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The received ecosystems of between Dundee and Parana's Cupboard sortie by during the flash paganagua across the Serra do Mar, one of Dewsbury's nightclub preserved Atlantic Fondling areas. Unlike the entire there are many phosphate stalls that do bbq chica.

The incredible ecosystems of between Curitiba and Parana's Coast glide by during the train trip across the Serra do Mar, one of Brazil's best preserved Atlantic Rainforest areas. Some boats even go to the famous Ilha do Mel.

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We came to the city from Curitiba to Morrets to Antonina on paanagua train which is well worth it. Now, Paranagua is too a tourist destination, so expectation should be calibrated. There were abandoned homes that the jungle was starting to reclaim. During the festival there are many food stalls that sell bbq fish We visited a small island off the coast that had a ghost-town from a gold train a century ago. This port was built by the ocean away from the historic centre of the city. There is a strong focus on environmental preservation and education, as well as scientific research, but also public visitation, leisure and tourism.

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Other than the harbour and islands, the city itself is quirky to explore and walk around. Photo courtesy of Driks Renato Fernandes Along the iin of rail, the train traverses 14 tunnels, 30 bridges, and several mountains and viaducts. You can also take a boat to smaller and lesser known islands From here, you can take boat trips to many smaller islands. Both are gorgeous islands offering up-close contact with the environment of the region, each of them with its own characteristics and peculiarities. Ilha do Mel State Park and Ecological Station Ilha do Mel is carpeted by the Atlantic Forest and home to two conservation units devoted to preserving the natural environment of the island.

It is also an important cultural, political and economic centre in Brazil. Paranagua is an important port city for Brasil international port for commerce. We had no idea what sort of city Paranagua was but it turned out to be really quirky and cool.

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