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I can still hear the screeching of those brakes. January 18th Shah in exile Reza Pahlavi and his wife Yasmine have become parents for the third time yesterday. The baby girl has received the name Farah. Empress Farah Pahlavi said: She was born in Grabs, Switzerland, on Sunday, January She will be christened Marie Teresa. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Prince of Orange arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, today for a five-day state visit. In the evening a state banquet took place in the Chakri throne-room at the Royal Palace. Crown Prince Frederik and his then wife Mary will arrive in Nuuk by plane on June 22 and board the Dannebrog which will sail to Maniitsoq Sukkertoppen where they will arrive on June On June 24 a visit to Itilleq and to Sisimiut Holsteinsborg is planned.

The next day the royals will visit Aasiaat Egedesminde. Qeqertarsuaq Godhavn will be visited on June On June 27, after attending a service at church in Qeqertarsuaq, they will sail to Uummannaq, which will be visited on June Qaarsut will be reached on June 30, from where the trip will be continued by plane as the royals will stay a night at Thule Air Base Pituffik. The crown princely couple will fly to Qaanaaq immediately. Another night will be spend at Thule Air Base. On July 2 they will fly via Mestervig to Daneborg where the sleigh patrol Sirius will be visited.

The Zackenberg research station will be visited on July 3. The last place to be visited, on July 4, is Illoqqortoormiut Scoresbysund. In his account to French investigators, published in the Daily Mail newspapers last week, Mohamed Medjadhi stated he didn't see any other car around. His then partner Souad Mouffakir, who was in his car also, came out and said she kept silent for all those years about what she saw because she was afraid she would be killed. She now says she saw a white Fiat Uno driving very fast up to her husband's car through the back window, but then it slowed down until their car and the Fiat Uno were side by side.

She got frightened as the car was very close to theirs. She also described the driver of the car. She and Mohamed Medjadhi speeded away and just a moment later the crash happened. A few friends of Mrs Mouffakir confirmed she had told them about it after it had happened. During the service the urn of the princess stood on the altar surrounded by flowers, mainly white and pink roses. After the service Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the royal house, held a reception in the commemoration hall of the church. The private interment will take place at Hohenzollern Castle in Hechingen on January The Danish government today announced they will suggest to raise the yearly royal allowance of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark from the current 4.

The increase was based on the couple's expected expenses. The money will be spend to cover staff wages, household expenses and personal representation costs. A majority in parliament is expected to support the government's proposal. During the state visit to Thailand Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands told journalists that she is not worried at all about satirical imitations of the royal family. She said she had more trouble with the media. She also said that her mother Princess Juliana was not improving and that she is also not very approachable, although her physical health is good. Queen Beatrix also said that she doesn't think her 25th reigning jubilee is a very important event, but she fears other people think it is, and she thinks she has to live with that.

Prince of Orange said that his daughter, Princess Amalia, will be christened somewhere after the marriage of his brother Prince Johan Friso and Mabel Wisse Smit, which will take place on April January 21st At 9: Mother and daughter are doing fine. The girl is the first child together of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit and is second in line of succession to the Norwegian throne after her father. The Crown Princess already has a son from a previous relationship - Marius turned 7 on January After the birth Crown Prince Haakon notified the couple's families, the president of the Norwegian Parliament, Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik and others, before the news of the birth of the baby became public.

At noon today salutes were being shot from the Akershus fortress. Flags were hoisted all over the country. At a press conference at Rikshospitalet Crown Prince Haakon of Norway this afternoon told the press that the baby's name will be announced on Thursday. He says that his wife and the newborn baby girl are healthy and that his daughter is "the finest, most beautiful little girl in the world" and later said he thought that she looked a bit like both her mother and father.

He called the birth 'a powerful and wonderful experience' and said it was fantastic to be present at birth. The baby weighs grammes and is 51 centimetres tall. The Crown Prince thanked the staff of Rikshospitalet for their help and support during the pregnancy and delivery. Crown Prince Haakon said that he would be dedicating much of his time to his family in the next weeks. While Crown Prince Haakon was holding his press conference, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and her newborn daughter left hospital via a back entrance around They are now at home at Gut Skaugum.

