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Holidays are a challenge sometimes as memories flood the mind with love courm no longer with us. Some things will never Lonelu the same without you, but we have much to be thankful for and new beginnings to celebrate, such as the wedding of Mason and Rachel in September We miss you and the joy you brought to our lives. Love you, Aunt Gee. October 20, My dearest Madelon, Just wanted you to know I think about you often.

You were a sweet friend to me. I wish I could have seen you more often and spend more time with you. We will dance and rejoice one day my friend in the glory of God. I feel the need to be completely honest with you, and I've never felt so comfortable around anyone else just being myself. I want you to know I would have never judged you. We all have a past. Funny thing is I never asked n you still lied. Made up useless stories. I knew the truth. But I moved past it yet you still could not stop lying.

Yes like a weaker man inlove I refused to confront you. Anyways at night I've been feeling very restless, and I feel like you are experiencing the same thing.

I always felt connected to you, and I don't think that will ever change. I womwn wanted to cause you any pain or turmoil, but I wish you were aware that I'm feeling that now. I'll be ok, since I have a positive attitude, and I can put things into perspective.

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