go away, so I did. I transformed into his Mistress and gladly accepted his submission, and in return gave his mind, body and soul the release it needed.

My panties would have been soaked, if I was wearing any, the site of this beautiful man licking my high-heeled clad feet, was causing the heat in my belly to ignite into a full-blown blaze. I bit my lip to stifle the moan that was bubbling up in my chest, when I felt his succulent lips connect with the tops of my feet. I hooked the leash to his collar and proceeded to complete our before play ritual. Edward and I started dabbling in BDSM, our first year of college, we both enjoyed the pleasure we received when we exchange the power of control. The first time I took Edward anally was amazing, I never remember either one of us cumming so hard in our lives.

The confidence and poise I exuded in the playroom was a high for me, simply because I could never feel that self-assured in my daily life. Edward preferred to be called Tony, because he said it was his alter-ego. He knew how I felt about punctuality, so when I sent him the text; I already knew he would be late. So, I planned to let my naughty little boy nurse, if he was a good pet. Kneeling at my feet, he waited for permission to undress me. My clothes were neatly placed on the counter and everything was set, as my pet help me lower myself in the tub.

While Tony showered, I prepared the playroom. When I heard the shower cut off, I slipped out of the room to get dressed. Opening the door to the playroom, I was met with a sight that I would never get tired of seeing, my beautiful submissive, kneeling perfectly in the center of the room. The wetness pooling in the apex of my thigh, caused me to squeeze my legs together seeking out some much needed friction. Ignoring him completely, I went to the cabinet to retrieve my leather strap. On the bench, pig! I secured his hands and feet before addressing him again. I ran my hand slowly down his spine feeling the tautness of his muscles under my touch; his cock was impossibly hard and just begging to be touched.

I grabbed it roughly, squeezing with just a touch of pressure. Does my nasty boy deserve to have pleasure tonight? By the time I finished spanking Tony, I was desperate for some type of release. I released him from his restraints and guided him to the corner of the room where my queening chair was located. If you want me to fuck that tight asshole of yours, I suggest you make it disappear. When I returned, I was pleased to see his now semi-flaccid cock.

He closed his eyes at the feeling of having me in his hand. Twisting his nipple painfully, I ordered him to open his eyes. Did I give you permission to look away? Tony was well endowed and sometimes I had a hard time believing all that could Naughty slutty in carmelo inside of me. When I was satisfied with my work I sat on my own personal thrown, with my crop in hand ready to pleasure my pet as he licked my cunt. I knew that could feel my arousal dripping on his face, but patiently waited for permission to feast on my sopping pussy. Now show your Mistress gratitude for her gift. I took the crop and began to strike his bound cock and thighs that caused him to moan into my pussy and surprisingly send me over the edge.

I came so hard that the room seemed to be spinning. Tony continued to lick and lap at my throbbing pussy and the coil in my stomach began to tighten yet again. The sensation of him sliding his tongue in and out of my hole was taking me to higher heights. With a flick of my wrist I brought the end of the crop directly on the tip of his dick causing him to bite down on my clit; the pain, mixed with just the right amount of pleasure, sent me spiraling for the second time. When I was sure I could stand without falling over, I got up to remove the spreader bar and guided Tony to the four poster bed in the center of the room.

I took his arms and legs and secured them in the restraints that were attached to the bed and sat back on my heels, so I could take in the sight before me. His cock was straining against the ropes and turned a very luscious light purple, I knew that he had been bound long enough and it was time to release his poor straining member. First, I removed the weights and took his balls into my mouth sucking them gently, one at a time. Knowing exactly what he wanted, I removed the ropes slowly allowing the circulation to return to his dick, but before he could recover; I lined my pussy up and impaled myself on his throbbing cock. I was close, so I licked two of my fingers and began to play with my clit.

Do you like the way I feel dirty boy?

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You like how I ram that fat cock of yours deep in my pussy? Wanting us to release together, I released the clamps and commanded him to cum, just as my own release washed over me. I screamed as dick released his hot seed deep in my pussy. I swear I could feel his cum pumping through my blood stream. Tony was very talented, meaning that he was multi-orgasmic, so he had several tiny orgasms that lead up to the big one. I quickly released his arms and legs and drew him into my chest. He needed the skin-to-skin contact to bring him back down.

Thankfully, there was an automatic timer on the Jacuzzi in the bathroom, so the tub would already be filled with hot water and jasmine bubble bath. Rubbing the kinks out his shoulders, I gave Tony a few more minutes to collect himself. The bathtub was one of his free areas, so I knew that he knew to speak freely, but still remain respectful. I was use to him being clingy after a particular intense session, but I was prepared for a little extra this weekend. Because not only did he have to allow his Mistress to be his wife, now, she was also the mother of his children and those two roles always came first. Though he would never verbalize it, I knew how much he needed this.

Tony was an extremely self-less person and our happiness meant more to him than his own, so I would do anything in my power to feed his need to be dominated. Even ship my babies off to their grandparents' house for the weekend. God, I miss my babies! Long after the water cooled, I dried my precious boy off and led him to his room. Normally, I would sleep in my own bed, while he slept in the submissive room, but tonight, I knew he needed to feel me next to him. Burying his head in my abdomen, he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged my body to his almost painfully. I stroked his hair gently, until I heard his breath even out.

We were attending our first play party, since I became pregnant last year. My head was filled with all the delicious possibilities, as sleep slowly claimed. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. How would a woman make an adult Dora sexy? Maybe teach us a few filthy words in Spanish, ask us some dumb questions about our jobs, and have one of your ugly friends dress as Swiper and steal our wallet to buy body shots while you tell us about soccer practice. We always kinda figured Boots the monkey was just one of her gays, ya know?

Sexy Steely Dan We're not sure how this would work, but hey, it's a challenge, right? The Dan's music arouses us plenty, but Walter Becker and Donald Fagen - the duo responsible for the Steely's sweet studio perfection - are not exactly lookers.

If you can pull it off, you'll be the queen of Halloween, and least for fans of jazzy lit-rock. As a bonus, it doesn't seem like many younger women are into the band. We're basing this on sutty fact that we once slutty Aja in the car stereo and our girlfriend asked us why we were "listening to reggae again. Let the Countdown to Ecstasy begin. Sexy Sci-Fi Characters Science fiction geeks, nerds, spazzes, dorks, dweebs, and leptons have been getting a bad rap for digging on things not of this world ever since Wells, Verne, and Heinlein began scribbling down their prose.

Like Lewis Skolnick said in Revenge Of The Nerds, they all make better lovers because, "Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex. What we wouldn't give to see a Sexy Yoda, all green and lithe. Can you imagine how much hotter Marissa Miller would be as the most powerful and wise Jedi of all time?

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