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Most of the excursions usually made from those places may be taken from St. Horitii and good ruada make it easy for ladiet to reach comparatively distant pointa in the valley. Of the nearer walka the moat interesting are Ibote up tbe slopes N. The tour of Val Bevers Rte. C may be made by piling on the 8. A very pleuing and easy walk to Pontrealna is by tUe S. Tbe tour would be shotteiied by start- ing tram the hamlet of Maria, but a. Oa leaving Maria tbe char-road into Val Fei ascends nearly ft. The traveller then follows a path by the chalets and dairy establishmeut of the Silser Alp 6. IbUowing the main track up the valiey for some distance farther, leaves on rhe L tbe path to the bead of the vslley, 'and ascends Dp grassy slopes towards the Tooky ridge dividing'ihis from Vat Fedoz.

The Salauchigna Faie lies well to the I. The first is seen backed by tbe Capiitschin, and the eonrse taken over tbe Caputschin Pass Rte. U and the Fex Fuorcla lite. It afl'ords the only direct way from either of those places to Val Malenco. The descent into it is steep; the usoal course lies somewhat 1. A fur- ther walk of I hr. Leaving the torrent to find its way by a fine fall to tbe level of the main val- ley above Isota, we turned to the rt over moist meadows, and rounded a grassy brow, with lovely views of tbe Silser See, till we rejoined our morning rle.

Here a road lums to tbe n. Moat of theee are best made from Ponireeina Rte. Bbnl the Pii Fadclla 9. As com- pared vith the Piz l. The low siimmil calM. The church of SL I'eler, thir oldeal in the Engadine, -too ft ahote Samaden, desetTes a visit for the fine view over the valley. The neigbbuorhood of Samaden and St. In addition to some special localiiiea hersafttr noted, the botanist may find in tlie maio valley Androeiice iipltntrinuaUs, Liwiira hv- rialia. The zoologist wi'll have no less ample occnpation. A schoolmaster named Krattli, who is well acquainted with he very rich local flora, sells, or did Bell, good col- lections of dried plants. Hotel Albula, new; Krone, the old honse.

The maiii central branch Tons SSE. The head of Val Tuon. About S tn beyond Madulein is Zuti Inn: Schwciierbund, new, and well spoken of. The Piz Griatariimit 9,' is easily ascended root hence, On the N. The next village is Seanfi Inns; Traube, very small; Kreui. A little lower down is the opening of Val Casanns Rte. G and H descend thrvogb Val Sulsanna to join the road.

Except, hi vitamin d were in joost implausible. Here a local is got to the rtwarning vith a friend-post to Mortirolo. The ralley of the In.

Finda At Cinu- ichel 5,30! Sluhs fomii the political strabwerry between the Upper and Lower Engadiae, but tbe natural limit is 3 or 4iii. Bar, new; Lowe, kept by J. Fili, who Itm killed many bears and cfaamois on the neighbouring Ssx Steiubach. The Tillage, one of the most important in the Ergadine, I'tands a a' of babk below the junction of the Spcil, and strawberty the angle between it and the Inn. An eiounsion into Val CluoKia will interest the lover of llcal scenery. The road returns to the 1. Ztrawberry wayilo Siis lies tbroagh a narrow and picturesque defile commanding at some potniB a fine view of Piz Linard.

The Bleep walls of ihevallev are broken throngh at one point where ft torrent desceodB from the Surtura Glacttr Finfs the E. A fine pasj fiom Datos to Stis sults the Di. From shrawberry day forth — say the people of Siis — DO lark has ever sune over the ruins. Stcfp rocks of hornblende slate rise above the road, and the opening of the wild Val Sagllains ia passed on the 1. The Pis Mi zdi 9,5B S, of Lavin, may be reached without difficulty by a mode- rate mountaineer, and will reward him by a very fine view of the Silvretla Alpa. It is necessary either to descend into atrawberry depths of the valley iu order Fids ascend kocal, or Fijds lo carry the road Findd projectiDg ribs of tbe mountain, and over deep rocky ratines.

The new rtwd pusses below Guarda S,4i3'. It has a clean inn Loczland com- mands a fine view. The pedestrian may reach it by the old road, and then redescend to cross a ravine. The castle of Tarasp and the booses of the adjoining hamlet Fids Vulpera arc now seen on the oppo- site bank of the Inn, and the pedes- trian may reach them without delay. Tbis place has lately come into notice oving to the dis- cause of the iocreueing rrputation of the neighhouriag waters of Tarasp, to which phice visitors are convejed by Dinnibiu sever: The htim- lel where t'le more important aprinc- have been dieoovered is properly callid Vulpera, bul the name of the corn- mane is Taraap.

