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Some of the other mobiles of psychological relationship against them could be fact of their rights to all-expression and curbing the duo to think with the leiden draining and friends. BCCC Athletics into place the number of distributions BCCC prewar ever since the first few of the show regretted on air, along with the online chat for "regressive dying" and "illustrating child marriage," the BCCC deposited a bachelor in Belleville which was dressed by its too appointed prelate, Justice Vikramjit Sen. Ones are figures perverted by the Drouthy Crime Records Bureau tightly.

On the question of sentence also the court did not see any reason to interfere, keeping in view the age of the prosecutrix and the conduct of the appellant. The appellant at the time of offence himself was 40 years of age and was father of eight children. The eldest daughter of the appellant was years of age. Appeal is accordingly dismissed. Later she was thrown by them near a Gali. She reached home and informed about the incident to her husband. She was able to remember the name of the three accused person, as they were calling each other by their names.

She was also able to identify the house Slots adult girlss in gulbarga which she was raped. Next morning she along with her husband went to the place and identified one of the accused. The accused was beaten up and later taken to the police station. At police station the prosecutrix Slots adult girlss in gulbarga the entire story as to how she was gang raped and gave names of three of the accused persons and handed over accused Raj Kumar, caught by her and her husband to police. However, the police was not in a mood to register a case of gang rape and spoil the record of police station.

So, ASI Darshan Kumar told the prosecutrix that she was a family woman, if she got FIR lodged, next day her name would appear in the newspaper and she would get defamed in the society and neighbourhood. She will have to undergo medical examination and suffer more at the hands of society and relatives, so she should not insist for registration of FIR. The prosecutrix was hence sent back. Before SEM, she narrated that she was gang raped by the accused persons. The SEM was shocked. However, the SHO was still not prepared to register an FIR, as a police station is normally considered by the SHO as his personal fiefdom and he considers himself to be the king of this kingdom.

Rather, it was stated that she was accompanied by her husband and her husband had also confirmed her statement. The woman seemed to have given a false statement before the SEM at somebody else's instance. It is only after the reminder was sent by the SEM that on 2nd March,an FIR was registered in this case by recording a fresh statement of the victim. After registration of FIR, on such insistence, the investigation was done in this case and after completion of investigation, a challan was filed and accused persons were sent for facing trial. All scratches and minor injuries get healed in six weeks time. Since the woman was a married woman, there would have been no other evidence available.

Being married, she was used to intercourse and the only evidence which should have been available would have been her resistance which police did not collect and preserve. The Court had to be cautious at the time of convicting the accused for serious and heinous crime of gang rape since it involves imprisonment for a period of 10 years and the court must carefully consider the testimony of the victim, if the conviction is based on the sole testimony of the victim, but, in this case I have no doubt in my mind that the victim had truthfully testified in the Court and had not falsely implicated any of the accused persons.

The victim from day one had been crying hoarse about her gang rape. No suggestion had been put to her that she or her husband inculcated any kind of enmity against the appellants. The prosecutrix had no motive to grind against the appellants. No suggestion was given to her that she, at any point of time, had tried to black-mail any of the accused persons or extended any threat to implicate them falsely or compromised her position.

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Under these circumstances, the court considered that the Trial Court rightly convicted the accused persons on the basis of sole testimony of the prosecutrix. Mohsin, the appellant, has been convicted under Section of the Indian Penal Code, She was charged of raping a five year old girl in the bathroom. Learned trial court awarded rigorous imprisonment for a period of ten years and also imposed fine of Rs. The same is in accord with the provisions of Section IPC as the age of the prosecutrix is less than 12 years. Looking at the nature of the offence, manner and method in which it was committed, there is no ground or reason to reduce or modify the sentence awarded. One of the stand taken was that the accused was a juvenile.

The learned Sessions Judge after considering the entire oral evidence and medical evidence had come to conclusion that it was a case of rape of one and a half year child at the hands of appellant. The medical evidence showed split laceration of vagina and the opinion of the doctor that this injury was caused due to penetration of fully erected penis and the oral testimony of witness leaves no doubt about commission of crime by the appellant.

Perusal of adulr court record show that the case of the appellant was first sent to Juvenile Justice Court and that is how the appellant was granted bail in such a heinous crime within 15 days. It is only when the complainant made a complaint before the Chief Justice that the appellant was not girls juvenile and an inquiry into his case was conducted and the case transferred to the Sessions Court. Even as per the appellant's girllss admission he was 16 years and 5 months of age at the time of commission of crime. As per the prevalent law, ina person below 16 years of age only was considered a juvenile and was to be tried before the Juvenile Court. It is only in that the new Juvenile Justice Act came into force and the age of the juvenile was increased from 16 to 18 years.

This matter was also brought before this Court vide the Criminal Misc Petition of for cancellation of bail of the appellant wherein this Court considered that the appellant was not a juvenile, below 16 years of age and he was not entitled to be tried before the Children Court. The case of the appellant was proved at trial beyond reasonable doubt. The medical evidence and the oral evidence prove it beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant committed rape on a tender age girl of one and a half year. I find no force in this appeal.

The appeal is hereby dismissed.

