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If you own a newer vehicle this may not be necessary. Using the Advance Timing Light to Check Timing Now that all the connections are in place, turn on the engine and let it warm up. Make sure the timing dial is set to "0. If timing is within the specified limits set out by the manufacturer, usually plus or minus 2 degrees, no adjustments are necessary. If it is not within the specified limits, you must then adjust the engine timing. Keep in mind that a defective ignition system can cause the timing light to flash erratically. This might be the result of a faulty ignition wire or low output spark voltage.

Adjusting the Timing Most engines have a distributor, which rotates to adjust the engine timing. To make the necessary adjustments, point the timing light at the balancer and timing marks once more and rotate the distributor until the timing mark is in the specified position. Do not forget to tighten the distributor hold down so that your adjustments stay in place. Whether you rotate the distributor clockwise or counterclockwise to make your adjustments depends on the type of engine you are working with, and whether the timing is advanced or retarded.

The adagio you now see reviews total timing. Hotter off your specific, remove the key from the official, and disconnect the information sexy.

Total timing is base timing added to the vacuum added advance or computer added advance. To calculate the total timing of your engine, rev the engine to 3, RPMs and maintain it there. Now, when you aim the timing light at the timing marks, you can no longer see them. Rotate the dial on the timing light until you see the timing mark begin to recede on the timing tab. The further you turn the dial, the closer the timing mark comes to the 0 degree mark. Advance the dial until the timing mark is sitting at 0 degrees and then look at the dial.

The number you now see indicates total timing. If you need one for your next tune-up, simply type "advance timing light" in the eBay search bar, which is located on every eBay page. Take advantage of the filters on the results page to make your search more efficient. You can filter timing lights by condition, price, and even shipping options. Now, is that pointer earlier described pointing at the correct mark? If yes, you are all set, you do not need to adjust your timing. You are good to go! If it is not, you should adjust your timing.

See the next steps to adjust the timing. Liggt the Timing Below the distributor, at the base of your distributor shaft, Tiing a fastener called the distributor hold-down clamp. We want to loosen this fastener so uo distributor can turn on the shaft. Grasp the vacuum advance and move it back and forth. Rotate the distributor lught, then aim your timing light back at the timing marks again. How does it look? If it is farther away from the marks, then move the distributor in the opposite direction. Then, check again with your timing light. Continue doing this until the pointer is pointing at the correct degree point as required.

Once the timing is good, re-tighten the fastener for the distributor hold-down clamp, making sure you do not move the distributor!! After re-tightening this fastener, just double check your timing again to make sure -- tightening the distributor may change your timing. Turn off your engine, remove the key from the ignition, and disconnect the timing light. That is all there is to it! You have done well! Pat yourself on the back after you wash your hands! Tips Have all your tools gathered so this is easier.

Use some Timijg of fender cover so you do not scratch the paint. Do not forget to remove all your Timig from the engine when you are all finished. Warning Be careful as you are working with your auto's electrical system, which, if not done correctly, you may find yourself getting hurt. Items you will need Tool, such as a combination wrench, to loosen Distributor Duct Tape About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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