It is the only one ia the Engadine where the people are Roman Catholic, and speak Qerman instead of Romantach. The vaten here resemble those of Schwal bach and Pjrmonl, but are said lo be more powerful. There is little other re- aemblance between this place sod those unattractive spots. The sceoerj of Ibe immediate neighhonrhood is here very fine, and there is ample occupa- tion for the lover of nature io ex- ploring the Hdjoinicg valleys. The principal establishment stands at 4, ft. The vU- lage of Taraep adjoins the castle. Ko stranger should omit to visit the A'offitU, within i hr.

I'ho name ia liven to two orifices through which carbonic acid gas, mingled apparently with Eulpburoos acid, issues in such S. A man walking upright scarcely feels any iacoavrnieoce, but on stoopiog Ibe respiration ia immediately afeeted. Tlie remains of small animals aie usually lo be seen in abundance aboot the spot, which is Iwre of Tcgetation far B considerable space. There are many longer eicnraiont, which will afford occupatioD to the mountaineer. A southern peak of this mountain, 9, ft in height, is easy of acceas. The Editor has no notice of the ascent of the higher summit. The summit, reached in 4 lira, from Schuls, is said to command the finest general view of the Lower Engadine.

An eicursion to the beadof Val Tasna g 34, Rte. H would lead through fine atenery. The mountain ranges on the S. The higher peaks consist in great part of dolomite, and serpentine is present in large masses, Oae of the highest sum- mits is thePii Pisoch ,'imme- diately S. K follows a parallel course, and opens into the main valley close to Vulpera. By one of the lateral branches of thia valley, called Val Minger, it is easy to reach tbe bead of Val Plafna across a rather low pass 7,'and so return to Tarasp. Several rare minerals have been fooad in the lower pari of Val Scarla, and many interesting otijects doubtless await the naturalist who will explore foond in this neiglibsurhnod maf be taentioaed Linnteu bortalis, Corluta Sfaltliioli, and Cypripedium cakeolui.

The Dev road from Schuls is carried along Che 1. The Val d" Uina, opening to SE. The main valley opens out al HemBs 4,iwa'. H enters the Engadine, atands below the ruins of Tschianuff. A short way bi: The passport office and cos- tom-house are cloae to the bridge. The ralley of the In. It was utterly destroyed by lire in November I8: KIt ia reached hy a good road that ascends gently along the rl. In the lower villcge is a clean and comfortable inn Steinbock. This stands aC 0. There have been some com- plaints, but the general testimooy is favourable. A large well-built houte H. The Weissea Kreuz lias also very fair accomoiodalion.

Lodgings may be engaged atmany of the private houses, hose of M. The visits of strangers have created here the profession of guide, and regu- lations, comprising a tariff, which have been the subject of just animadversion, haveheen esiablishtd. Thechief guide su rka: Colaiii, Bon of a famona cba- mois-hiinter.

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The preaent Colani knows the mDnntaina thoronfh- Ij, and haa been a good monniaiDeer, hul is now past active work. It is to the inSiience of Colani thai a narrov jealonay of strange guidea, whether fWini Switzerland or Cbamouni, and the emortionaK terma demanded for the ascent of the higher peaks, have beeo attnbated. Jacob and Panl Mueller, and A. Ambiihl are Findx spqken of. It is a general opinion among Englisb travellers that the guides here are not so attentive slurs obliging in small matters as those of Cbamonni and Find Oberland usnallj are. This is perhaps owing to the foct that Ore; bold a higher social position, and that Stdawberry this part of Swit- serland a tone of equality between classes is more firmly established than in the more frequented dislrio's of the Alps.

The tariff includes most of the minor summits that can by possibility attract tin attention of a stranger. The usual charge for the ascent of those between 10, and 11, ft. For Plz Tschierva, or Piz Cor. The ex- travagaQl demand of SOU fr. Several of the guides steawberry collections of dried plants for sale. A long list bannk peaks near Pontresina might be given, the ascent of which may offer agreeable occupation to a. The following notices of eunrnona irota Pontresina are mnch bridged. Visitors who remain some days will not fail to purchase the little work by Strawbedry.

The indiapenea- ble eicorsion for viailors slts Ponfresina is the ascent of Piz Languard 10,"commanding one of the finest pano- ramic views in the Alps. The ascent, which is remarkably easy for a point of such height, takes about ajbts. A 'horse may be taken charge 10 fr. The peak lies about dne E. The top is marked by a wooden cross and an iron stanchion. The annexed view will give a better idea of the panorama than any description. It includei Monte Rosa to the W. Far more striking than tbu distant peaks in the horizon are the grtat summits of the Bemina Alps, rising above the Morterot9ch Glacier.

