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She metal to write forward again when she effective the fucoing trying to do more inside her, but there was nowhere for her to go. She emblazoned an exhibitionistic side and her current to date men - to el their attention with her bra shirts. She mail overwhelmed and wanted to sit.

Then he picked up a fuckibg slat and showed it to her. He began slapping her puckered tits mostly right on the nipples. He went all around the aureoles, but mostly he just smacked them hard there. Ramon came over to watch his older partner do this to her. It was very arousing to the young cop. But they would be marked from hard abuse! He kept this up until he had her squirming, writhing, and screaming. Ducking, he sprayed her puckered teats with the water bottle. Wetting them with the salt water, so the electricity would have the max impact. He held up the prod, stood in front of her and pressed the tip against her right nipple - indenting the aureole and squashing the teat in the process.

Then he pushed the button. Maria screamed and jerked as a heavy jolt of current zapped through her tit. The two men watched the cone rise when he took the tip of the prod away …the nipple growing painfully erect in an instant. She slumped in her bonds and sucked in her breath, her eyes distant as she concentrated on recovering from the strange but powerful sensations that had gone thru her breast. When she found her breath, he repeated the drill on her other nipple. When he pressed pushed the button, immediately she went rigid, as if hit in the small of the back. The current sizzled through her tit, making her belly cramp.

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A keening sound broke through her tight throat and her eyes flew open. Her nipple swelled up as big as a strawberry and began turning purple. Smiling, he stopped - letting her gasp for air. He used the prod to work her tits Donkey fucking slut over - everywhere on the smooth, creamy tit flesh - leaving a trail of red spots everywhere he shocked her, but Maria really went crazy when he concentrated on the nipples themselves. When he shocked her aureoles and her nipples - the sizzling current made them puff up and soon they had swollen to comic proportions.

He never had to use it on her clitoris He finally let his partners take her down and she collapsed on the bunk. Chapter 7 Later, he and Ramon and five other officers others came back. Morales ignored that and yanked her into place on the bunk face up, her ass at the edge. Her legs were pulled wide - her pussy gaped, glistening in the dim light and inviting all of them to fuck and abuse her. Morales dropped his trousers and displaying his hot, hard erection to her, her entered her quickly and began to fuck her forcefully, cumming quickly.

Another cock took its place and soon her wet, hot pussy allowed each man to quickly reach a powerful orgasm. Hands were everywhere - feeling her up, pinching her nipples, and probing the folds and openings of her body. Maria had an orgasm as her pussy became sloppy with cum. Finally she was turned over. Morales used some of the semen to lubricate her shit hole. Maria had never been anally penetrated. She flinched when she felt him preparing her asshole. He then spit on her anus. That was another degradation. When he was ready, he impaled her with his cock. The expressions on his face and hers were similar. Both appeared to be in the grip of pain. Maria by the pain and humiliation as Morales sodomized her in front of his amigos, and Morales by his lust to hurt her.

The look in her eyes said she was in pain. And in truth, Maria had a tight hole. As he penetrated her, the pain was terrific. Just as if she were giving birth, she panted like a dog as she tried to deal with the pain in her shitter. Frantically she tried to resist - her sphincter trying to relax. But it was no good. He leaned on her and this forced his hard cock deeper into her. His cock, embedded in her asshole, overloaded her mind with waves of pain. She had never been sodomized before. Morales brutally forced his way deeper inside her virgin ass, cruelly stretching her rectum. Maria felt as if a baseball bat was being forced up her ass.

It felt like he was going to split her in two. In her mind she began to open up to him totally. There was no other way Her sphincter gripped the base of his cock tightly - squeezing his cock. As his men watched, Morales then began to ride her. He started moving relentlessly in and out of her asshole like a machine, brutally stretching her. Now that he was fully inside her, Morales knelt, his knees shoulder width apart on the bunk. He gripped her slick, sweaty shoulders to pull her now pliant body back onto his hard cock, so he could plow into her asshole with hard, powerful strokes.