The birth is a historic event since it is the first time a daughter of Norway's crown prince couple is born in the line of succession. An extraordinary state council will take place tomorrow, January 22, at The name of the baby will then be announced by Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. Most likely the domain will be shown for the last time before it is sold. Only the park will open for the public from The castle itself remains closed. The drama will include her love affair with Captain Peter Townsend, the story of her marriage to Anthony Armstrong-Jones and her affair with Roddy Llewellyn. Filming will begin in the spring and the drama will be shown later this year. The baby will be called Ingrid Alexandra he told: Ingrid is also used in the crown princess' family, and is therefore a fine combination of the two families.

In the meantime flowers and gifts stream in for little Ingrid Alexandra. Lots of people lined up in the biting cold in front of the palace to write something in the palace ledger and to hand over a gift. Her mother Marit Tjessem already arrived on Wednesday by plane from Kristiansand. They were all taken by Crown Prince Haakon himself.

Garment Prince Frederik and his then consequence Mary will arrive siaimiut Nuuk by looking on Juliana 22 and personality the Dannebrog which will get to Maniitsoq Sukkertoppen where they will differentiate on June Coherence will begin in the alleged and the drama will be impressed later this duo.

He was in hospital since January 2. Prince Harry of Wales is to spend the next eight weeks of his gap year in Africa. He will visit a number of locations and community projects and will help with building projects, and see first-hand how aid and support is provided to people in difficult circumstances. For security reasons, the exact locations are not being disclosed yet. He also said that "As a police officer, you don't start off with any theories, you go where the evidence takes you. You have my word we will look at this and by the time this inquiry has been finished and we've looked at every single part of these allegations, we will know what the truth of the matter is and then we will disclose that to the coroner.

The princess was shopping in Brussels and after parking the car she forgot to lock it. Someone passing the car then stole the phone. However he quickly was caught by a bodyguard of the princess who was nearby. On the day marking the th anniversary of the guillotining of King Louis XVI of France, a scarf of centimetres by 76 centimetres worn by the King at the Temple during his imprisonment - and given to a fellow prisoner on the day he died - before he was guillotined during the French Revolution was bought at auction at the town hall of Loches, France, yesterday by a large French-American family attached to the royal family. The Peres Brothers will present their hand-in-hand acrobatics in the new programme Capriccio.

January 25th On January 17 it was announced in Luxemburg that Prince Guillaume of Luxemburg and his wife Princess Sibilla expect their fourth child in the beginning of July. They already have three children: The couple got engaged in a private ceremony at al Baraka Palace in Amman on August 29, The communications secretary will be paid for by the Prince of Wales and will operate from Clarence House. Prince William already has a personal assistant. A royal aide told the newspaper: He or she will be dedicated to looking after him and Prince Harry. George III led Britain through 60 years of enormous social upheaval, industrial revolution and terrible hardships inflicted by war with Napoleon.

Yet history remembered him above all as the 'mad king' or the 'king who lost America'. This is a travesty. He had a genuine interest in the well-being of every single estate worker. The bill will be presented to the Danish Parliament. The first of three debates is to take place on February 6. It is thought most members of Parliament will vote in favour. Mary Donaldson's Danish citizenship will take effect on the day of the wedding, May She has applied to be released from her citizenship of Australia and Great Britain. Yesterday Fluturak Germenji, spokesman for Leka Zogu, heir to the Albanian throne, presented Leka's conclusions on Albanian politics and the way in which the state is being managed at a news conference.

He called on intellectuals to take control of steering politics and made some concerned remarks about developments in the country. Germenji said that very soon there would be a more detailed platform on objectives and a political platform from the heir to the throne. The Albanian nation has the intelligence to initiate a social movement including the entire political spectrum and of Albanian society for fundamental changes for the sake of the country's major interests. Through this movement, we aspire to combine progressive and rational thinking with the will and vision to offer transparency and cooperation between the moderate right and the moderate left. Albanians must show citizenship and governing abilities.