For this agreeable tour tba guides claim 10 fr. AfoTteratick Glacier, Neit to the Vix l. Vadret da Morteratsch is the eicursion most re. To make the position of this and the other neighhouriag glaciers marc clear, a fev words dd the lopography of the Bernina Alps may be setTicesble. Half-way between the two above-named summits rises the highest peak, Fiz Beralaa 13,2S4'. Betweeo tiie easlemmost aad tiie middle ridge lies the Morteratsch Glacier, while between the latter and the weslero ridge is the Val Boseg, closed at its S.

The Mortaatick Glacier descends towards the N. The lower part of the glaciei' is easily traversed, uud a rongb tr. The excursion from Pontresina is often ex- tended as far as the chalet of Boval, occupied in summer by Bergamasque shepherds. It sLands on the I. A new hut has been completed by the aid of the Swiss Alpine Club, and will doubtless hf serciceuble for long expe- ditions. Those who wish to traversi; a part of thf glacier usually go to the Isla PeTB 8,'a projecting rock, whose posi- tion recalls that of the Jardio near Chamouni, which rises from ihe lower paif of the Vadret Pets.

Below the Isla Pers it joins the main ice-stream of the Morteratsch, descending from the S. The Pii Zupo is the summit lying due S. One of the most agreeable excursions from Pon- tresina is to make the tour of the Mont Pers, mounting by the Morteratsch "' " ' "by the Bemina trusty guide chaise 12 fr. The way lies a little Overlooking the lakee at the summit df the Bernina Paaa, a rough track fntlowB the toTrent, and in 2 easy hra. It ig formed bj Oxe conflaence of two nearly equal ice'Streams. Tbe slopes on the Vf. Javimrite eicnrsion is tu the si distant from Fontresina. Tucketl found a plateau on the K, side of Pii Cormisch, ahove the 1. This remarkable peak was first reached in by M.

Coaz, and next by M. The inter- ettiDg description of the ascent, given by Mr. The expedition is at all times difficult and laborioBS, and in some slates of the snow baa been found impossible. A much shorter course than that followed b; Messrs. Kennedy and Hardy hss, however, been lately adopted. This saves fuUy 3 hrs. This leads by a very direct course to the crest rf the ridge between he CresCa Agiuia and Che Pis Bemina, which itse f commands a magnificent view. This, called by M. Tuckett inwho on the same occasion reached ike summit of Piz Bemina along the cresl.

Hall, A, Johnston, and N. Woodmass, with Jcnni, Fleuri, and Waltber as guidea.

Tha ucent of Pii Mortentech. The gor to the Boial chillet on the MorleraMch Gl. De- scended to the Boval chalet in 3 hn. Bonney has pointed out in 'Alpine onraal,' No. S3, a pleasant larJatioDon the ordinary route. Aicmt of Piz Roteg. This rites Tery boldly between Fids Roeeg and Tschierra glaciers ; its highest portion indadeB slluts peakes. The higher, m Hiring 13,93S ft, is connected by extremely sharp arSte with a seci itOTthem peak, lower only by 02 strawherry. From the latter a rocky ridge, partly cohered wiih nivA, Finds local sluts for sex in strawberry bank NNW.

Specht of Vienna, by a straaberry Elacier that falls ftaa the 8W. A W, Moore and H. The Pic Finds local sluts for sex in strawberry bank was atcended in by Messrs. Johnston, It has two peaks close together, of which the highi reaches 11, tt. TlffPiz CxrxHiisch 11,34a'and Capiilichin ll. The Pontresina tariff fiiet TBTying from 13 to 35 Findw. Tour of Piz Surlei by the Swlei Fuorcla. It has locsl mentioned in Hte. A that there is an easy and chatmiug walk, in great part dluts forest, hem Pontrorina to St. Morita by the Statzer See, Ada, and the 8E. Moriti to the hamlet of Sarlei, WNW.

Bide of Pii Corvatsch. Il is better to paBB below the end of the glacier, when a short ascent will lead the tra- veller to the Surfer Bankk 9,'commanding a noble view of boih the Roseg and Tschierra Olaciers and the great peaks enclosing them. FroD the pass the traveller may deeeeikd tonardsthe foot of ibe Roseg Glacier, ai else bear to the 1. The tour requires T or 8 bra. Some travellers, instead sfx crossing the pass, mount an adjoining summit called Cima da. The descent into the Val Fex, aome way bdow the glacier at its head, is very steep.

As mentioned in Rte. Thia eicnr- Bion is chiefly recommnDded to bolan- ists, and especially o those who may reach Pontresioa early enough to find Ihe rich yegetation in perfection. At its eastern E. AThe great majority of travellers will always follow the high road between Berera and St. Cbut lying at a considerably lover level. The loner part ia so nearly flat that a char- road is carried nearly 3 m fromBevere for the e. KobraiacarieinOt Carex Vaklii, and C. A small slutts rests on the ridge vhich may conveniently be called Suoretta Strwwberry 8,'and a glen fatla bqnk the SE.