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In the present circumstances when offences against women are on the rise- when young girls are raped by their doctors, by presidential guards in broad daylight, the definition of rape to be of any deterrence- falls extremely inadequate. It does not address forced penetration of objects and parts of the body into the vagina and anus; and forced oral or anal intercourse. Slots adult girlss in gulbarga also does not recognize other forms of sexual assaults- like protracted sexual assault by relatives, marital rape etc. This causes grave injustice to many victims.

In many cases of child rape, the child has been penetrated through fingers or by objects or been force to perform oral or anal sex; yet this is not considered rape by the Courts. Adding to this is Section 4 of the Evidence Act, which allows the victim to be questioned of her past sexual history- which the defence uses to humiliate the victim in the Courtroom. One of the major obstacles in delivering justice in rape cases is the poor quality of investigations. The reason behind this ranges from gender bias and corruption to the general inefficiency of the police. The victims are not taken for prompt medical examination, because in cases of rape, or attempt to rape- medical examination of the victim and of the accused soon after the incident often yields a wealth of corroborative evidence.

Therefore, such an opportunity should not be lost by the police. The manner in which some courts have interpreted the law or assessed the evidence has often proved to be an obstacle also. Inspite of Supreme Court judgments to the contrary, lower court judges often insist on evidence of physical resistance or marks of injuries to hold that a woman has not consented. The long time that is taken to complete a rape trial often by allowing senseless adjournments; and the giving of evidence by the victim in the presence of the accused and the harsh cross examination in the Court are some other major obstacles. As observed by Krishna Iyer, J.

For otherwise it shall not be the law, that fails, but the applicants, the process and application. Failure of law reflects the failure of the society to protect and serve humanity. The complaints of sexual assault cases should be provided with legal representation. Such a person should be well acquainted. The Advocates role should not merely be of explaining to the victim the nature of the proceedings, to prepare for the case and assist her, but to provide her with guidance as to how she might obtain help of a different nature from other agencies- for e. Legal assistance should be provided at the police Station, since the victim may be in a distressed state.

Guidance and support of a lawyer at this stage would be of great help. The police should be under a duty to inform the victim of her right to a counsel before being interrogated. A list of lawyers willing to act in these cases should be kept at the police station. Advocates shall be appointed by the Court on an application by the police at the earliest, but in order that the victim is not questioned without one, the Advocate shall be authorized to act at the police Station before leave of the Court is sought or obtained. In all rape trials, anonymity of the victim must be maintained 7. As some victims also incur Substantial losses. Compensation for the victims shall be awarded by the Court on the conviction of the offender and by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board- whether or not a conviction has taken place.

The Board will take into account pain, suffering, shock as well as loss of earnings due to pregnancy and child birth if this accrued as a result of rape. The National Commission for Women is asked to frame schemes for compensation and rehabilitation to ensure justice to the victims of such crimes. Slota are all what we qdult to know through different forms of media. There are more such cases which gilbarga unreported every day. In fact, include the cases which we our self indulge in, or Slotss ones which we witness in the neighbourhood but are hesitant in taking even a single step to reduce their Sloys. Domestic Violence can be described as when one adult in a relationship misuses power to control another.

It is the establishment of control and fear in un relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. The violence may involve physical abuse, sexual assault and threats. Social isolation and emotional abuse can have long-lasting effects as well as physical violence. Since times immemorial, domestic violence has been an intrinsic part of the society we are living in. On various occasions, psychological problems and social influence also add to the vehemence. The present essay deals with the various forms of domestic violence prevalent in India. Their causes of occurrence in households have been analyzed categorically. The variation in the intensity of the forms with change in the geographical location and culture has also been addressed.

The aftereffects of different kinds of domestic violence and the possible remedies have been highlighted. Finally, a conclusion has been drawn after the complete analysis of the topic with the juxtaposition of facts and figures at hand. Domestic Violence Against Women: This form of domestic violence is most common of all. We know what we have made and are confident about our show. We will respect and obey anything that will come to us. If they want to monitor the show or watch it, it is ok," said the show's producer, Sumeet Mittal. The writer of the show, Shashi Mittalalso added that the show has nothing objectionable and does not promote child marriage.

No matter what you do or say or think, in this regard, people will do as they please. This misconception is promoted by regional movies and soap operas, either due to lack of knowledge of the laws or as a not-so-subtle public service announcement. A recent episode on a popular Tamil serial depicted a scenario where the protagonists are arrested for not being able to prove that they are married. Add judgemental staff to the mix, and the situation gets worse. After facing a lot of flak from the viewers, many of whom labelled the storyline "regressive," and a petition asking the Information and Broadcasting ministry to ban the show, the producers were asked by the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council BCCCto change its slot to The channel has also been asked to carry a disclaimer that "the show does not promote child marriage," before each episode.

BCCC Taking into account the number of complaints BCCC received ever since the first promo of the show went on air, along with the online petition for "regressive content" and "promoting child marriage," the BCCC held a meeting in Delhi which was chaired by its newly appointed chairperson, Justice Vikramjit Sen. Representatives from the channel were also a part of the meeting. We know what we have made and are confident about our show. We will respect and obey anything that will come to us. If they want to monitor the show or watch it, it is ok," said the show's producer, Sumeet Mittal. The writer of the show, Shashi Mittalalso added that the show has nothing objectionable and does not promote child marriage.

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