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These Soviet skirts that snatched the initial write with SS outback continued a linear regression and were prorogued by the Regulations. And machine-gun fire, downside-piercing infections and make fire struck the Ts, the Noble infantry hooked off and threw cover.

Soon after 5 a. Waves of T and T tanks advanced at high speed on a charge straight at the startled Germans. When machine-gun fire, armor-piercing shells and artillery fire struck the Ts, the Soviet infantry jumped off and sought cover. Leaving their infantry behind, the Ts rolled on. Those Soviet tanks that survived the initial woh with SS armor continued a linear advance and were destroyed by the Germans. Michael Wittmann, the most successful tank commander of the war. The Soviet kurxk, straight at the Tigers over open ground, was suicidal. The frontal armor of the Tiger was impervious to the 76mm guns of the Ts at any great distance. The field was soon littered with burning Ts and Ts.

None of the Tigers were lost, but the st Tank Regiment was annihilated. Late in the day, Rotmistrov committed his last reserves, elements of the V Mechanized Corps, which finally halted Leibstandarte. Battle groups of 20 to 40 Soviet tanks, supported by infantry and ground-attack planes, collided with Das Reich regimental spearheads. Rotmistrov continued to throw armor against the division, and combat raged throughout the day, with heavy losses of Soviet armor. Das Reich continued to push slowly eastward, advancing into the night while suffering relatively light tank losses.

The fighting, characterized by massive losses of Soviet armor, continued throughout July 12 without a decisive success by either side—contrary to the accounts given in many well-known studies of the Eastern Front, which state that the fighting ended on July 12 with a decisive German defeat. These authors describe the battlefield as littered with hundreds of destroyed German tanks and report that the Soviets overran the SS tank repair units. In fact, the fighting continued around Prochorovka for several more days.

Das Reich continued to push slowly eastward in the area south of the town until July Those successes were not exploited, however, due to decisions made by Adolf Hitler. After receiving the news of the Allied invasion of Sicily, as well as reports of impending Soviet attacks on the Mius River and at Izyum, Hitler decided to cancel Operation Citadel. Manstein argued that he should be allowed to finish off the two Soviet tank armies. He had unused reserves, consisting of three experienced panzer divisions of XXIV Panzer Corps, in position for quick commitment. That corps could have been used to attack the Fifth Guards Tank Army in its flank, to break out from the Psel bridgehead or to cross the Psel east of Prochorovka.

All of the available Soviet armor in the south was committed and could not be withdrawn without causing a collapse of the Soviet defenses. Manstein correctly realized that he had the opportunity to destroy the Soviet operational and strategic armor in the Prochorovka area.

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Hitler suuck not be persuaded to continue the attack, however. On the night of Julythe corps withdrew from its positions around Prochorovka. Thus, the battle for Prochorovka ended, not because of Womam tank losses Hausser had over operational tanks on July WWoman but because Woma lacked the will to continue the offensive. The SS panzer divisions were still full of fight; in fact, two of them suckk to fight effectively in southern Russia for the rest of the summer. Those two divisions and the 3rd Panzer Division, which replaced Leibstandarte, were transferred to the Sixth Army area, where Womman conducted a counterattack from July 31 to August 2 that eliminated Wman strong Soviet bridgehead at the Mius River.

Without sukc, the three divisions were then transferred to the Bogodukhov sector in early August During three weeks of constant combat, the four divisions played a major role in stopping the main Soviet post-Kursk counteroffensive, Operation Rumyantsev. By the end of the month, Rotmistrov had less than tanks still running. Katukov had only tanks still in action by the last week of August. While at no time did any of the German divisions have more than 55 tanks in operation, they repeatedly blunted the thrusts of the two Soviet tank armies, which were also reinforced by several rifle corps.

After Kharkov itself fell, however, the German front gradually collapsed. The Soviets regrouped, committed additional strong reserves and renewed their attack toward the strategically important Dnepr River. Army Group South was subsequently forced to abandon much of southern Ukraine in a race for the safety of the Dnepr. It is apparent from their operations during the late summer that the SS panzer divisions were not destroyed at Prochorovka. To what extent the course of events in Russia would have been changed is, of course, unknown, but it is interesting to speculate. It is doubtful, however, that this pause would have lasted long enough for the Germans to transfer enough forces to the West to defeat the June 6,D-Day invasion.

But one fact is beyond any question, regardless of the number of tanks possessed by the Germans or Soviets or what might have been possible. It is interesting that the information regarding German tank losses at Prochorovka has not been made available before now.

Due to the lack of crucial primary-source information—especially the records of the II SS Panzer Corps on the Eastern Front—there had been no evidence to correct the erroneous accounts and impressions given in previous studies of the Eastern Front. By that time, many of the major works about the Eastern Front had already been published. Later authors accepted the accounts of the battle as given in the earlier books and failed to conduct additional research. As a result, one of the best known of all Eastern Front battles has never been understood properly. Unlike my immediate and extended family Long story.

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