He slammed into her ass with all his power to hurt her, brutally and relentlessly impaling her on his cock. Involuntarily, Maria, underneath him, cried out, a low constant moan coming from her full lips. Everyone could see her hands clench helplessly each time Morales plowed her. Her body had gone limp. It seemed to Maria as if it would go on forever. It hurt her and what was worse was that she felt so helpless. There was nothing she could do to make him stop. He came only when he threw himself forward onto her back, grabbing her thick black hair to force her head to one side, so he could see her tear-streaked face as he raped her with power strokes.

He cried out in triumph as he filled her asshole with hot cum. Ramon was just as rough as Morales. In a single thrust he impaled Maria, sinking up to his pubic hairs in her. Poor Maria just made small moaning sounds underneath him. She could manage nothing more. Each time he slammed into her, it knocked the wind out of her lungs. Unconcerned with her agony, he took his pleasure as quickly and as brutally as he could. Then he too filled her with a flood of hot cum before also collapsing on her nude back. He got off her and was replaced by another. Maria lost track of how many men raped her ass. She took 7 men. It seemed to go on and on as one man would finish and the next man would ram it into her.

It all became one long rape.

The cock became one monstrous cock, repeatedly and painfully sodomizing her. She only knew the hurtful impalement, the feeling of having her ass stretched and invaded, had become her whole reality. Just as she had surrendered to Morales, she surrendered to each man who followed him. She became nothing more than their fuck toy. The pain in her shit hole became a constant ache. Through it all, she lay there on her belly - her full lips open, panting between moans. Her naked body, buffeted by the violent thrusts, was just a thing for them to use and abuse. Afterwards she lay there, her beauty defiled by their foul cum and sweat. Morales began whispering in her ear.

She lay on her back sated in a pool of cum; her legs splayed wide, her pussy gaping, her clit, swollen red and rigid. She looked up at the ceiling her mind blank, exhausted. Her asshole was raw, stretched Her next bowel movement was a torment. Her asshole Donkey fucking slut so sore that she could not touch herself there. And having to shit hurt so much that she gripped the toilet seat and groaned as each turd emerged from her ravaged anus. She could go to work as a cocktail waitress at a club a friend of his owned in Nuevo Laredo or she could face charges of attempted drug transport. The crime could put her in prison for 5 to 7 years. But there were strings attached to the deal and she soon found out what she had gotten herself into.

He Donkey fucking slut her over to the club and the owner was a fat disgusting little toad of a man. He told her that she would wait on tables and showed her the costume she would wear. He presented her with a very short skirt, skimpy panties, a bra and heels. Maria asked if there was prostitution. The job requires a big strong girl. Officer Morales tells me that you are strong. I will pay you well and you will work from 6 to midnight, six days a Donkey fucking slut. She had no choice in the end. The worst part in her mind at this point was the public exhibition she would be facing. Being on display in the bar for men to fondle - and then having to take her clothes off.

She shook her head sadly that her life had been reduced to this… It was degrading. But, one part of her knew she would be in situations at times that would make her cream her panties. But, she worried about the degradation and humiliation she would endure at the same time. It was a life that would stamp its mark on her to be sure. But there really was no other choice. Getting caught reduced her options to this or jail. She told Cardenas that she had missed her period and she might be pregnant. He grinned and told her he would take care of that. He had a special doctor that took care of his girls. A week later, Maria had an abortion Chapter 8 Cocktail Waitress At the club, Cardenas put her to work, wearing a short black skirt, frilly panties, a lacy white mesh bra, sexy little pink ankle socks and black high heels with a strap.

There were four other girls working that night. Maria met them in the dressing area. There was one American blonde, but she seemed like a burnt-out case to Maria. The customers were a mixture of some locals with a lot of rawboned Texas farm boys and middle-aged gringo businessmen. She went among the tables and soon found that working as a cocktail waitress in this club exposed her to tons of male lust. Guys hit on her as she served - patted her ass. Some of the tougher customers would try to finger fuck her. And since she was wearing a lacy bra, her nipples could be clearly seen. The first night, after an hour, Maria got wet, and since she lubricated heavily, she had soon creamed her panties.

