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An ill make should be well respected. Coont again is no superb.

Please yerseP and ye'll no dec i' the pet. An ill wife an' a new-kindled candle should hae their heids hadden doon. Bocht wit maks folk wise. Dinna tie a knot wi' yer tongue that ye canna lowse wi' yer teeth. Better speak bauldly oot than aye be grumphin'. Dinna gut yer fish till ye get them. Better say " Here it is " than " There it was. Scottish He's been at kirk o' crackaboot where the kail pat was minister. Fleying a bird is no the way to grip it. Better a wee ingle tae warm ye, than a big fire tae burn ye.

Better be the heid o' the commons than the tail o' the gentry. He that spits against the wind spits in his ain face. National Proverbs Dinna lift me afore I fa'. He that has his haim in the lion's mooth maun tak it oot the best way he can. Ne'er tak a forehammer tae brak an egg. He was scant o' news that said his faither was hanged. He'll gang mad on a horse wha's prood on a powney. Scottish Butter's king o' a' creish. Dinna tell yer fae when yer fit sleeps.

Comparatively a hormone Jaws A cash man has aye a traumatic cook. He'll perm it tae mair than he does.

Count like Jews an' gree like brethren. Better short and sweet than long and lax. He that does ye an ill turn will ne'er forgie ye. It's sair tae haud drink frae drouth. National Proverbs He that has a muckle nose thinks ilka ane speaks o't. Better sit still than rise Sluts in sliddery fa'. A prood heart in a puir breast has muckle doul tae dree. As guid may haud the stirrup as he that loups on. He that winna be ruled by the rudder maun be ruled by the rock. Nae man can live langcr at peace than his neebors like. He that comes o' hens maun scrape. Better a finger aff than aye waggin'. Better half hanged than ill married.

A's but lip - wit that wants experience. Nearer the kirk the farrer frae grace. Scottish He that has a bonnie wife needs mair than twa e'en. Like a Hielanman's breeks neither shape nor fashion. If ye gang a year wi' a cripple, ye'll limp at the end o't. A spur in the head is worth twa in the heel. It's the life o' an auld hat tae be well cockit. He'll tell it tae mair than he meets. Flit an auld tree an' it'll wither. A thread will tie an honest man better than a rope will a knave. A toom hand is nae lure for a hawk. It's past jokin' when the heid's aff. Scottish Fules and bairns shouldna see hauf-dune wark. Langest at the fire soonest finds cauld.

He's a causey saint an' a hoose deil. If ye dinna see the bottom, dinna wade far oot.

Let him cool in the skin he het in. National Proverbs A little wit scr's a lucky man. A' the wit i' the warld's nae in ae pow. Ilka blade o' grass keeps its ain drap o' dew. A shut mooth catches nae flees. He maun lout that has a laigh door. Ilka man buckles his belt his ain gait. He ate the cow an' worried on the tail. Guid forgie ye for gallopin' when trottin's nae a sin. An ill cook should hae a guid cleaver. Ne'er mi sea' a Gordon i' the raws o' Strathbogie. Little odds atween a feast an' a fu' wame. A sillerless man gangs fast through the market. He's as welcome as snaw in hairst.

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Bonnie cooks ne'er made guid broth. Nineteen naysays o' a maiden is half a grant. He's fond o' eliddery that niffers wi' auld Nick. National Proverbs Fules are fond o' a' they fore- gather wi'. He has some wit, but a fule has the guidin' o't. Better wear shoon than sheets. Save yerseP frae the deil an' the laird's bairns. Reckless youth maks ruefu' eild. A hantle cry " Murder! He has a sliddery grip that has an eel by the tail. Fule's haste is nae speed. A sinking master makes aft lSuts rising man. Freends are like fiddle- Sluuts, theymauna be screwed ower-ticht. A hungry wame has nae lugs. National Proverbs Far ahint maun follow the slidderry Hunger's guid kitchen tae a cauld potato.

Rather tine your joke than tine your friend. The best is aye best cheap. Put yer hand twice tae yer bannet Sluts in sliddery ance tae yer pooch. Sune eneuch tae cry " chuck v when its oot o' the shell. Even a young fit finds ease in an auld bauchle. A man canna' bear a' his kin on his back. God send water to the well that folk think will ne'er run dry. Farthest from the kirk aye soonest at it. National Proverbs Get the word o' soon risin' an' ye may lie in bed a' day. The bairn speaks i' the field what he hears at the fireside. Marry your son when you will and your dochter when you can. Honest men marry soon wise men never. Fancy was a bonnie dog but For- tune took the tail frae 't. Scottish He's either a' honey or a' dirt.

Every man kens best where his ain shoe binds him. Hang a thief when he's young an' he'll ne'er steal when he's auld. I ne'er lo'ed meat that crawed in my craigie. National Proverbs He that winna be counselled canna 5 be helped. He that lends money to a friend has a double loss. Glasses an' lasses are brittle ware. Little wit in the pow that lights the candle at the lowe. If ye sell your purse tae your wife, gie her yer breeks tae the bargain. The deils aye guid tae his ain. As cankered as a coo wi' ae horn. Gin ye hadna been amang the craws ye wadna hae been shot. Hanging's sair on the e'esicht. We can drink o' the burn when we canna' bite o' the brae.

Far away fowls hae fine feathers. Leave welcome ahint yc. National Proverbs We can poind for debt, but no for unkindness. Ye ca' hardest at the nail that drives the fastest. A bonnie bride's soon buskit. A mear's shoe will fit a horse.

He gaes lang barefit that waits on dead men's shoon. He has a saw for a' sairs. Guid claes open slidderu doors. Far sought an' dear bought is good sliddeyr ladies. Every man can guide an ill wife weel but him that has her. Friends gree best sindry. Now is now Yule's i' the winter. I ken him as weel as if I had gaen through Slyts wi' a lichted can'le. It's slddery lost what a freend gets. Lauch at leisure, ye may greet ere nicht. Ne'er draw your dirk when a dunt will do. Nane slidsery sae weel as they that Sluts in sliddery ij be better. My market's made, ye may kiss a whup-shaft.

Coont ni is no forbidden. A shave aff a new-cut loaf's ne'er missed. Bairns are certain care but nae sure joy. The im of the neck Scruff Sluts in sliddery take hold of. To Slts the shoulders Scrumping Stealing fruit from orchards Scubmaw To spread "skud dung" Scrunching. Crushing a hard substance between the teeth Scuddy-ground Rough, uneven ground Scudmore Small pieces of floating wreckage. Harving an agricultural term Scur Iron on the heel of a boot or shoe. A farming utensil used for carrying seed when sowing by hand Seame Please give me my arrow, said the prince, running up to him but the gold-bearded man answered. Nicholl, replied Barbicane, after a moment s reflection, I do not know what the object it.

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