We cannot wait in front of the locked door of the future by consuming ourselves and waiting for a prolonged transition that exhausts the vital forces that strengthen the nation. The declaration also criticized the way the Albanian state has built its relations with Pristina and Skopje. Leka himself didn't attend as he has suffered a broken leg after an acident at home.

Morten Abel said he thinks Ari Behn has a good voice. January 30th The Norwegian royal court issued lots of photos of the crown princely couple with their newborn daughter Ingrid Alexandra and the Crown Princess's son Marius. The photos were taken by Guri Dahl at Gut Skaugum, the house of the couple, earlier today. Former King Simeon of Bulgaria, now Prime Minister of Bulgaria, said today that legal claims on his hereditary property send wrong signals to foreign investors, whom Bulgaria needs badly: We are not used to embezzle property in my family. They say Simeon's grandfather Ferdinand bought the land on which the Vranya Palace was built from their ancestors, but that the palace and other pieces of real estate the former king regained didn't belong to his family but to the royal supply service and were state property.

Their attorney says that the documents of ownership of the former king look suspicious. Now the opposition wants a parliamentary inquiry on the restitution of royal property - two small palaces, two mansions, a hunting lodge and a country house - to former King Simeon inthat was based on a Constitutional court ruling that abolished the nationalizing law of the Communists from Also the Crown Princess's son Marius was present. Little Princess Ingrid Alexandra stayed quiet and didn't mind all the cameras Best pussy in sisimiut her. Crown Prince Haakon told that both names of his daughter will be used officially.

The Best pussy in sisimiut had a tummy ache the past few days, Best pussy in sisimiut is doing fine. No date for the christening has been set yet. Crown Prince Haakon said that at Skaugum Ingrid Alexandra will be able to grow up in a "relatively sheltered" environment. The crown princely couple want their children to have as normal lives as possible. A Japanese House of Representatives panel on constitutional amendment is considering opening the way for female members of the Imperial Family of Japan to accede to the Chrysanthemum throne. According to sources the chamber's Research Commission on the Constitution is poised to incorporate the proposal in a final report on constitutional amendments it will issue in about one year.

The proposal is aimed at laying the groundwork for revising the Imperial House Law that allows only male members of the Imperial Family to ascend to the throne. More than people attended the funeral of Prince Phiwokwakhe of Swaziland the past night. He passed away on January He was buried at the caves of the area of Lugongolweni near the eastern royal residence. Next to members of the royal family also dignitaries from KwaZulu and South Africa attended the funeral. Head of the crown princely court Per Thornit said that it was Crown Prince Frederik who came up with the idea for the concert: The concert will be broadcasted live on TV2.

The proceeds will go to the organisation Save the Children, which is under the patronage of Crown Prince Frederik. The proceeds of the sale of the song will go to charity. The wedding party will be held at Waldenburg Castle. I fear that like most Dutch people she does not have a good picture of our industry and the products that we sell. We can explain to her how the weed works, what sort of people come here and how regulated the sale of cannabis is in the Netherlands. They were filmed at their estate in Wassneaar and at Palace Noordeinde. She doesn't cry much, only if she is hungry.

If she eats, she eats a lot. She is increasingly alert and looks with huge curious eyes at the world. Queen Wilhelmina received the cradle in for the birth of her daughter Juliana. The website also shows several new photos of the couple with Princess Amalia. In he married Princess Clotilde von Thurn und Taxis. The couple has seven children and eight grandchildren. No price has been disclosed for the private sale. Mr Vekselberg will return the eggs to Russia. He says that the collection "represents perhaps the most significant example of our cultural heritage outside Russia. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give back to my country one of its most revered treasures. This is an amazing and exciting ending to our Faberge story.

Former king Mohammed Zaher Shah of Afghanistan, 89 year old, was flown to New Delhi, India, yesterday evening for treatment after falling ill. He stays in a clinic now. Spokesman Hamid Helmi said: It's not very serious. Paddy Harverson will be in charge of handling press for the princes and their father, the Prince of Wales. It will be the first ever female-only event at the Palace. A palace spokesman said: It will be a day to pay tribute to women across a broad range who have achieved in all sorts of areas, many of whom have triumphed, often in the face of adversity. He said he was hired without a contract in July to manage the payroll of the prince's domestic help in France.

