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Ride the Famous Electrico 28 If you've ever seen a postcard or photo from Lisbon, there is a very big chance you noticed the trams that populate the typical streets of Lisbon. Ride the electro 28 These trams are not only picturesque, but also still widely used by locals to get around the city.

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The most touristic of them all is "Electrico 28", a vintage tram drinsk the number 28 that goes uphill on drinkss truly scenic route that lasts for about 40 minutes and ends at Sao Jorge's Castle. You'll pass a ton of narrow streets, the most typical of Lisbon's neighborhoods and finish the trip at a castle that can't be missed when visiting this city. You can read a lot of information about Lisbon online and jump in the tram to enjoy a ride full of photographic opportunities. They're city guides will give you accommodation, tours, sites and restaurant recommendations.

Easy application sticks to your existing SIM Card. Take a stroll with warm roasted chestnuts During Autumn and Winter, the streets of downtown Lisbon are populated with roasted chestnut vending carts that make for the warmest and nicest treat for the cold weather. Take a stroll for chestnuts The chestnuts are tasty, yes, but what makes the whole experience charming is eating them while roaming around the streets of Baixa Chiado and Rossio, people watching and marveling at the details around. Sip a cappuccino with the best view of Lisbon Once you're on top of the hill and, perhaps after you visit Sao Jorge's Castle, it's time to sit down and relax.

Chapito a Mesa, a restaurant inside an original arts and circus school called Chapito. The restaurant is not cheap at all for meal times, but it is still affordable for an afternoon coffee for about a couple of euros. Also, the view is best enjoyed during the day, and as the sun goes down over the building rooftops, the river and the boats passing by. Champagne and beer with snacks included as you take in the city views. Sintra, Cascais, and Estoril: The visit the center of Sintra and the National Palace.

Later, take a tour of the amazing Sesimbra castle. An alternative night at the movies, in Cinemateca Portuguesa The Cinemateca is the national Wqnt of film. Every month, different programs are presented, including national and international movies from all times. See the program here: Rua Barata Salgueiro, pisbon Get cultural… if you're 30 years old or younger! If you're into other cultural programs apart from film, Culturgest might be the place to look for! From fresh Atlantic fish to dreamy little custard tarts, Lisbon has everything for a food-fuelled visit. That way you can spice it up as much or as little as you like. It makes for a tasty, budget bite during your stay.

A creamy egg custard is encased in crisp, buttery pastry and dusted with a cloud of cinnamon sugar. Sardines Sardinhas Sitting right on the Atlantic means Lisbon offers the freshest of seafood and these plump, silver fish are Portuguese favourites. The aroma of sardines sizzling on street barbeques wafts around the city during lively street parties. Served on bread, the best way to enjoy them is to eat the fish followed by the bread which has soaked up all the fishy flavour. Petiscos Petiscos are to Lisbon what tapas are to Barcelona.

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Order a few dishes, a bottle of wine and enjoy. The cod is stir-fried with rice, scrambled eggs, fried potato, onions and garnished with black olives and parsley. Casa do Bacalhau serves up 25 variations of this dish in its vault-ceilinged restaurant. A bifana is a bread roll filled with thin slices of pork marinated in white wine and garlic. The fried pork is loaded into a bread roll and slathered with mustard or hot sauce.

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