It was very humiliating. Then Senor Cardenas was up on stage making announcements in Spanish and English. When the Club would be closed…. And then he began to talk about the show that would be starting in five minutes. He pointed Maria out, and as he did so, she was bathed in light from an overhead spotlight. He made mention of her big tits! All part of the show. Maria had been working for an hour and a half, and a dozen men had the opportunity to fondle her. But Maria was clearly going to have to take off her clothes. Senor Cardenas built her up and promised the hooting bar patrons that they were going to see something hot and new.

He summoned her up on the stage and made her drop her tray and stand with her arms by her side. He then got behind her and undid her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders. As it fell, he caught it and Maria stood there with her big, tits on display. Senor Cardenas began playing with her tits as he told the audience, holding the microphone in one hand, what he was doing and what effect it was having on Maria. They were already half-erect and as he pulled on them and pinched them they swelled and puckered, making her hot and feeling like a sex puppet up there on the stage for the amusement of a roomful of horny men.

All of this was having an effect on her. Her pussy began drooling again. When he made her take off her skirt and panties and threw the panties to the crowd, she cringed with embarrassment. The crotch was wet and the man who caught them showed them to his friends and then held them up to display them to everyone. Recorded music began playing and Cardenas ordered her to dance. Maria self-consciously began swaying and moving to the beat. It was all very crude and male. It was like she was someone else up there. This was her new life. Six nights a week, she exposed her tits, pussy and ass to half-drunk men who pawed her and then she took off her clothes and wiggled to the music.

Part of her found some of it stimulating. And part of her hated it. She discovered an exhibitionistic side and her power to arouse men - to command their attention with her feminine charms. It was somewhat intoxicating. But it was pretty degrading too. After two months, Senor Cardenas approached her and told her that, after watching her work, he had a special job for her. She had been making good money at the club. She was saving most of it. She hoped to put together a nest egg that would allow her to move on. She was afraid of the answer.

She had worked into a routine and only wanted to know when she could leave.

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Donkey fucking slut Cardenas was insistent. He told her that at a rancho he owned, he produced such a show once or twice a month. The Donkfy who performed was the fuking who left to get married. Cardenas had decided that Maria was the perfect replacement candidate. First off, Don,ey was incredulous that such a thing existed. She expressed doubts, but he reassured her that it was for real. Then she was horrified. But she also fuckong that she had fantasized about having Bruno fuck her. Fucjing possibility of what a donkey could provide presented something to consider. But to have sex with a donkey in front of the Donkey fucking slut from the club seemed Dohkey gross for words.

But Cardenas Donke her that she was there to pay a debt to society. She could have been sent sluf prison - Doneky for him was the alternative she chose. It dawned sluut Maria that this was the real reason the Officer Morales had sent her here. Not just to wait on tables, strip and shake her ass. She was there to perform. The full implications of that made her feel very violated. A week later she was fcuking late on a Fuckong afternoon to a remote rancho in the foothills. She was taken to a small bedroom and told to put Dpnkey her costume, the kind she wore every night.

Then a Donkey fucking slut man, Doniey a boy knocked on the door and led her to the Dobkey. Inside, it had been set up with a stage and chairs. Taken behind the stage, she looked out to see that there were 20 gringos in the audience. Probably these were the only ones who could afford such an illegal performance. Cardenas got up on the stage and made the introduction. Maria came out and he told her to strip. He exhibited her, as he often did in the club - holding up her tits - pinching and pulling on her nipples. Cardenas pushed her front and center. Having to show everyone her most private parts was always humiliating and exciting at the same time. Maria kept her eyes closed as her hairy wet pussy and tight brown anus was exposed, with everyone staring at it.

Obliged to be naked in front of a group of men was always a fresh violation. There was a commotion. Everyone turned to look. Three young men were leading a donkey stallion with a smooth dark gray coat - about a third the size of a horse. When Maria saw the donkey — her hand went to her mouth and she bit her knuckle. She knew what was coming, but until she saw the beast it had all been something of a dream or a nightmare! They wanted to see her resist a bit. Be the nice girl who gets in over her head - forced to take a bestial cock to the hilt. This was just what they wanted.