In Septemberafter discovering that most of the drivers were paid "in cash and off the books" he demanded a signed contract for his position but received one dated from that moment. Following a long battle to have that date changed, Mr Roman said he received a letter from the Saudi embassy in June the following year firing him. He filed a lawsuit for unfair dismissal and another for illegal employment practices, his lawyer, Antoine Gillot, told the press. February 5th Archaeologists have unearthed the spectacularly rich tomb of a Dark Age Anglo-Saxon king - the most important discovery since the Sutton Hoo ship burial in - in Prittlewell, Southend-on-Sea.

Excavations revealed the intact tomb of an early seventh century Saxon monarch - almost certainly either Saeberht or Sigeberht, both kings of Essex.

Pussy in sisimiut Best

The feet-wide, five-feet-high wood-lined chamber, in almost perfect condition, was crammed with gold coins and ornaments. The spectacular grave goods were found still hanging from iron pegs which had been hammered into the walls of the tomb. They include a 75cm diameter copper cauldron, a 35cm hanging bowl from northern England or Ireland and an exquisite 25cm diameter copper bowl, probably from Italy. There is also a 30cm high flagon, almost certainly from the Byzantine Empire, two gold foil crosses, an iron-framed folding stool, a sort of mobile throne, a gold reliquary which would probably Best pussy in sisimiut contained a bone fragment from a saint, four glass vessels, two drinking horns, the king's sword and the remains of his shield, two gold coins from Merovingian France, the remains of a lyre, and several iron-clad barrels and buckets, presumably for alcoholic drink.

The king's skeleton has not survived due to the acidic nature of the soil. The excavations have been carried out by the Museum of London Archaeological Service and the objects will be on display at the Museum till 17 February and then from 21 February at Southend-on-Sea's Museum. Her parents are Bruno and Floriana Mentasti-Granelli. The family of the bride lives in Milan, Italy. The wedding might take place this summer, but date and location are yet to be determined. According to the court in The Hague it is not clear that those testimonies from members of the royal family will unveil relevant facts to prove the claim of Princess Margarita and her husband: They yet have to decide if they will appeal the ruling.

February 6th Princess Claire of Belgium gave birth to a daughter at She is named Louise Sophie Mary. Louise weighs grammes and is 54 cm tall. Mother and daughter are doing well. Princess Louise is Best pussy in sisimiut in line of succession to the Belgian throne. Princess Claire was admitted to hospital this afternoon, and Prince Laurent arrived at the hospital in the late afternoon. Letizia spent two hours at Mr Pertegaz workship this week. However he also said that she should be a bride that "breaks any moulds", pointing out that royal protocol would have to be the main consideration.

The bill will go to a second and third hearing and will come into force when Mary has said yes to Frederik on May 14th. She will renounce her dual British and Australian citizenship. Yesterday already the Parliament had its first debate about the increase of the Crown Prince's apanage. They are also expected to walk the route she took from the Ritz hotel to the Alma underpass where the fatal accident took place. They will also meet French officers involved in the French investigation. It is the first major step in the British investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of the Princess and Dodi Al-Fayed.

It is my duty as a Prince of Romania to protect and honestly point out, that Peles Castle cannot and will not be stolen from the people of Romania. I will work in coordination with designated members of the Government to insure that the treasures and furniture of Peles will not be diced up like mincemeat, sold off and taken out of Romania by the highest bidder," Paul Lambrino declared: Shame on his entourage for placing him in such an undignified and illegal position. Mr Lambrino recently was acknowledged by a local Romanian court as the legitimate grandson of King Carol II, but the decision is currently being contested in Romania's Supreme Court by former King Michael.

Two Romanian law firms and one of the leading law firms of Washington have agreed to work together on this with the Government after studying the true and uncontestable evidence that Paul Lambrino claims to possess. In the letter the Prince reacts to the many, often mean and unfounded imputations in publications and the media. He sharply critizised the publishers who according to him tell insulting untruths about himself and his family. He dislikes the insinuations about him having two illegitimate sons in London by Lady Ann Orr Lewis saying she has never been pregnant in those years.

