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Agencies respond to rumors of Ha Ji Won dating Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin

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Everyone wanted Who to know who is? The fans exposed in a second their privacy, because after knowing their name they had the find in Instagram of something that really bothered them and I include myself because for me this is quite painful as chen biased. This ring that "Unwittingly" she shows in her photo, is identical to the one Jongdae usually carries, which caught the attention of the fans and made them elaborate a more effective investigation than the FBI on their relationship.

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We all know that dumors EXO debuted, Jongdae's Chfn gave him a rosary and a rosary ring that he normally uses on his ring finger, but then what does that ring mean that suddenly appeared on his index finger? OMG are couple rings. This rumrs his fans so much that he then rukors the following publications They are apparently dating sincethe photos of both of them together were supposedly taken on July 5 of that year according to fan inquiries. Despite this information was already dispersed on the internet, Min Hee so considerate with Chen changed his user in IG by mihee.

As if that were not enough, the fans found a meaningless video of a cat in her IG With the voice of Jongdae clearly audible in the background but she did not want to expose it so she also tagged it in the publication with the JD and also tagged the coach of the SM Nae Jongseok who obviously is also a friend and with whom he shares comments in his publications about his "boyfriend" It is not that Chen cared much about hiding their relationship because he was always seen in the airports carrying bags of chocolates and gifts for her.

Apparently, the friend got tired of the girlfriend [ remember, supposedly ] bragging all the time about her and Chen's relationship. His girlfriend had kept on bragging, so the friend got sick of it and as payback, the friend posted those pictures online. Thankfullythis incident down fast and Chen was seen as innocent in this all, so these rumors eventually ended. And then started again. Someone said that Jongdae had a girlfriend he met on Pinterest [ of all places. Now, this sounds so unrealistic and funny tbh. Anyway, back to the subject, most of us found this unrealistic and brushed this all aside.

Dating rumors Chen

The very first of EXO's dating rumors 1. Rujors ring, DO's back profile, same shoes, same shorts, etc But fans call it a coincidence. They're not even in the same company, how did they meet? It's just so random Their ages aren't even similar Other dating news of EXO all matched well. Not sure if they're still dating. When Sojin was asked when she wanted to get married, she said 37 without hesitation. When she turns 37, DO turns Are Sulli and IU very close?

My bias IU seems to be very close to Sulli She's talented in becoming unlikeable to the maximum. If she rumofs date, she'll date a guy around her age, not some sleazy ajusshi. Jinnabit's prophecy that gives you goosebumps Krystal 1. Sulli's insider, who knew Sulli so well and spent thousands on her, turned her back and is acting like this. Of course she'd know a lot.

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