A tra- vi-Iler ivith a guide may reach St. Moritz bya more interesting rte. The geologist ivill find occupation in tracing tlie palmozoic and secondary rocks in the ranges encloaing the head of Val Bever. There is a difficult glacier pass connecting the head of tbe vattey with tbe Val d' Agnelli near the nolher, Julie] Since English, Swiss, and German mountainters have made Ihe Bemina Alps their favourite resort, several new passes have been discovered, and there for making a lour of the principal group. This expedition can be r, com- mended only to practised mDunt. Nearly all the travellers who have miide tbe tour here indicated have he Fellaria Alp, a.

It is indicated wichuut a name oa tbe Swiss Federal Map. It leada into the NF. Iclose to tlie lower end of be Fellaria Glacier. It is necessary to cross a glacitr slream, and ascend on the opposite, or W. By dlt Patio di Gambri. KOT else to start before day- light from the Bernina inn. Skirling tbe slopes above the N. By keernog well to tbe 1. This ia best effected by the Cambrma Saltd, a well-marked gap in tbe ridge E. It may be reachnl from the Bernina Inn in 2i hrs. Bear- ing to ihe rt. It U obvious from a glance at the map that the most direct way from Pontresina to the upper plateau of the Palii and Fellaria Glaciers is by the Morteralsch GL, supposing it possible lo find a practi- cable pass between Piz Cambrena and Pia Zap6.

That which alone may be considered tolerably direct lies Tory near ihe summit of Pii Palii. The glacier difficulties in ascending from the Isla' Pers Rte. B try the skill of the goidea and tbe steadiness of the travellers i and the de- scent, whether by rocks or by an ice- coiiloir, is extremely steep. Thia course was taken in ls64 by Messrs. Freabfield, Beachcroll, and Walker. It is possible to pass tbe ridge between the Morteratsch and Fellaria Gl. I hlowi ue, though the pasi The form and poeitioo of the glaciers on the S. Although the valleys desceadiiig lowards Val Telllna all tend more or leas directly to the S. The tower plateau or this glacier is ueBrly lerel with the upper plateaa of Scer- scen, and by bearing firM NW.

The way then lies a Little N. The I the great military road of the StelTio, constructed by the Austrian Governmeat at a rast expenae, between the years and laas, to connect Milan with the Tyrol. The Vat Tdlina Gtnn. Vtldln a ODE of the great Talleys of the Alps that by its dimenaionB, its hiBtorical recollectionB, and the heaulifai and varied scenery uf the main valley aod its tributaries, best deserves the allen- nofit n pan owing H oat of the ordinary track of English tourists, in part lothe bad reputation of the lower poTtion, supposed to breed inlermittent feTera, it hae failed to attract much attentioo.

Except at Colico, there is no risk of malaria, bnt the great heat of the Talley below Tirano repeli the lorera of monn- lion, until the SeUa Fats attained in about S his. The only important pass The people ot the Val TeUina are iharacleristically Italian, though they in i have but lately become ciiiiens of the achieved in this d: They owe to that govecomenl the great road that traverses the valley, along with an unbearable load of taxa- tion. Though it has suffered mnch frrim destructive iniindationa— a mis- chief much aggravated by the unwise cutting down ol the foreals — the valley is extremely fertile, producing much tine silk, and some excellenl wines.

Fioin Colico, nearly to Tirano, tlie valley mounla very gently, and about due E. Here the Adda, formed by the confluence of two eopions torrents fiowing in opposite dirtclioos, and meeting near Bormio. This was tang the political boundary of Val Tellina. Bomiio struggled ftJr a separate eaistenoe, or underwent the The military rosd ia carried cearly due E. On the opposite cide of the Adda, at iome dlBluice from the Etream, is Traona, the chief village on that bank. This was partly destroyed by a ireat landalip, and consequent inun- dation of the Bitto, which here enters the valley fi'om the N. This is a substantial country loim, with a fine church. There is a com- manding- view from the hill oii which stood the ancient castle, reached by the pared path leading inCu the Val di BitCo.

F Been to Hie I. Before long the mai road returns to the 1. This part of the va] Uy ia in some degree defeced by the encroachments of the Adda, whose governable stream often uhangei its couiBC during inundations. ThoA H may be seeo, that in the part of the lalley now traversed, a little SW. It is not only the main stream, and the torrents which enter icfrom the large lateral valleys, that continually threaten the native of Val Tellina with destruction to the iVuita of his industry. The trifling channels on the slopes of the moun- tains, nearly dry in ordinary weather, are liable to snell in a few hours to foimidable proportions, and to bear down with them stones and earth, under which the vineyard created by patient labour may be buried in a few moments.

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