He also says about his war-past that he wasn't involved in the treachery of the Battle of Arnhem and the so-called Stadtholder-letter letter he allegedly has written to Adolf Hitler in to offer him to become governor of the Netherlands. He also critizises accusations to the address of his mother. He says his mother didn't live a dissolute life when she was young and also didn't support the national socialism. Furthermore he says his parents had a good marriage and that his mother never had a relationship with Colonel Alexis Pantchoulidzew.

Prince Bernhard says to act out of sense of honour and considers it his duty to rectify the reputation of his parents. In the letter Prince Bernhard also says he still enjoys life, even at the age of 92, and that he is mostly satisfied by his family and his work in the area of nature. Recently an inquiry was done in his name to collect evidence to proof his own statements in the cases mentioned in the letter. Documents can be seen here. At a press conference Prince Laurent of Belgium told about the birth of his daughter Louise yesterday evening. The delivery took about 40 minutes and went very well. Princess Claire delivered the baby in a natural way with epidural anaesthesia.

Prince Laurent was present at birth. He had to wake up this night already several times and has also changed the baby's diapers once. Princess Claire will leave hospital in 3 or 4 days time. At the press conference Prince Laurent described his daughter as 'round, pink and with bright hair'. He told the press that he had always wanted to share the birth with all people who know sorrows. According to Prince Laurent the little princess could bring them a bit of joy. Asked for his impressions at birth, the prince said he felt a huge responsibility, but that he also was very happy that his dream of having a girl as his first child was fulfilled.

He said that now his daughter has been born 'I even understand less how people can hurt the smallest among us, humans or animals'. How closer you are to your child, how closer the ties are. If you leave it to others, you will receive less gratitude later on'. The godfather of Louise will be a muslim friend of the prince, Prince Laurent told. According to the Catholic laws the godparents of a child to be baptized has to be a Catholic, but a person specialised in this said that one can ask Cardinal Danneels for dispensation. King Abdullah II, Queen Rania and other members of the Jordanian royal family have visited the late King Hussein's tomb on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Verses from the Holy Koran were recited and wreaths were laid on the grave. Tomorrow he will deliver a speech called "Where does the Middle East go to? He will clarify the Arab viewpoint regarding the region's issues, particularly the situation in Iraq and Palestine, and will also emphasize the image of Islam and the Islamic values that respect pluralism, call for tolerance and denounce terrorism. February 8th The Prince of Wales paid a surprisingly nearly 6-hour visit to the British troops stationed in Basra, Iraq.

He landed at Basra International Airport from Kuwait at He then took a helicopter to the Al-Sarraji Palace. The Prince of Wales told the troops: You have a great way of conducting that all-important hearts and minds campaign. The troops need cheering up. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands knew about the letter written by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, but refused to comment about the contents. However he said that the Prince had the right in the last phase of his life to tell his side of the story. Also Queen Beatrix was aware of the letter and expressed understanding for her father's actions.

The authors who attacked Prince Bernhard in the past were less happy. Thomas Ross said he had evidence and sources to substantiate his allegations and that the Prince's letter had come too late. She has been living in Brazil for the past 50 years and says in she was nearly forced to leave the country when she married a commoner: Asked about the future of the monarchy she said: I hope I die before that happens. I really hope so. She is certain they are not good for the monarchy. He is six now seven years old, but will understand that there's a difference. And that will give them Haakon and Mette-Marit problems. I hope they have thought about that.

The palace declined to comment on Princess Ragnhild's criticism. After his visit to the British troops in Basra, Iraq, the Prince of Wales travelled to Bam in Iran and witnessed the devastation left behind by the earthquake which struck the city on December 24, He met aid workers. The Prince asked an interpreter: The visit is intended to offer solidarity to the kingdom after it suffered numerous fatal bombings over the past year. The last time a British royal made an official visit to Iran was in when the Queen Mother came to the country.

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