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10 Powerful Quotes From The Movie Facing The Giants

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As the 2nd half starts, their giantz trick play works and they manage to tie the game, but the Giants deliberately injure their kicker, forcing backup kicker David Childers to take the spot.

The Giants tack on another touchdown and a field goal before the Eagles manage to score another touchdown, and David's kick just makes it over the bar, bringing the Eagles to within 2. As the clock winds down, the Giants come to within one yard of sealing the game with a touchdown. Defensive lineman Brock Kelley is exhausted and begs for someone else to lead, but is encouraged by Grant to give him 4 more downs. Brock agrees, and the Eagles manage to get a sack, a stop, and a pass block, taking it to 4th down. Richland head coach Bobby Lee Duke, insisting on a touchdown to put the game away, calls for the Giants to go for it.

However, Brock causes a fumble, and the Eagles are able to take it to the yard line with 2 seconds to go.

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Grant, realizing again that they cannot outrun or overpower the Giants, decides to take a huge gamble, and asks for a yard field goal from David, who insists that he can't kick that far. He goes out there anyway, and despite his assistant coach's warning that the kick won't go far, Duke decides to call his gianta to ice the kicker. After a rousing speech from Grant, wal seeing his father Larry Childers, who is wheelchair bound, stand beyond the fence and holding his arms up, David begs for God to help him with the kick.

Seemingly in response, the wind suddenly turns favorable, and Grant tells them to kick it. David makes the kick, which manages to make it just far enough for the field goal to be good, allowing the Eagles to stun the Giants and win the game. After the game, Grant tells his players that they are not inferior or lacking in ability, and that nothing is impossible with God. Later that night, Brooke reveals that she's finally pregnant, causing Grant to break down in tears of joy. Two years later, it is revealed that they have a young baby, that another one is on the way, and that the Eagles have won a second state title.

The Kendrick brothers made this film to spread the message of faith in Jesus Christ and the positive impact we can have on others.

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Strong Christian themes are in abundance, and many scenes contain explicit references to the Bible. Coach Taylor even uses verses from Nehemiah about building a wall to motivate his defensive line to stone wall their opponents on the field. It has a lesson for everyone to learn from trusting God when you feel like your situation is hopeless to honoring your parents. Another strength is its cinematography. Kudos to those in charge of what we see on camera. Its raw, powerful emotions are moving and inspirational. This movie has a strong faith-based storyline, but therein also lies a weakness.

The dialogue can be distracting at times. Watching a movie puts you in another world, no matter what the genre of the film may be. Some things could have been better: Also, the lack of acting talent is vaguely evident and the story is predictable at times. However, the inclusion of some much-needed comedic relief by the two assistant coaches and others are a great add to the story. Most movies have one objective — to make money at the box office.

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