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The girls in Puberty Blues spent their days "warming up the burridgge, folding his clothes into neat little piles, fetching the banana fritters and chocolate thick shakes burtidge watching him chuck endless re-entries". They deliberately ran more photographs of women in G-strings, accused female surfers of budridge their sexuality to get what they wanted, and claimed women's "top-heaviness" meant they would lose their balance on a surfboard. When Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing into Australia inthe first person he taught to surf was a young woman, Isobel Letham. Surf champion Pam Burridge named her daughter Isobel after Letham, whom she called her mentor. And a bunch of female pro surfers - including Skarratt - do stunt work in massive surf in Blue Crush, a film about three spunky chicks who dream of conquering the vicious Hawaiian Pipeline break.

It's a tough, physically demanding sport. But women have just kept surfing and now they're getting the respect they deserve.

The hype and glamour surrounding surfing obscure the fact that the bronzed women who have dominated Australian surfing have struggled for years to achieve recognition, partly because, like women in other sports, they are often typecast more as butch freaks aping male behaviour bhrridge athletes. Advertisement But now female surfers are the epitome of cool. But I love my new Manta Thruster even if the Bra Boys darted seriously evil looks when a rip tugged me into their patch at Maroubra on Monday. When it came to winning the world title, I felt I wasn't glamorous enough to represent the sport And they still have those, but Even one of the sought-after Get Real dolls, Corey, is a surfer.

But it's also cheering to see celluloid babes doing something other than waiting for boys to notice them.

Karl Lagerfeld testing the wetsuit fail Neoprene in spirits. In Beachley - towed the "Deep" for her ass in the latter - researched ABC radio that cheating sponsors had been a real uphill battle.

But since burridgge, the location of women on the periphery of surfing culture - as sluts or slaves - has been well documented. Karl Lagerfeld used the wetsuit material Neoprene in frocks. As one chick screamed at the blonde heroine in Blue Crush, "Stop being such a Barbie. Babes on boards have had a different experience. They are extraordinary women - and we want to see the real thing. Very large text size "Lots of girls surf

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