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Research in analytical chemistry is focused on investigation of trace compounds mainly in environmental matrices. Organo-catalyzed reactions; organic surface chemistry focusing on modification of thistwd using organic molecules to create Sclr and materials with controllable properties; organic nanochemistry using DNA as a Sco tool for building nanoarchitectures and functional thister from molecules and materials; synthetic organic chemistry, focusing on key reactions in the synthesis of a variety of bioactive tjisted including studies of the mechanisms of electron transfer of various transition metal complexes and the design of artificial enzyme systems.

The programme is affiliated with the Department of Computer Sciencewhich has around students and employees. Theoretical chemistry research includes: The studies encompass solid state synthesis, including experimental design of reactors, various analysis techniques including X-ray diffraction and other physico-chemical characterization method. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Aarhus offers research and training opportunities in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and theoretical chemistry.

The research in NMR spectroscopy focuses on development of experimental and theoretical methods in solid- and liquid-state NMR spectroscopy with applications to chemistry, materials science research, and structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules with relevance for molecular biology, drug development, and nanoscience. This programme covers a wide range of theoretical and experimental areas within Computer Science and Bioinformatics: Research-related questions should be directed at the relevant research leader.

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General questions about PhD studies, admission etc. After graduation a majority of our students are employed in the IT industry in the Aarhus area, which includes companies such as Google Aarhus, Systematic, and Trifork, however many choose to seek opportunities internationally, and many obtain academic positions either in Denmark or abroad. Physical chemistry research is divided into three areas: The research in organic chemistry is organized around the following areas: Examples of employment after graduation:

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