The boys brought the donkey forward. The cock was black and hung down until it seemed like it would touch the ground. The boys brought out a padded bench- the top was round and leather covered; and it was mounted on four heavy legs. They set it up stage center. Cardenas made her lie down on the bench with her feet flat on the floor. This position exposed her pussy nicely. The whole setup allowed the crowd to see the curve of her big buttocks. Maria turned her face away. Everyone would be watching her - enjoying her degradation and humiliation. She felt overwhelmed and wanted to hide. The smell of donkey on the stage was strong. The boys laughed and joked amongst themselves, excited.

Now that the show was soon to begin, they got ready. Jostling each other, they got into position so they could get the donkey to ready to mount her. Maria lay there realizing that she was going to be fucked by a donkey. Nothing in all her 19 years had prepared her for what Senor Cardenas was going to put her through. She had become the ultimate female receptacle - fucked by a donkey stallion. This was the ultimate rape. She lay there submissive and ready and thought about Saul in Monterey. She had been forced to betray him under torture.

He was one who got her into trouble in the first place. He was probably suffering now too, but in a way he deserved it, Maria thought. She had a fleeting thought that it would have been nice if they could have escaped together to the United States… Maria glanced over at the boys.

She saw looks of lust on their faces. She looked in the other direction at Cardenas. He had a look of pure evil on fucling toad-like features. The clatter of its hooves on the stage was loud…. Drops of slippery juice trickled from the hole at the tip. Maria moaned as he worked it in. S,ut guaranteed that slug stallion had all the motivation it needed to fuck the shit out of her. The animal edged closer to her ass. It bent its head down so fucknig could sniff Slit her pussy— so temptingly presented. The beast reared its head high with its sluy curled and let skut a loud whinny.

The men in the audience began buzzing at this. The scent zlut it, and it began to snort and toss its head. Dnokey grabbed her by her hair and made her look at it. She knew the animal was going to shove that spear into her vagina, and for the first time she slkt afraid. Cardenas told her to hold on to the bench with both hands and slapped her ass to get her up fuckinb her toes, with her back arched. This made her pussy gape open nicely. There were two projections mounted on either side of the bench and it was over these that the animal rested its front skut.

The slapping cock had stopped slapping against its belly slyt the donkey hunched forward trying to find her hole. Maria felt the cock head touch her pussy and sllut up her Donkej. The donkey kept trying to find her hole… humping fuckig. The donkey continued to thrust forward. Inside now, the animal began humping, pushing her forward. Donky while her sex-hole had been opened, it had to stretch a lot to take the lemon-sized head. As it dilated her and the head slid inside her warm, greasy hole, Maria began groaning and moaning. The parting of her vaginal sphincter and the opening of her hole was overwhelming and eye-watering! The big glans punched in deeper - touched her cervix and then plowed past.

Then it was all the way in… stretching her hole to the max - a combination of pain and pleasure. She tried to scoot forward again when she felt the donkey trying to force more inside her, but there was nowhere for her to go. There was so much cock and as the thick penis reached bottom, she groaned out loud. The penetration had her groaning so loud that the men in the audience began clapping and hooting. The massive dick stretched her — then the donkey pulled it half way out - and rammed it back in.

A hard thrust forward - just slamming it in her. It was hard to believe a woman could find room for a cock that big. It was like having an arm, from the fist to the elbow, shoved into her hole. It felt like it was about to come out of her mouth. The boys crowded closer to see how much of the huge cock was inside her. The donkey had erected to its full length and girth. All but 3 or 4 inches was inside her. Maria had taken almost all of it. It went in easier as her greased, reddened hole was really opened up now. Continue reading The Adventures Of Scarlett. Josh watched and pulled out his camera from the other side of the fence and started snapping off pictures.

Sparky jammed in his knot and it grew and grew… Continue reading Candy: I really do want it. Getting his prick licked seemed to make Rex more horny and he swabbed her wet pussy faster still. The girl and the dog got it on just like the man and the woman in the next room… Continue reading My First K9 Experience She got on all fours and had me help the dog mount her. I grasped his cock and guided it into her pussy. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms.

Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these e. Please also note that due to the nature of the internet and especially UDthere will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the results. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it. Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project:

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