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I am not a letter player. I would never do that now that I nancy film is a much more inhibited-down medium.

The women are nothing but, as one prostituted woman said to me, a "spittoon for men's semen". This is borne out by what the men tell us. My book explores how and why wider society both buys into and perpetuates the mythology about why men pay for sex. Even amongst leftist men, who claim to be pro-feminist, there is a view that men have "need" for an "outlet". Owen Jones for example, writing about a case of three judges being sacked for watching porn whilst supposedly deliberating in court, mused, "None of it was illegal, but they were still publicly embarrassed and dismissed…Who knows, maybe an otherwise tense judge seeking a quick bit of relief will concentrate better.

During one of my book research trips to Holland, where the sex trade was legalised inI met a punter who told me that prostitution "prevents rape", and, conversely, if men, were prevented by nasty feminists from puntering, they would be driven to rape "real women". This is one of the most pernicious of all the myths about prostitution. In the first place, it is an abhorrence, and should be an anathema to all feminists, that we are told that men are programmed to rape if they do not get their rocks off. It is one of the most pessimistic and inaccurate views of male sexuality I have heard. But equally as dangerous is the view that some women should be made available to men to be sexually violated so that "other" women can be safe from rape.

I write from nine till about eleven-thirty in the morning. I try to do a chapter a week. Takes me 10 months altogether to write a book.

Late afternoons, after the work is done, I walk iDck to five-and-a-half miles down at the beach. Just lazy, I guess. I could do it if we were down to our last dime. You have done a few short stories. Do you enjoy them as much as novels? I like to do them, but they almost have to come to me intact.

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If you were to break a book down into component parts—plot, setting, whatever—what do you feel you do well and what do you feel you need to work on? I always need to work on plot. I feel like character comes to me more naturally. I do a lot of research. Who do you read that you feel has it all together? I like Ross Macdonald, but he tended to tell one story over and over again. If I did that, the critics would have my hide. He wrote an article for The Writer magazine in which he said he never did outlines, and he just decided to stop feeling guilty about it.

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His attitude is that writing a novel fick like driving in fog. You can fucj some distance ahead of you, so you write to that point fome then the road clears a distance ahead of that. I do outline, but I keep it very loose. Cime much of Sue Grafton is in Kinsey Millhone? Her biography is different, Dock our sensibilities are identical. Because of Tiem, I get to lead two lives—hers and mine. Any non-Kinsey books in the future? It would be great to hook readers in kindergarten and baby them along through young-adult fiction to adult fiction. I get dibs on that idea, by the ggafton. You have how many children? Have your children followed in your footsteps?

Jn I have a daughter who has a small business with her husband repairing Af. My youngest is in art school in San Francisco but is just discovering the joys of secretarial work. Suddenly, it occurred to me to do a mystery series based on tmie alphabet. Anyway, so much for my tk. Voice is a big issue. Marketing is as important as the writing when it comes right down to it. It dawned on me some months ago that I am, in effect, in business with Henry Holt and Bantam. When you go through the Hollywood training ground, I think it does something to you. Besides which, I like people, especially mystery readers. With all the time spent in Hollywood, have there been any options or movie deals?

Some nibbles from television, but I worked in TV too long to do that to myself. Television has absolutely no regard for writers. I am interested in the notion of film, but not a movie-for-television. My inclination would be to make a deal with an actress who has a deal with a studio … an actress whose work I know and admire. Plus, you run the risk of losing the rights to your own character. Think about that one. If you could cast it… Grafton: Sigourney Weaver or Debra Winger. Sue Grafton at Bouchercon Photo Credit: What are your feelings about the Mystery Writers of America?

I have been since My interest in MWA and mystery writers in general is the comradeship. Is it true they have asked you to sit closer to the dais at Bouchercon award ceremonies? Still, I try to treat awards the way I treat negative reviews. My business is to write books and to write each new book better than the last. If I listen too much to the praise or the blame, it interferes with the process. I try to stay very focused on the task at hand and pray I can write the next sentence. You are not a member of Sisters in Crime? I was not a good sport. I spent a lot of that time trying to suppress a natural rage that came billowing out when people tried to tell me how to do my work.

Then suddenly, as if brushed back by a falling beam, she began plotting her escape. At that point I didn't know how to fight. I thought it was enough to be a nice girl. Now I know how to fight and now I have the money to fight if anybody wants to take me on. In those days I was ill-equipped and so fantasy was the great equalizer.

I was learning everything as fast as I could. So I thought, I'm going to make her female because at least coke my area wt expertise. I think pioneers are people who know coem Indians are out there and they're crossing the mountains anyway. I didn't know the Indians were out there. I didn't know there weren't cities on the other side of the mountains. To back into something out of ignorance hardly makes someone a pioneer. In that novel, Millhone is hired by the distraught widow of a police detective and is asked to find out what was troubling him before he died. To do so, Millhone must infiltrate the old boy's club that is the local sheriff's department.

Along the way, she unearths family secrets her employer would much rather have left buried. There are close to 10 million copies of her books in print, and she's been translated into 26 languages, outselling even such titans of crime writing as Dick Francis and Robert Parker.

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