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Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Suncheon Outreach Workshop

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Do is director of the Korean Chemical Industry Specialists Association and actively promotes the public understanding of chemistry. He has led a short course series and given lectures on petrochemicals. For transit times on international orders refer to the estimates provided when selecting your desired country. His research interests include the synthesis and characterization of polymers, chemical education, chemical terminologies, and archaeological chemistry. He can be contacted at phil. After that, he taught in several programs in the US. Please take a look at our huge range.

Likewise, a warm down at the end of class will help learners consolidate what they have learnt during the class.

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Attila Pavlath is a senior emeritus scientist at the U. In suncbon was elected president of the American Chemical Society, and in he was elected to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Phil enjoys travel, movies and Korean green tea. The September 1 Outreach at Sunchon Natl. You will leave with ideas you can use on Monday, as well as inspiration for future projects.

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