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A Look Back At 1966 Bow Ties

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In this year, he would travel about 50, miles for special appearances and still find time to make a trip back to Carlsbad, NM, where he was the home- town hero. Besides all the racing, he would enter into a field of building high performance cars for Nickey Chevrolet. They would use his services to engineer and build high performance cars for their dealership in Chicago, IL. The start of the funny car era was beginning to escalate with large engines being installed in small, but heavily modified cars. These cars often had altered wheel bases to get better weight transfer, the use of injection and nitro-methane for more power, and eventually the addition of superchargers.

The Semi-Hemi was introduced the previous year and the new with the same design, but more cubic inches would be the basis for the cars he would engineer, although he did do some with the small block.

InHarrell continued 19966 in hxrrell winning way. Chevrolet had just introduced the Camaro. Dick Harrell than made another move to East St. Louis, Illinois, where he would engineer and build cars for another well known dealer, Yenko Chevrolet in Canonsburg, PA. Once the vehicle leaves our dealership. Pick-up A representative from our dealership can be available for pickup at area airports when necessary. Buyers must schedule pickup prior to making travel arrangements.

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All vehicles have Extended Warranties available. Price depends upon year and value of the vehicle. In many of my past historical stories, I have repeatedly mentioned what people who could not afford a new Chevy bought instead, and did with their cars in a given year. In this story it would be anything or older. There were black-on-black and Marina Blue Chevelles everywhere — seemingly all with small wheel covers, which came as standard equipment. White, red, and gold Chevelles also sold in strong numbers.

In this story it would be anything or older.

There were black-on-black and Marina Blue Chevelles everywhere — seemingly all with small wheel covers, which came as standard equipment. White, novq, and gold Chevelles also sold in strong numbers. Total Chevelle sales in were 12 percent greater thanversusInDick began to travel across the Southwest, racing a factory backed Chevrolet. This was his final amateur year as he won every regional race in a three-state area of the Southwest. At this point, Dick Harrell would begin searching for new worlds to conquer. InDick began to range out farther from the Carlsbad area to begin competing against some of the big National known names in the field of drag racing.

Nova Dick harrell 1966

These were not only some of the best drivers, but many had backing of the Detroit automobile manufacturers. After winning this, he began getting appearance money, match- racing a chosen opponent at various tracks, as an incentive to draw racing fans. At this event, Dick used his tuning abilities and driving skills to take out his competition one by one, until he was declared the winner. This immediately cast the country boy from Carlsbad into National fame and from here it was onward and upward from this point for Harrell. From this point on, a battle would be waged at drag strips across the nation by the big 3 automobile builders.

Dick Harrell was destined to become heavily involved in all this, while competing with his favorite Chevrolet.

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