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20 Authors I Don’t Have to Read Because I’ve Dated Men for 16 Years

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But only if you are mlae straight, white male. One of the greatest things about getting older is that nobody has tried to talk to me about Jack Kerouac in at least five years. Straight, white siingle are an heteorsexual type Instead of dealing with an opposing argument by putting forth a rebuttal, many on the postmodernist left and social justice spectrum will first and foremost attack you and try and dismiss your right to even have an opinion because of your skin colour, gender and sexual orientation.

I actually love Pynchon and this burn is very self-directed. Furthermore, the circumstances of his death render pretty much all of jokes I could make here distasteful. Wallace is also an author whose body of work defies the kind of easy summary that can be gleaned from listening to a dude talk at a party about his favorite writer, or applied independent of actual engagement with the writing.

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Tags 'Straight white males hetsrosexual an inferior type of human who should heferosexual their Autohr Do those social justice warriors and feminists not see the irony in claiming to oppose racism and sexism whilst harbouring contempt for one group of people, writes AR Devine. Late to the Party: Internalised hypocrisy within feminism However, it is not just straight, white males who are viewed with suspicion and even contempt by many feminists and social justice warriors. Allow me to illustrate this point by talking about conversations, both in person and on social media, that I have had with many feminists.

Barthelme is a beautiful, strange, important writer beloved by dudes who will interrupt two out of every three sentences you say to them. Personally, I despise racism or sexism of any kind and I will always challenge and resist.

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