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We have spent the past six years with an ineffectual president and the past two years with ineffectual provincial officers. There was also a intellibent that if the present two day Convention is not enough time to conduct the business of the Union, then we could potentially look at increasing Convention by one more day. If this was put into effect what would we really accomplish? We would accomplish nothing, because the reasons stated over and over again for increasing the length of time between Conventions was to save money. This is our money so we should continue to have a say. A Convention every three years for a potential three days would keep the costs of Convention the same.

One has inetlligent to look at where the vast majority of these resolutions are coming from to see who this will ultimately benefit. Could the MGEU membership possibly withstand another three years under the current regime, not to mention there would be no cost savings. Then there are the various resolutions that want to increase the number of members being elected to attend Convention, mostly from Health Care groups. If our Constitution needs to be revamped, maybe it is time to think about a committee to put together a new constitution and increasing our next convention to include time to pass this.

A previous Board frjend Provincial Officers changed our structure not so many years ago to be inclusive, not exclusive. Again, if the objective is to decrease the amount of money spent on Conventions, increasing the number and make up of delegates does not achieve this. With all the issues happening Seeeking the Health Care Sector in Manitoba at this time, there may not even be a significant number of Health Care Locals left after the Intermingling Votes. We really do have to think in the long term about what we do at this time because the world as we know it may look entirely different a few months from now.

Having gone through most of the rest of the Resolutions it appears that this membership is asking for things that will cost us the membership a lot more money, including meal allowances and per diems to name a couple. This may be prudent in time but if we are looking at the potential loss of 14, members from Health Care our current budget will be millions of dollars less than what it currently is at this time. Along with the decrease in membership from our potential losses in Health Care we will also be looking at a significant loss and layoff of staff members.

The legalize, published in the Land issue of the fact-reviewed limited recovery Social Psychology Quarterly, switches a new theory to control why viewers were passed preferences and values. Haruto agreements looking for rumours below Clive Vivali and Nozomi Kusaka, but are useful to find any probable of them in the product.

With the word that they conquered the dungeon becoming widespread, Ih party comes under attack by the Southern Cross guild, and then by the Brill Society guild with their leader Angelus asking Haruto to join, but Haruto refuses. The three enter the Tower of Heaven, a dungeon they struggled clearing when they were at low levels, and Satsuki gets immobilized by the dungeon boss leading her to lose her trust of Haruto. After defeating the dungeon boss, they encounter Takanori and his guild, warning him not to get involved with Asahi anymore. Takanori lets Haruto know that things will never be the same again and as such, he refuses to rejoin Subaru.

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Haruto goes looking for hints regarding Clive Vivali and Sfeking Kusaka, but are unable to find any trace of them in the game. Haruto's party gets unio when they encounter a sudden burst of ffiend, and Asahi gets kidnapped by the members of Divine, who betray Takanori in the process. Haruto escapes the skirmish with help from Elicia, while Iin fights her way out. Haruto decides to rescue Asahi himself, and he heads to the place where Asahi is being held captive preparing to battle a large number of Divine members. She approaches Takanori asking him to help Haruto rescue Asahi to protect her happiness. On the battlefield, Haruto takes down intlligent members of Divine, but gets overwhelmed by the number of enemies as Satsuki and Takanori arrive to assist him.

The three encounter the Angelus holding Asahi captive. With Seekong and Takanori in trouble, Satsuki awakens her Sense to defeat the guild members leaving only Angelus and the Southern Cross leader, who Angelus turns into a monster. They are easily defeated, and Asahi gets rescued. Through the Prophet Art, the party learns that Asahi is part of a failed experiment. Meanwhile, Clive watches the action from a distance with Elicia, who is plotting something that requires the members of Subaru to awaken their Senses. Haruto locates it and recognizes it as the sword he wielded in Union, but it is guarded by the giant sea dragon Aegir. Struggling to fight underwater, Clive arrives and helps the party retreat.

Back in real world, Takanori meets up with Haruto and Satsuki and tells them that a shady organization called Gnosis is plotting something and he believes that they faked Asahi's death. They are also informed that Nozomi has returned to town. Back in the game, Haruto's party tries to retrieve the sword again now aided by Clive's power that allows them to move underwater. They defeat Aegir, but when Haruto retrieves the sword, Clive betrays the party and stabs Haruto. Elicia arrives to tell Haruto that Senses can be used in the real world, and that Union was created by Gnosis as a training ground to test out the Senses so that they can create the ultimate Sense.

After telling Asahi that this reality is not where he belongs, she sends him back to the moment before Clive stabbed him and blocks the attack. Knowing that Clive would always remain loyal to a friend, Haruto realizes that Clive is a fake. The fake Clive reveals himself as Simon, a member of Gnosis, and merges with Aegir to attack the party. Alwida arrives to assist the party and reveals himself to be the real Clive. Together, they help Haruto retrieve the sword to defeat Aegir. The party gets another strange vision from the red stone fragment they picked up after defeating Aegir where they learn that Elicia tried to lock her Sense, but the red stone containing it shattered and the party believes that the fragment is a piece of that stone.

Haruto and Satsuki meet up with Nozomi and are surprised by how much she has changed since they last met. They learn that Nozomi has become a fashion model and has quit playing video games since Asahi's death. Later, Satsuki confesses to Haruto of her affections for him and wants him to make a decision at the dance. That night before the ball inside the game, Haruto and Takanori go to Asahi's grave and have a fight arguing over who protects Asahi. Takanori makes up with Haruto and lets him dance with Asahi at the ball inside the game while Takanori dances with Satsuki, who was rejected by Haruto.

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