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Her partner was younger, moon-faced and attractive, her prettiness marred only by severely betel-rotted teeth, although whether this imperfection is seen as such by the Burmese I cannot say.

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The lake itself was peppered with floating gardens, villages on stilts, and fisherman who steer their boats with their feetan image that serves as the icon of the region, like gondoliers in Venice. Their ringleader was a rail-thin young man who acted like the pimp-daddy manager of a pair of soul divas, keeping one eye on the clock and the other on the cash. After disturbing dreams, I awoke early in the morning and took a walk. Shwedagon crowns a steep hill and is approached by four long stairways that lie in the cardinal directions. Knowing the extraordinary powers imparted by cooked alchemist flesh, the monk promptly roasted the dead body.

Of course, visiting Taungbyon meant visiting Burma, and as a well-seasoned but hardly intrepid traveler, the idea of entering Burma produced a creeping feeling of unease.

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Though the Burmese use the term nats to refer to both heavenly devas and local nature spirits, the Thirty-Seven are a spectral crew of former human beings, some quasi-historical and some obviously folkloric, who linger on in an astral antechamber of the earth, refusing to vacate the premises. The guy placed two birds in my hand, and they immediately took to the air. He spoke little English, smoked at every stop, and laughed with sardonic good humor. I was already feeling the first rumblings of the gastro-intestinal bummer that would vex the following few days, the result, I expect, of the delicious pickled tea we had eaten for lunch at the mountain village. The altar was crowded with a handful of mannequin-sized idols, tons of flowers and bananas, and a small Buddha in the corner, reminding those who cared to notice who was theoretically in charge.

The main streets thankfully devoid of cars were lined with stalls offering gelatinous sweets, flowers, cassettes, greasy treats, and shoddy goods. That morning the place was crowded with ordinary folks, and their range of attitudes and practices, from silent meditation to the ritual bathing of rodent idols, suggested a casual democracy of the spirit.

One morning, after we visited a village market overflowing with pickled tea, jackfruit tar, and pornographically flayed fish, Linn took us into the mountains. Later, sluys the king ordered the brothers to help construct the pagoda at Taungbyon, the two men decided to play marbles instead. In the modern west, people celebrate tranny culture, when they do, because of the way the transgendered scramble and expand forms of sexual identity and erotic possibility. Five hundred kyat, the last of our lot, would buy us the right to release three birds and thereby stock up on some merit, an empty but poetic act of exchange that seemed as good a way as any of dispensing with this nearly worthless paper.

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