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Non-stressful hangouts in Narayanganj, Bangladesh

I wouldn't want a couple recreational girls brown-skinned, Bengali-Burmese aircraft while I'm there. By the way, to me there is nothing stoner than an application, young Russian or Begali unsafe pagination.

To my mind, I'd never monger there again.

Sure hope the government there gets off it's arse and helps the poor girls. Can you please name some names of the guest houses? I am orginally from dhaka too, but have been in the states for almost 10 years. Good luck with your college experience here. If anyone has any advice as to how to find girls in either of these places, it will be appreciated. Thank you, High priced call girls are certainly availaible in the Gulshan area as well as Baridhara. My ethnicity is Bangladeshi and I often go there for breaks. Having said that I have been to private homes just to visit and not monger as I do not want to take a chance seen in a place like this in Dhaka,because of my family reputation and prominence in the city.

There were not only local girls but also Russians which were availaible in Banani. For your information LJohnson as for the White House hotels and for the Sea Gull hotel I know the owners personally,I am not sure about White House Hotel but they can certainly arrange for girls to come over to you. These girls are pretty much all Burmese Asian Looking and they are in various rooms through out the hotel. Just ask one of the waiters or room service attendant and slip him a 20 Taka bill. When I went to the house in Banani there were girls from all aspects of society including a girl I recognized went to my very elite school in Bangladesh.

I am going to try to get the address of the house and mail it to you but I am not making promises Thank you very much for the info. So, you know the owner s. I am staying at both hotels as the invited guest of the owner Mr. Can you give me some idea ball park range of the prices I should expect to pay in taka or dollars, either one. I leave for Dhaka on April 4 6 days from now so please send me any info. Hopefully, I'll score and have a good report for this thread when I return or sooner. Thanks again, My buddy paid dollars for one night but that is with a mid range girl.

Sheraton and Pan Sanitary are in the weak of Dhaka city. Furthermore, no foreigner can take Phone girls to his wife room, and no woman will allow Handled matters to go to tributes quad by foreigners. Acrylic luck.

With a slightly better looking girl he paid dollars which I think is pretty steep for Bangladesh but narayaganj ok thats about say close to 60 bucks. The girls in the tribal area and this I know narayangajn seeing my buddies go for it Looikng from - taka max. These girls ffor I said are tribal or indigenous people from that area. Mostly Burmese or Bangladeshis with Burmese ethnicity. These girls do not go a penny over taka and that is giving too much. So dont pay over my personal opinion that is. Incidentally,I must tell you that I was approached by two very good looking girls at the Bar at Sonargaon Hotel Upstairs Bar and that was kinda weird, as these girls somehow knew who I was and told me that I could have a good time with them.

Now in Bangladesh that simply does not happen and I saw them on 5 different occasions during that time span. I asked my regular waiter who they were and he confirmed that one of them was a model wanna be and they cater mostly to the Korean customers at the Bar. So I guess that is interesting.

But Lioking look forward to your Lookng on the hotel at Cox's bazar ,I have seen the girls for myself and I have heard so much about it. Do keep us informed. I am going to Loking my buddy and ask him to send me the address of the house I visited Lloking him and I will let you know as soon cor he gets back to me In your last post, in the first two or three lines you narayanbanj " dollars" and " dollars. By the way, to me there is nothing sexier than on exotic, young Burmese or Begali tribal girl. Do narayangnj think I could find one or more for 1, taka or less?

I rented a flat in Uttara and most of these girl that do service Lioking are university girls that need money or at ni Bengali ladies who are married and just wants Lookint money who are married to much older men, arrange marriages Loooing course. Naa they can only be had for couple of hours. There was a very exotic girl name Modo that I had she looked like a Bollywood actress. I dont know if some of you guys have had her. To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Yeah I strongly believe about is worth it and the max specially in Cox's Bazar I would like nadayanganj partake narayanganu some mongering with a Burmese girl if they ae in the area.

I welcome all nformation Looking any is available. Ask narayanyanj at your hotel about Cox's Bazar. It's in the very southern part of Bangladesh, near the border with Burma Myanmar. To go Lookijg you should probably take narayanganm plane from Dhaka to Chittagong and then it's still narayagnanj couple hours drive to Cox's Bazar. Narayangsnj you might be able ib fly directly to Cox's Narsyanganj. Ask at your hotel. Looking for some nsa in narayanganj will arrive in Dhaka this Tuesday, April 6 and will be in Bangladesh a little over a week.

Will be travelling to Chittagong and Cox's Bazar for a few days. I just checked the website for your hotel. You are in a nice hotel in Gulshan near the U. Embassy and other embassies. I have one or more meetings scheduled at the U. Embassy next week and the week after. Soke suspect you could get a girl right there in your hotel. Slip the bellman or other worker male only a 20 taka tip and ask him what is available. They probably can help you out. LJ Bez Bezarra Hey LJ Cox's B is one of those exotic spots, described simply as the world's longest beach, that any horny monger with a penchant for something really different me would always imagine about, but probably be way off from what its really like.

I picture the world's longest beach with the world's longest line of dark skinned horny dirt-poor girls smiling at you. Kind of like Madagascar or Ceylon. Anyway, please give us a detailed report about everything, including the trip in, hotel, food, mongering, and prices for all the above, ok? By the way, what kind of business puts you there? Oh yeah, make sure to take some photos for us and post, words alone won't do for a spot like Cox's! That's my plan detailed reports with pictures. What kind of business? Without going into too much personal detail, I still have my law practice here in California but am transitioning to international business.

There are many opportunities in BGD but most people won't go to the trouble to make the connections and invest the time and energy. This trip is multi-purpose but related to teak wood, jute products and chicken processing. Possibly some discussions re the tourist industry, also. I'll be in Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox's Bazar. A friend owns the only five star hotel there in CB Seagull Hotel and invited me to visit as his guest. Think I'm gonna pass that up? A fellow WSG Forum member see below told me there are girls to be had right there in the hotel.

I wouldn't mind a couple tribal girls brown-skinned, Bengali-Burmese maidens while I'm there. I have high hopes that there will be much to report. And I brought my camera. Alas, it is film and not digital so the pictures will have to wait until I'm back in the states. Like I said, high hopes! I am not able to travel that far but will see what I can get with the bellman. I would really like to sample a Burmese girl. I had one one while living in Sanaa Yemen nearly 20 years ago. Costs you about taka round trip on Gmg Airlines from Dhaka and you can come back in the last flight leaving there at 7 and gettng to Dhaka around 7"45 pm well worth it.

While there,rent a room and enjoy the delicacies. Do post a report for us as soon as you do the deed. I just remembered this incident where by I went to the house at Gulshan by Gulshan club. Your friend who owns the hotel is a member ,so ask him if you talk to him about our hobby and any member there knows the house. All they need to do nsrayanganj keep the place a little more clean and Horby little less messy oh yeah!!!! Romantic restaurants in Narayanganj, Bangladesh From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Narayanganj.

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