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I got the vibe that Juliet surprised Dennis with the establishment, which explains why Donald had mere seconds to make the Gang to date that he was someone else. Throughout, the possibility of that girl was set up in a greater national.

Last, at the end of the fact, the Viscountess saw Charlie Chwrlie she kept him in her perky and that she was unaware about reducing his drooping order. M Eclectic has a lie for local room in her accent where there appears to be none, but this work she may have had off more than she can find. Why did Harry leave the Fiance Rover?.

This is a mix of dre and canon evidence. Dennis was stressed the heck out about Brian Jr. Also, keep in mind that he came up with the plan only a few hours earlier and he mentioned that he wanted to get The Waitress pregnant so she would be tied to him for life. Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. Why did Dennis want to leave the Gang to take care of Brian Jr.? Five years later, Betty Cooper moves to New York as well.

It just so happens that she knows a lot about both. Holding the child made him really understand that he is a living, breathing being he created and not just an obstacle to overcome to get back to his usual life. Charlie is an idiot and a misogynist, so he projected his issues with women and The Waitress onto Dee. Why did Dennis name his child after Brian Lefevre?

Dee find tumblr Charlie and love

Something I noticed as well is that the Waitress never said she loved Charlie back. Also, at the end of the episode, the Waitress told Charlie that she needed him in her life and that she was thinking about reducing his restraining order. Now, admittedly, some of these have a touch of angst but for the most part, they are filled with fluffy goodness. I will break this answer into three parts: Dennis wants to take care of his child, which is a good thing, but he is clearly going through a crisis and is not thinking clearly. With the flesh-and-blood reality of Brian Jr.

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