What type of witch are you playbuzz

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What Type of Witch You Are

I don't have to restore into a witvh. I never follow to grow old and giving. I don't think some hazy following me noted!.

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She is a witch, and we do hunt witches. I'm so closed-off from everyone else, I always feel like I'm an outsider, or a burden. And, God knows I don't want to watch any more of my friends go through that. She manages to kill one of your friends, shattering her soul gem, and moves on to kill the next one. I would probably cry - a lot.

I have no right to complain about it, I was the one who signed up for this. I can't fight her, she was my friend! I'll let you know as soon as my brain catches up with the world. It can't be helped. I'd like that to change.

Witch are What playbuzz you of type

I mean, it's kind of cute, but it really creeps me out with the way it's just wwitch at me! I know life can be hard, especially as a magic girl, but sometimes all a person needs is a shoulder to cry on. Can you go through with it, selling the remainder of your life for one single wish? I'm not good at that kind of confrontation.

I would like to better communicate with others. You are both close to wwitch into witches yourselves, your soul gems about to turn black. And, even if we did, we're here to protect the world from witches, right? What do you do? I would be glad that I was the one who survived, even if I felt a little sad or guilty that it was my friend that had gotten killed. There is only one grief seed left to extract the darkness, but their is only enough for one of you. There are more witches to defeat, more lives in danger.

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