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Top Ten Ways to Ask Guys to Sadie Hawkins/Corrigan

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Here is a course on how to boost your self-confidence which may come in handy when asking time comes around. For those of you who have never heard of it, the Sadie Hawkins dance is a semi-formal dance sponsored by a college, middle school or high school where the girls invite the guys out. This is in contrast to the custom where guys invite girls out to dances in schools such as the Homecoming dance in the fall and Prom in the spring. The thing is, many girls freak out when it comes to asking out that certain someone. Here is a great article about gift-giving ideas that you may be able to grab some ideas from! Having more than one guy you are thinking of asking out is a good idea so if guy number one says no, then you can go on and ask guy number two instead of freaking out.

Chances are, guy number one will say yes, since boys secretly feel flattered when they get asked. The best option would be to consider asking someone you actually like, since a Sadie Hawkins dance may actually lead to real dating. If there is no one that comes immediately to mind, ask a best friend who happens to be a guy, since for these types of dances, best friends are okay. Going Bananas A stuffed gorilla and some bananas make for a fun invitation to Sadie Hawkins. You can buy a stuffed monkey or gorilla at the mall and many banana bunches at the grocery. Lucky Duck Fill up a small pool of water, which could be the inflatable kind or just a regular tub. Put this in his front yard.

On one duck, write your name and on another duck, write his name. Balloon Messages Tape a few balloons to his locker, car or front door. Leave a message asking him to the dance. Tell him to give you back a blue balloon if his answer is yes and a white balloon if his answer is no. This way you are spared having to hear anything negative.

T a song or any discreet equipment that happens to register to his mom sport. Yesterday from the Victoria Hawkins dance ideas come above, you can literally infuse your own excitement style to find the proposal offensive.

Baked Goods Bake him a giant cookie or cake and use frosting to print your name right in front. Say It with Sweets Leave a bucket of candy on his doorstep, axk, desk or car. Use a marker to ask him to the dance by writing this on the outside of the bucket. Inside the bucket, tape your name on the bottom. According to the story, Sadie Hawkins' father invites unmarried men of Dogpatch as her possible suitors. The day is declared as Sadie Hawkins Day where a foot race is conducted, and whoever Sadie catches will have to marry her.

Every year, many middle school, high school, and colleges around the U. Giving the guys an opportunity to be wooed for a change, it is the girls who have to come up with interesting and attention-grabbing ways to ask them to the dance. So, if you are looking for some aww-inspiring Sadie's ideas, take a look at the following suggestions. Contrary to their female counterparts, guys are much easier to woo. And although it may not take a lot of effort from your side, it's good to put some thought behind how you'll propose to him for the dance. The I'm Dying Here Proposal To imitate this picture, lay on the floor with your eyes closed, and place either an open book or a piece of paper next to you.

Write your proposal to the guy you want to ask out, and have your friend click the picture. If you have his number, send him this image, or sneak a copy in his locker.

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The Comfort Food Proposal Everybody, and we mean everybody loves pizza. And truth be told, w situation can be handled or dealt with when you have pizza around. So why not make this comfort food a means to nail your proposal? It is a 'cheesy' way to ask a guy, but it sure is amazing. The I've Got Balls Proposal If the guy you like plays basketball, or is a huge fan actually, this idea works with soccer, baseball, lacrosse, etc. Blow up the picture and make a poster out of it; he'll have to notice your grand gesture. The Corn-tastic Proposal Even though being original and unique is very much appreciated, sometimes it's good to be a little 'corny'.

hadkins Get some ears of corn, and spell out his name. Click the pictures sarie shown abovealong with your proposal on the chalkboard. Make a collage and send it to sak ASAP. The Shy Under the Umbrella Proposal You can either choose to send him a picture similar to the one abovemake it into a poster, or wait to ask him after school. Regardless of your decision, write the text on the umbrella and get noticed. Just make sure you write his name so that he knows the proposal is for him. The Sweet as a Donut Proposal Send your proposal in a creative manner with donuts. However, instead of sending him a picture, send him an entire box. As he enjoys the delicious donuts, little by little the text will be visible.

Not only will your proposal be witty, but it'll be delicious too. He won't be able to decline it.

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