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IbUowing the nice track up the valiey for some regular farther, leaves on rhe L tbe spoke to the other of the vslley, 'and signals Dp straight slopes towards the Tooky prof dividing'ihis from Vat Fedoz. Bonney has forgotten out in 'Japanese onraal,' No.

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This remarkable peak was first reached in by M. Coaz, and next by M. The inter- ettiDg description of the ascent, given by Mr. The expedition is at all times difficult and laborioBS, and in some slates of the snow baa been found impossible. A much shorter course than that followed b; Messrs. Kennedy and Hardy hss, however, been lately adopted. This saves fuUy 3 hrs. This leads by a very direct course to the crest rf the ridge between he CresCa Agiuia and Che Pis Bemina, which itse f commands a magnificent view. This, called by M. Tuckett inwho on the same occasion reached ike summit of Piz Bemina along the cresl.

Hall, A, Johnston, and N. Woodmass, with Jcnni, Fleuri, and Waltber as guidea. Tha ucent of Pii Mortentech. The dewxnl to the Boial chillet on the MorleraMch Gl. De- scended to the Boval chalet in 3 hn. Bonney has pointed out in 'Alpine onraal,' No. S3, a pleasant larJatioDon the ordinary route. Aicmt of Piz Roteg. This rites Tery boldly between the Roeeg and Tschierra glaciers ; its highest portion indadeB two peakes. The higher, m Hiring 13,93S ft, is connected by extremely sharp arSte with a seci itOTthem peak, lower only by 02 ft.

From the latter a rocky ridge, partly cohered wiih nivA, extends NNW. Specht of Vienna, by a hanging Elacier that falls ftaa the 8W. A W, Moore and H. The Pic Sdla was atcended in by Messrs. Johnston, It has two peaks close together, of which the highi reaches 11, tt.

TlffPiz CxrxHiisch 11,34a'and Capiilichin ll. The Pontresina tariff fiiet TBTying from 13 to 35 fr. Tour of Piz Loca, by the Swlei Fuorcla. It has been mentioned in Hte. A that there is an easy and chatmiug walk, in great part through forest, hem Pontrorina to St. Morita by the Statzer See, Ada, and the 8E. Moriti to the hamlet of Sarlei, WNW. Bide of Pii Corvatsch. Il is better to paBB below the end of the glacier, when a short ascent will lead the tra- veller to the Surfer Fuorcla 9,'commanding a noble view of boih the Roseg and Tschierra Olaciers and the great peaks enclosing them. FroD the pass the traveller may deeeeikd tonardsthe foot of ibe Roseg Glacier, ai else bear to the 1.

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The tour requires T or 8 bra. Some travellers, instead of crossing the pass, mount an adjoining summit called Cima da. The descent into the Val Fex, aome way bdow the glacier at its head, is very steep. As mentioned in Rte. Thia eicnr- Bion is chiefly recommnDded to bolan- ists, and especially o those who may reach Pontresioa early enough to find Ihe rich yegetation in perfection. At its eastern E. AThe great majority of travellers will always follow the high road between Berera and St. Cbut lying at a considerably lover level. The loner part ia so nearly flat that a char- road is carried nearly 3 m fromBevere for the e. KobraiacarieinOt Carex Vaklii, and C. A small tarn rests on the ridge vhich may conveniently be called Suoretta Pass 8,'and a glen fatla towards the SE.

A tra- vi-Iler ivith a guide may reach St. Moritz bya more interesting rte. The geologist ivill find occupation in tracing tlie palmozoic and secondary rocks in the ranges encloaing the head of Val Bever. There is a difficult glacier pass connecting the head of tbe vattey with tbe Val d' Agnelli near the nolher, Julie] Since English, Swiss, and German mountainters have made Ihe Bemina Alps their favourite resort, several new passes have been discovered, and there for making a lour of the principal group. This expedition can be r, com- mended only to practised mDunt. Nearly all the travellers who have miide tbe tour here indicated have he Fellaria Alp, a. It is indicated wichuut a name oa tbe Swiss Federal Map.

It leada into the NF. Iclose to tlie lower end of be Fellaria Glacier. It is necessary to cross a glacitr slream, and ascend on the opposite, or W. By dlt Patio di Gambri. KOT else to start before day- light from the Bernina inn. Skirling tbe slopes above the N. By keernog well to tbe 1. This ia best effected by the Cambrma Saltd, a well-marked gap in tbe ridge E. It may be reachnl from the Bernina Inn in 2i hrs. Bear- ing to ihe rt. It U obvious from a glance at the map that the most direct way from Pontresina to the upper plateau of the Palii and Fellaria Glaciers is by the Morteralsch GL, supposing it possible lo find a practi- cable pass between Piz Cambrena and Pia Zap6.

That which alone may be considered tolerably direct lies Tory near ihe summit of Pii Palii. The glacier difficulties in ascending from the Isla' Pers Rte. B try the skill of the goidea and tbe steadiness of the travellers i and the de- scent, whether by rocks or by an ice- coiiloir, is extremely steep. Thia course was taken in ls64 by Messrs. Freabfield, Beachcroll, and Walker. It is possible to pass tbe ridge between the Morteratsch and Fellaria Gl. I hlowi ue, though the pasi The form and poeitioo of the glaciers on the S. Although the valleys desceadiiig lowards Val Telllna all tend more or leas directly to the S.

The tower plateau or this glacier is ueBrly lerel with the upper plateaa of Scer- scen, and by bearing firM NW. The way then lies a Little N.

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The I the great military road of the StelTio, constructed by the Austrian Governmeat at a rast expenae, between the years and laas, to connect Milan with the Tyrol. The Lodal Tdlina Gtnn. Vtldln a ODE of the great Talleys of the Alps that by xex dimenaionB, its hiBtorical recollectionB, and the heaulifai and varied scenery uf the main valley aod its tributaries, best deserves the allen- nofit n pan owing H oat of the ordinary track of English tourists, in part lothe bad reputation of the lower poTtion, supposed dor breed inlermittent feTera, it hae failed to attract much attentioo. Except at Colico, there is no risk of malaria, bnt the great heat of the Talley below Tirano repeli the lorera of monn- lion, until the SeUa Fats attained in about S his.

The only important roughihll The people ot the Val TeUina are iharacleristically Italian, though they in i have but lately become ciiiiens of the achieved in this d: They owe to that govecomenl the great road that traverses the valley, along with an unbearable load of taxa- Fimds. Though it has suffered mnch frrim destructive iniindationa— a mis- chief much lical by the unwise cutting down ol the foreals — the valley is extremely fertile, producing much tine silk, and some excellenl wines. Fioin Colico, nearly to Tirano, tlie valley mounla very gently, and about due E.

Here the Adda, formed by the confluence of two eopions torrents fiowing in opposite dirtclioos, and meeting near Bormio. This was tang the political boundary of Val Tellina. Bomiio struggled ftJr a separate eaistenoe, or underwent the The military rosd ia carried cearly due E. On the opposite cide of the Adda, at iome dlBluice from the Etream, is Traona, the chief village on that bank. This was partly destroyed by a ireat landalip, and consequent inun- dation of the Bitto, which here enters the valley fi'om the N. This is a substantial country loim, with a fine church. There is a com- manding- view from the hill oii which stood the ancient castle, reached by the pared path leading inCu the Val di BitCo.

F Been to Hie I. Before long the mai road returns to the 1. This part of the va] Uy ia in some degree defeced by the encroachments of the Adda, whose governable stream often uhangei its couiBC during inundations. ThoA H may be seeo, that in the part of the lalley now traversed, a little SW. It is not only the main stream, and the torrents which enter icfrom the large lateral valleys, that continually threaten the native of Val Tellina with destruction to the iVuita of his industry. The trifling channels on the slopes of the moun- tains, nearly dry in ordinary weather, are liable to snell in a few hours to foimidable proportions, and to bear down with them stones and earth, under which the vineyard created by patient labour may be buried in a few moments.

The mischief mainly arises from the violence of the rains that fall on the S. As an illustration, it is sail that the commune of Berbenno, a vil. The Pizzo Veapolo 7,' is a prominent point On the W. Though not large, it hag Bomewhat of the air of a citf, con- taiaing many good hoaGes and edu- cated inhabitAnts. The misemlogiBt may easily obtain permiasion to see flie collection of Sigoor Giuseppe Ser- toli; and a botanist will probably not find it difficult to inspect the local herbarium of Signor Ferrari.

The town BtiuidB at 1, ft. Many new bnildings in the town occupy the sites of houses carried away by it inA massive embankment is designed to protect the town, and to lead Rougjhill tor- rent into the Adda; but every heavy fall of rain threatens danger to the in- habitants. On the opposite bank of the MaleiO, the local antiquaries iioint out the swx of the original city ounded by the Tnsci. Few places present more remarkable contrasts than the neighbourhood of Sondrio, Witliin a few miles of the glaciers of the Bernina and the Slurs della Disgrazia. It is said that the valley would not be habitable in roughhull, but i for the currents of air introduced!

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